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I messed things up all around, haven't I, Rosmund? I hurt you. And I-I hurt myself. But now I'm ready to make things right. Because of you, I am a better man, Rosmund. Because of you, I see things more honorably, which is why I've made the choice to... to stay with Falista. When you locked her away and when there was a chance she may have to die, all my old feelings for her flooded forward. I must have suppressed them out of loyalty to you, but I have loved her since I was eight years old, Rosmund. I belong with her. I will-- I will always love you... as my Queen. My army is yours, my land is yours, my food is yours. And I am your loyal servant forever, Queen Rosmund.
Tobin to Rosmund

Where Death Lives is the twelfth episode of the third season of The CW's The Outpost. It aired on December 27, 2020.


IT HAS BEGUN - Talon and Zed learn painful truths about their relatives. Tobin makes a heroic rescue and Yavalla's horde grows as the Outpost prepares for battle.


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Tiana Upcheva as Warlita
  • Nikola Vujovic as Acting Gate Marshall
  • Dorde Jovicic as Prime Order Captain
  • Luka Jovanovic as Strom
  • Miclia Vrzic as Ana
  • Nikola Dorddevic as Gateman


  • The title of this episode was said by Corven to Zed, Talon, and Wren when speaking about his encounter with Sai-vek Redwan in the caves.
  • Rosmund's line "that was nothing short of heroic" is a reference to the Season 2 episode of the same name, "Nothing Short of Heroic". Both episodes feature an invasion at Gallwood Outpost. In Nothing Short of Heroic, the enemy who attacks is the Prime Order as opposed to The Hive.
  • Tobin Aegisford is killed while trying to escort Falista to safety during the attack on Gallwood Outpost. This is the fourth episode to feature the death of a main cast member, and the first permanent death of Season 3.
    • Where Death Lives is also the second episode in which Tobin dies; the first time was in "Dying Is Painful". Ironically, both episode titles centered on the idea of death.
  • Even though Tobin was released from his vows of marriage, he still chose to be with Falista instead of Rosmund.
  • Talon's father is revealed to have survived Yavalla's attack and is seemingly immune to death.