Zed is a Blackblood who was imprisoned in the Plane of Ashes, but recently freed and let loose on the world.

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Zed was born to a prestigious Blackblood family. He had a sister who was murdered by Rebb and they were enemies before they were trapped in the Plane of Ashes.

In "Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears", Zed is freed from the Plane of Ashes when Talon summons another Lu-Qiri. They engage in a fight and Talon is knocked to the ground. With Zed having the upper-hand, he asks where Rebb is. He later elaborates that Rebb murdered his sister and they are enemies.

Zed explains that Rebb doesn’t want to free his clan because he and his clan believe they can live in peace with humans. Janzo deducts that this is why Rebb killed the Dragman. With all the names destroyed she can choose who to bring through the portal leaving her enemies, including Zed, behind. Zed is surprised when Talon tells him that Rebb killed the Dragman. Talon surprises Zed and regains equal leverage. She asks him to relinquish the control of his Lu-Qiri to her with her promise to return him after. When Zed refuses and wants to go along to kill Rebb, Talon refuses and makes him stay behind.

Zed ignores Talon's warning and uses a crossbow to mortally wound Rebb's Lu-Qiri, Ekkundi. The fighting Lu-Qiri falls out of the window and the distraction saves Talon's life, and by extension, Gwynn's. After the fight, Talon returns his ring that controls his Lu-Qiri, as she said she would. Zed asks Talon if she trusts him now. She says that she might, and he asks her to catch him up on the history that he's missed. She takes him to The Nightshade Inn so they can talk over a drink.

In "The Blade of The Three",

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Season 2 (8/13)

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