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Is it not obvious, my daughter? I am a God.

Yavalla is a Blackblood dark high priestess whom Talon is forced to summon from the Plane of Ashes to save her friends. Yavalla prophesies of a paradise for Blackbloods and humans to co-exist in an era of peace for the world, but she soon discovers a power that threatens every living creature.


Early Life

During her time on Earth, Yavalla had a daughter that she named Wren, with an unknown Blackblood male. However, like the rest of the Blackbloods, Yavalla was trapped in the Plane of Ashes for hundreds of years after siding with the humans in a battle. Prior to being trapped, Yavalla served as a high priestess for her people. She was helping them continue the old traditions of their people as she was the last high priestess and the only one trying to preserve the old traditions. At some point, she came to master a Lu-Qiri named Ketma.

During her centuries in the Plane of Ashes, Yavalla crossed paths with a modern-day Blackblood named Sai-vek Redwan, who had asked his wife to trap him in the plane with a Meld Box. Yavalla tried to form a bond with the man who isolated himself from the rest of their people. She wanted the box from him and he refused multiple times. It was around this time where her more sinister side started to emerge.

Adult Life

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In "For the Sins Of Your Ancestors", Talon is forced to summon Yavalla in order to spare the lives of Tobin Aegisford, and Garret Spears after a failed operation to rescue Queen Rosmund. Talon opens the portal to the Plane of Ashes, with Zed calling out Ketma to step out of it. Ketma does, followed by Yavalla. The next morning Yavalla then tell Talon about a lost kinj that can help take everyone to paradise. She also explain her plan to Gwynn Calkussar, after not getting anywhere with Talon.

In "The Peace You Promised", Garret Spears is arrested for killing the Blackfist, Kezzun, who had attempted to kill Queen Rosmund before Yavalla's arrival. There is a trial where Yavalla punishes him to death for seeking retribution against Kezzun. Talon tries to protest the charges but fails. Yavalla is hopeful that Garret's death will bring peace between the humans, Blackbloods, and Blackfist by granting justice for Kezzun's death.

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After the believed execution, Yavalla approaches Talon at The Nightshade Inn. She reveals that she knew Talon's father, Sai-vek Redwan, from her time in the Plane of Ashes. Talon is skeptical as her mother told her that Sai-vek died defending his family. Yavalla claims that she doesn't know why Talon's mother lied, but Sai-vek had the same fighting spirit as Talon. He was headstrong, a loner, and lived separately from the rest of the Blackbloods. Talon is hopeful that her father is still alive, but Yavalla tells her that Sai-vek died a while ago from the atmosphere in the Plane.

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After their talk, Yavalla visits Wren at Janzo's lab to check on her daughter's progress in opening an ancient Meld Box. It has been several days, and she expected a breakthrough by now. Wren quickly goes through everything that she's tried thus far, and Yavalla tells her to breathe. She is confident that Wren will open the box and presses the importance of the contents of the box. The tension between the humans and Blackbloods is rising, all of which Wren is aware of, she's just stuck at the moment. Yavalla recommends she become "unstuck" and presses that the box contains the key to unlocking peace, including how everyone is counting on her to open it. If she fails to open it, the world will explode into war and death. Yavalla leaves without another word to Wren.

Wren succeeds in opening the box and rushes to the throne room to give the contents, a map of Gallwood Outpost, to her mother. Yavalla is pleased that Wren opened the box but is disappointed that she had to turn to Janzo, a human boy, for help. She thought her daughter was smart enough to open the box herself and thanks Janzo for his contributions. She is angered by Janzo's comment that the map will be the most difficult part, exclaiming that she survived in the plane of ashes for centuries so everything after that is easy in comparison. She dismisses Janzo. The only thing that matters to Yavalla now is finding the last Kinj with all haste.

That night, Yavalla hears a commotion outside the Royal home and finds Rosmund hunched over Weldon Calkussar who had just been murdered by Yobhan. Rosmund demands to know if this is the peace that Yavalla promised her. Yavalla then has Yobhan executed in the same manner as Garret to show that the law applies to everyone.

In "A Life for a Life", Yavalla is happy and proud of the work Wren has done. She then goes down the entrance with Janzo, Talon, and Wren to acquire the lost kinj. Once they have all settled down they look around their surroundings. Wren notices the pictograms, while Talon and Janzo notice the keys buried in the ground. Wren is about to but a key in the matching pictogram, when stopped by Janzo. He realized that the pictogram she was going to put it in was wrong. He then tells them that they need to be very careful as the designers, the Yindrian, were master of puzzles and deadly traps. This is evident to the previous victims of this puzzle as they are standing in their ashes. Despite Janzo's warning Yavalla pushes aside the stone in the center of the room. This triggers the first deadly puzzle to be solved. The ceiling is immediately closed off, with a fire igniting from the center where the stone used to be. Janzo immediately realized that they are in an oven, and will be cooked alive if they don't use the keys. After they group successfully unlocks the door they all go through to the next room.

Once they have all entered the room the door behind them shuts. Yavalla then tries to see if there is a way out. The writing on the walls is a history lesson about the Yindrian, humans that coexisted with the Ancient Blackbloods, which Yavalla claims is useless in their current state. While trying to find clues, Talon confronts Yavalla about how she acquired the Meld Box, as Talon recognized it from her childhood. Yavalla lies to Talon saying that her father gave Yavalla the box before his death, stating that it was the best way to get the peace between the two races. After a few more minutes, Yavalla faints. Janzo realizes that the air is being used up in the sealed room and they will suffocate soon. Just when all hope is lost, with the last torch put out, certain word glow in the dark. Among the words there is also a hand print on opposite sides of the room. After Wren and Janzo touch the hand prints simultaneously opens a wall on Wren's side of the room while dropping a barrier in the middle of the room. As the wall is about to close Yavalla is about to proceed without her daughter, only for Wren to literally hold her back. Wren realizes from the glow in the dark writing that this opening is a trap. As the wall closes a new one opens up on Janzo's side with a wheel in it. Talon turns it to lift the barrier and everyone proceeds to the next room.

In the third and final room which one again seals behind them, there are many skeletal remains of previous victims. Yavalla tries to go ahead first to show that she is brave enough to be the first to go through any obstacle. Only for her to step on a pressure stone and trigger a trap that shoots out darts from the wall. While Wren attends to her mother's wound Yavalla collapse, indicating that she has been poisoned from the dart. As Talon goes through the trap Yavalla and the gang watches in astonishment. Just as Talon is about to reach the lost kinj, she steps on a pressure stone. This actives the doors to the previous rooms to open freeing them. Though weaken from the poison, Yavalla puts her hand into the statue to take up the lost kinj. As the kinj takes up residence inside Yavalla, it cures her from the poison and heals her wound. After they all have returned from their adventure, Yavalla announce to the Outpost that their mission was a success and they will all be in paradise soon. Afterwards Yavalla ask to speak with Queen Rsomund in private. Before they can talk Yavalla starts to feel unwell as her kinj has become orange to produce the Vortakinj. Yavalla then passes on the orange kinj into Rosmund creating The Hive and discovers that Garret Spears is still alive thanks to Rosmund's memories

In "The Key to Paradise", Yavalla gets to work quickly trying to use her new kinj's powers. First she controls Gwynn to finding out where Garret Spears is secretly hiding. Then she starts spreading The Hive inside the Outpost. First she tries to give Talon one, only for the Asterkinj to protect it's host. So she passes the one on to one of of her Blackblood guards. After her encounter with Talon, she goes to Zed asking why he never mention the kinj's immunity to others. Zed says it was never brought up and wonders what happened and why they are all not in paradise. She gives a vague excuse and ask if Zed trust her, which he says she does. Later on Yavalla summons her daughter Wren to the throne room. Yavalla wants to thank her daughter for all her hard work and contribution for getting the lost kinj. Wren then demands an apology from her mother for nearly abandoning the group which almost got everyone killed. Yavalla agrees that she was selfish and apologies to her daughter. This makes Wren know something is off, as Yavalla has never apologized to her daughter EVER. Yavalla then tries to pass a kinj into her daughter. At first asking for a hug and then forcing one on to her, only for Wren to knee her mother and leave. In the end of the episode Yavalla is seen at the entrance of the Outpost with Gwynn Calkussar as the look towards Lord Tobin's army

In "Under Yavalla's Control", Talon, Garret Spears, Zed and Tobin Aegisford attack her and her guards in the throne room. After Sammy's death, Yavalla surrenders not wanting anymore deaths. The Hive members are thrown in prison and kept watch of the guards under Tobin. After a while Garret come to the prison and tries to talk to Gwynn Calkussar. He hopes that Gwynn is strong enough to fight Yavalla's control. Yavalla uses this opportunity to try and infect Garret herself, only for him to stab her through the heart. She falls back, only to get back up and completely healed astonishing Garret. As Gwynn's kinj is causing more pain to her, Yavalla then captures a rat so Gwynn can then pass her kinj on to it. Controlling the rat, she then makes it pass a kinj on to Tobin. Tobin then comes to the prison, kills a guard, and then frees The Hive. Everyone then leaves the outpost, with the Hive members last seen infecting an innocent village.

In "Kill the Rat, Kill the Kinj", while not seen in person Yavalla does take control of one of the infected villagers and speaks through her. The spokeswoman then tells Talon, Garret Spears, and Zed about how she is miles away and her reach is boundless. Before the trio leave, she tell them to tell her daughter that she approves of Wren's relationship of Janzo and that she is looking forward to have them both in the United soon.

In "Go Ahead and Run", Yavalla is first seen on horse back leading her people to The Capital. Two sees her with Three from a distance. Then the infected Covenant soldiers then capture Two with Three fleeing through the unknown Kinj. Once free from any hostile resistance, the gate is opened with members of The Hive happily welcoming the group with praise. As Queen Rosmund announce the change in ruling, one of the uninfected questions what happen to The Three, only to be infected immediately afterwards. As the Hive members start worshipping Yavalla, a shrine is constructed in her honor. After some time Talon, Garret, and Zed arrive at the capital to try and kill Yavalla with a device given to them by Janzo. Only for them to discover that Yavalla has set up a decoy Blackblood in her place.

In "Dying Is Painful", Yavalla is only seen as she feels Talon strangle Rosmund to death. Once Rosmund is dead, Captain Orlick ask what is wrong. Yavalla then says that the queen is dead, and he replies that this makes her the new Queen as well.

In "She Is Not a God", TBA

In "From Paradise to Hell and Back" TBA

In "The Hardest Part of Being Queen", TBA


Yavalla presents herself as a trustworthy elder who desires peace and unity between two warring species. She comes off as wise and tolerant. This is proven to be an act that she used to manipulate people into helping her achieve her ultimate goal of possessing the Vortakinj. Her dedication to her goal was unwavering and she was even willing to sacrifice her daughter to achieve it. Yavalla lured people under the false pretense that the Kinj would take them to paradise, but in reality, the Kinj multiplies and infects people forcing them to obey Yavalla's commands and desires.

While the Kinj does give a sense of peace and general blissfulness to its hosts, it also kills them with each reproduction. Yavalla has no issue with her Hive members dying as there is always someone to take the fallen member's place. In addition, Yavalla is controlling toward Wren and expects the best of her at all times. She is easily disappointed and rarely affectionate toward her. So much so, that Wren knew that something was wrong when Yavalla both apologized and wanted to hug her. The hug was a trap to force the kinj into Wren and take away her ability to make her own choices. After taking over The Capital, Yavalla's personality shifts a little more. Thanks to the number of members under her control she has a sense of more power and likes to gloat when her enemies' plan end in failure. Also, she is shown to have more affection towards her daughter. This is largely due to Yavalla wanting her daughter to rejoin the Hive.

Physical Appearance

Yavalla is an older woman with brown eyes, long wavy brown hair that has white streaks throughout it, and black lips. As a Blackblood, she has the common pointed ears of the species. Her ranking as a priestess is evident in her flowing outfits and traditional Blackblood priestess skull cap. She has a thin build and a tall frame.

Powers and Abilities

Yavalla possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a Blackblood.

Main article: Vortakinj
Upon receiving the Vortakinj, Yavalla used the reproductive aspects of the kinj to infect others, forcing them to be complacent to her desires. She explained that she can now see through the infected's eyes, hear through their ears, and communicate through their minds. It is later shown that Yavalla can also manipulate her members into saying or doing whatever she wants.



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Yavalla's relationship with her daughter furthers Yavalla's controlling, yet persuasive, aspects of her personality. She preys on her daughter's desire to help her mother in her goals and exploits that desire to keep Wren loyal. Yavalla expects the best out of her daughter at all times, as she recognizes the brilliance that Wren possesses. However, she often expects Wren to always have the answers to every problem Yavalla presents her. Yavalla values her mission over the lives of everyone - including Wren. When they were trapped in the labyrinth, Yavalla was willing to sacrifice the lives of Wren, Janzo, and Talon just to escape in the hopes of retrieving the Kinj. Wren had to restrain her mother to keep her from abandoning them, as she knew that the labyrinth was testing their compassion - seeing if they would abandon their friends to die to further their goals. This was hurtful to Wren, who thought her mother owed her an apology. Yavalla used this opportunity to try and infect Wren with the Hive, which would have forced Wren to comply with her every desire and would erase Wren's individuality. Wren kicked her mother in the shins to escape this fate. After taking over The Capital, Yavalla does everything she can to make sure that Wren is part of her Hive. When Wren does become part of the Hive, Yavalla is happy. This is short-lived however because Wren is soon freed from the control of the Hive. Yavalla then makes it her mission to conquer the Gallwood Outpost so she can have her daughter back into the Hive.


Season 3 (12/13)

Notes and Trivia

  • Yavalla is the first priestess introduced in the series.
  • She is the third main character to have her name featured in an episode title, "Under Yavalla's Control". She is preceded by Elinor Chadwick and Garret Spears.
  • According to Yavalla, the prophecy about Talon has yet to be complete. This is evident at the end of the season when the Vortakinj and Terakinj find new hosts that do not appear to be human.