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Weldon Calkussar was a captain and a member of The Coalition after receiving Rosmund's request to help her. He was the brother of Cornelius Calkussar, the man who raised Rosmund and sacrificed his life for Gallwood Outpost. Weldon himself served Gwynn proudly and helped her in many cases, and saved her from Yobhan before he, too, was murdered.


Weldon grew up with Cornelius as his brother and they served the Royal Family together. When the Royals were executed, he witnessed Alton's beheading and was forced to work with the Prime Order to save his life. He remained close to Rosmund and Cornelius and loyal to the royal family despite working for the Prime Order as their captain. Upon getting word that Rosmund had reconnected with her brother, he traveled to Gallwood Outpost where he confirmed that the man wasn't Alton, but an imposter later known as Sammy. Weldon joined The Coalition and abandoned his role within the Prime Order. He fought against them during the battle and, once it was over, was deemed a prisoner by the Blackbloods that had been brought through the portal by Talon.


Weldon was a kind and loyal man with a large heart and strong morals. He believed in just and fair law, having seen King Ranulf as a grand leader where others saw him as cruel. He was loyal to Rosmund above everyone else.

Physical Appearance

Weldon was a middle-aged man with greying hair and a physically fit physique.


Season 2

Season 3

Notes and Trivia

  • Weldon died the same way Cornelius did; impaled through the mid-section by an enemy.