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This article is about Vorta's kinj. You may be looking for the group effect, The Hive, or its namesake Vorta.

The Vortakinj was the life essence and soul of the ancient being Vorta, and posessed a fraction of her natural power. When detached from its originators body, the white-tinted kinj gave its host the ability to create a Hive mind, which enslaved its members into one way of thinking. It formed a strong bond to its host which made it impossible to transfer to someone else. Upon a hosts death, the Vortakinj returned to its original host. The Vortakinj also reproduced and manipulated Naviaspore, a gold kinj.

The Vortakinj was one of seven original kinjes. It was hidden away hundreds, if not thousands, of years agp in a labyrinth to ensure that only someone truly worthy of the power could host it. Yavalla bore its power for months before it returned to Vorta. Ultimately, Vorta and her kinj were banished to The Void, a place where even The Seven could not withstand its harsh enviornment.


This unique kinj had the ability to procreate smaller gold kinjes called Naviaspore. When someone became infected, they were subsequently connected to the bearer of the Vortakinj. Janzo likened the effect to that of Stingray flies. The kinj allowed the owner to share a collective consciousness between multiple people. The members were, more or less, puppets controlled by the leader of a hive. When the Vortakinj was reunited with its namesake Vorta, she was granted additional abilities that Yavalla did not have access too. She also hosted thousands of Naviaspore's in her arm, which suggested she could create the kinjes hereslf without the need to reproduce individually. The kinj, like the other six known kinjes, has Vorta's soul attached to it.


After Aster betrayed The Seven to save the Green World, he gave an Ahl-Kora Blade to a human warrior. When stabbed with the blade, Vorta was separated from her soul and rendered unconscious. Aster took each of his siblings souls, which were rendered into the form of small kinjes, and placed them in Vor-Anden. The kinjes were never meant to be possesed by a living being ever again. However, overtime, the Blackbloods entrusted the kinjes to strong warriors who needed the power to defend their realm. At some point, a hive was created that required the use of a plant that produced fictor's sap. The sap was the only known weakness of the Vortakinj's offspring, the Naviaspore.

The Vortakinj was deemed too dangerous for mankind. The Blackbloods recruited the help of the Yindrian puzzle masters to create a labyrinth capable of sealing the kinj away. It was hidden behind three extremely difficult tests engineered to kill anyone selfish or evil. The kinj itself was placed inside of a snake. The Yindrian's hid the entrance to the labyrinth underground, in a place that would later become a home. The Blackblood high priestess wrote about the Vortakinj in the ancestral texts. She also wrote of a Meld Box that contained a map to find the Vortakinj. The ancient texts were passed down through generations of Blackbloods until they came into the possession of Yavalla.

As a high priestess, Yavalla sought the power of the Vortakinj for herself. She desired to unite her people, and the humans, under one way of thinking. During the great Blackblood war against humans, Yavalla's clan was betrayed by another and banished to the Plane of Ashes for many years. Meanwhile, the Meld Box crafted by the Yindrian's, was in possession of Sai-vek Redwan, a Blackblood man who lived peacefully with his family. Sai-vek came into contact with the Terakinj after saving a Dragman. The kinj had the power to kill anyone he touched. For the safety of his family and the world, he asked his wife to send him, and the Meld Box, to the Plane of Ashes. She obliged and Sai-vek spent a decade living in isolation.

The hidden meld box

Yavalla learned that Sai-vek was the keeper of the Meld Box and sought him out. She tried to bargain with him to give her the box, but he refused as he knew where the map inside would lead her. He warned her and her men that the contents of the box was a curse that would bring death to everyone - including Yavalla. Yavalla ignored his warnings and stole the box. She speared him to the ground to live out the rest of his days in agony, unable to die. She spoke to her people of the peace that the Vortakinj could bring them, lying that it would take them through a portal to paradise. She used her power as high priestess to sway her people, including the warrior Zed. Zed was summoned through a portal to the Green World by a woman named Talon, who possessed the Asterkinj.

After being summoned through a second time, Zed followed Yavalla's instructions to find the ingredients needed to open the Meld Box. He enslaved the human residents of Gallwood Outpost and applied pressure to Talon to open the portal which would set Yavalla free. Talon was forced to oblige when the lives her friends were threatened. Yavalla came through the portal with her daughter and the meld box. Thus, began Yavalla's fraught journey to claim the Vortakinj for herself. Her daughter Wren and a human named Janzo worked together to open the meld box, decrypt the map within, then lead Yavalla and Talon to the labyrinth beneath Gallwood Outpost. Only by working together were they able to pass the tests presented to them, with little help from Yavalla. Once the tests were completed, the kinj was allowed to be taken. Yavalla placed her hand in a hole which triggered a snake to bite and transfer a kinj to her. Yavalla then created The Hive by infecting the Queen of the realm, Rosmund. Through her, thousands of people were infected with gold kinjes and made complacent to her every whim.

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When The Hive outbreak was at its peak, Talon worked alongside her friends to find the Terakinj and bring Sai-vek back to the Green World to kill Yavalla. Unfortunately, Yavalla pinned Sai-Vek to a wall which forced him to transfer his kinj to Queen Rosmund. Rosmund used the Terakinj to attack a shocked Yavalla. She pinned the leader to the ground and used the power of the Terakinj to destroy Yavalla's body. The Vortakinj flew out of Yavalla's body and traveled many miles until it re-entered its original host Vorta, awakening her from a centuries long slumber.


Transferring Hosts

The exact process of the Vortakinj transferring hosts is mostly unknown, as it could not be transferred willingly due to the strong bond it created with its host. Yavalla only came into posession of it after she completed the labyrinth. At which point, she placed her hand into a hole and was bitten by a snake. The snak passed her the kinj before it turned to ash. Later that evening, Yavalla felt compelled to transfer the offspring kinj to Rosmund. She later created The Hive through the use of these offspring kinjes. Upon Yavalla's death, the kinj returned to its originator, Vorta.

Known Hosts

Powers and Abilities

Due to the interconnected nature of the hive and the kinjes, each member was connected not only to one another but to Yavalla as well. While the Vortakinj that Yavalla possessed has certain additional powers, it shares the same biological components as the yellow offspring kinjes. The original Vortakinj was exceptionally more powerful than the yellow kinjes, as it was among one of the seven original kinjes.

304 Hive1.png
  • Mind Control - Yavalla could manipulate her hive to obey her commands. She could take control of their bodies and move through them. The larger her hive became, the harder it became to force a singular subject to obey her command. This was shown when an infected member disobeyed an order not to pass her kinj onto a soldier, and again when Munt's loyalty to Janzo made him disobey Yavalla's command to kill Janzo and his friends. The mind control seems focalized on verbal communication; Yavalla could see through her subject's eyes and talk through their mouths.
  • Hive Mind - This allows a group of people to "share" the same mind. Like most hive insects such as bees and ants, each member could work autonomously and communicate on their own without the meddling of the leader. However, Yavalla could insert herself into the conversation at any point in time, leaving the member thinking the words they spoke were their own. However, the larger the Hive became, Yavalla's access became limited. She could only see what triggers her, such as a commotion or disturbance amongst the Hive members.
    • Hive Senses - Yavalla could hear and see everything that the members of her hive see and hear. They are all connected as if they were one body. Rosmund claimed she could feel Yavalla's heartbeat.
  • Memory Access - Yavalla could access the memories of everyone in her hive and learn their secrets.
  • Immortality - While in possession of the Vortakinj, the host was invulnerable to all forms of bodily harm. Yavalla was able to recover instantly from a fatal stab wound inflicted by Garret, while in possession of the original hive. She could regenerate her skin and limbs to the point where she was virtually indestructible. Janzo believed the only way to truly kill Yavalla would be to burn her entire body so the kinj doesn't have any tissue left to regenerate. He also suggested cutting off her head before burning her. This enhanced regeneration ability was not passed down to the members of the hive. Yavalla's regeneration bordered on immortality, as the kinj regenerated not only her burned flesh but her decapitated head as well. Her inability to die made her believe she was a god.


The Vortakinj has the unique ability to reproduce kinjes, virtually creating small gold kinjes that can be passed onto others. The gold kinjes connect their hosts minds to the Vortakinj and therefore, the bearer of the Vortakinj. They share the same emotions, thoughts, and memories as one connected life force. When Yavalla bore the Vortakinj, the gold offspring kinjes reproduced twice a day which allowed her to infect unsuspecting individuals who were then inexplicably forced to spread more kinjes. However, Vorta did was not limited to the twice daily reproduction as she stored all of the Naviaspore in her arm.

The gold kinjes lack several of the Vortakinj's abilities. For instance, the gold kinj can be manipulated by Zed's kinj, the hosts are not granted immortality, and they are susceptible to the effects of Ficter's Sap. The only weakness to the reproduction of the kinj are those who already possess a Kinj, for their kinj will reject the gold kinj.

Notes and Trivia

  • Yavalla's reach to the members of the Hive is unlimited. She merely has to think of someone to access their mind.
  • The Kinj reproduces twice a day.