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Worm was an inhabitant of the Gallwood Outpost and a former dealer of colipsum. He was in business with The Mistress until they reached an impasse over the price of colipsum, and he cut her out of the business. He then murdered her adoptive son Bill and sent her his head, which declared them enemies. The Worm was decapitated by Marshal Wythers for the murder of Bill.


In "Two Heads Are Better Than None", Mistress purchased a trunk of colipsum from her supplier, Worm, for two bags of gold. She informed him that despite his rising prices, she's heard from other buyers that their suppliers are lowering their wages. He remarks that he’s the only supplier in this corner of the realm but she isn’t the only buyer and left. She instructed her sons, Bill and Munt, to follow Worm in an attempt to discover Worm's supplier.

In "The Mistress and the Worm", in an attempt to send Mistress a message over her recent power grab in the colipsum trade, Worm decapitated Bill and sent Mistress the head. Worm later cut Mistress out of the colipsum business and refused to sell her any more product. They fight in the Nightshade Inn and he attempted to kill her by shooting his crossbow at her. Talon used her tray as a shield to protect Mistress.

In "Strange Bedfellows", Worm is yanked from his bed by Marshal Wythers' men and arrested on murder charges. He expressed that he didn't know Bill was Mistress' adoptive son and apologized for his actions. Mistress asked for time alone with Worm, which Wythers granted. Mistress and Munt then tortured Worm in an attempt to force him to admit his colipsum supplier. They eventually made a deal that allowed him to be spared. He would provide her with all the colipsum she wants at a lowered price. In exchange, Worm won’t provide colipsum to any of her competitors unless it is for fifty leagues. Janzo interrupted their agreement to tell Mistress that he figured out how Worm communicated with his supplier. He presented her with the messenger birds Worm used. With no further need for him, Mistress told Marshal Wythers to execute Worm.


Physical Appearance

Notes and Trivia

  • According to Mistress, he earned his nickname due to a particular tiny body part of his resembling that of a worm.