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Yobhan is a leader of the Blackfist and a former prisoner of the Plane of Ashes. He traveled through the portal when Talon summoned the Blackbloods to help her win a war against the Prime Order. Yobhan and Zed shared the leadership of Gallwood Outpost, though reluctantly, and Yobhan is among several Blackfists who wanted the execution of the Queen.


Like the rest of the Blackbloods, Yobhan was trapped in the Plane of Ashes for hundreds of years after Talon's clan had siding with the humans in the war against humans. He was freed along with his Lu-Qiri during the assault of The Outpost.


As a member of the Blackfist, he has a deep hatred/dislike to humans. He even looks down on Zed, his own cousin, for having sympathy towards humans. He is a very aggressive Blackblood and seems to get a thrill from violence or mischief. He has a tendency to attack first and ask questions later. His aggression has little to no bounds, as it is learn that from Zed. In order to maintain control of his Lu-Qiri Xaba, he would use to beat her in order for her to obey him and keep her in check. It is because of Yobohan's cruelty and way of living that ends him. After an attack defending Queen Rosmund the human captain surrendered, not wanting to escalate the scene any more. Yobahan then killed the unarmed captain despite the captain show of mercy towards him. This lead to the demand of justice from the humans which was seen by all.

Physical Appearance

As a Blackblood Yobhan has the ears of his species, and as a member as the Blackfist he has the same mark/tattoo on his face as his brethren. He has a lot of gray hair including in his facial hair. Some strips of black hair can be shown on his head, with his moustache being black and some chin hair. He has brown eyes and, unlike his cousins, has pale skin.


Season 3

Notes and Trivia

  • Despite the fact that his cousin hated him, Zed showed a little remorse about his death.
  • Yobhan only appears in two episodes, though his presence in Gallwood greatly affected its residents.