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Vorta was an ancient god-like being with connections to the creation of kinjes. She and her companions were hell-bent on reclaiming the kinjes for themselves so they could consume all life on the Green World.


Vorta, Tera, Janya, Kultor, Levare, and Aster ruled over the Kahvi in the Plane of Ashes until the world was nothing but ash and dirt. Aster traveled to the Green World to find a new realm for the Gods to occupy, and found that the Human residences were weak which was perfect for their settlement. The seven brought their people to the Green World, at which point, Aster grew to care for the intelligent beings that inhabited the realm, and even fathered a child with one of them. Vorta and the other six were sicken by this and eventually conspired to kill his child. However, Aster was able to prevent this from happening and then betrayed them by having humans use blades made of Ahl-Kora to have their powers stripped into kinj form. He then place them in sarcophagus with Vorta and Tera having their own sperated tombs.

Throughout The Outpost Series

In Violence is Futile, Vorta resides in a sarcophagus where she is trapped by mechanisms. She is suddenly awakened from her slumber when the Vortakinj rejoins her body, settling in the center of her forehead.

In Someone Has to Rule, Vorta reaches out to her companion Tera, stating that she can sense that he, too, has awakened. She assures him they will rise again soon with their other companions. As she rests in her tomb, she connects with the Kinj-bearers around the world when they use its power. She sends visions to Talon, stating that she, "I hear you, betrayer. You will pay for your betrayal." Falista also receives a vision when she uses her kinj. Vorta calls Falista by the name Kultor, saying, "I see you Kultor. It is time to come and take your place with us." Two receives a vision while using her kinj to absorb the life force of twenty men. Vorta states, "I see you, Janya. It is your time now. You know what you must do." Two proclaims that the Gods have sent her a message, with her companion Three chiming in that he received one two when he used his Kinj. Two quickly turned to Falista and brokered a deal; she would bring back Tobin Aegisford for Falista, but only if Falista agreed to join The Three. Falista agreed to the terms, thus, reuniting three of the seven kinjes in a partnership.

In A Throne of Your Own, Zed uses his kinj to stop Vikka from killing another human. When that happens, Vorta appears to him in a vision. She calls him Golu.


As the leader of The Seven, she was stern and very cruel to those that stand in the way of the way of the collective group. However, she was also very manipulative, as she played on the faith and devotion of the modern day humans. The ones that had kinjes in them, she had sent visions to the humans that were blindly devoted to The Seven. She sent instruction and had the humans carry out the will of the group. Once their purpose was completed, she had her siblings kill them off. She was a good strategist, though most of her siblings would often question her. While she had a caring side to her other siblings, she and the rest of the group despised Aster for his love of the human, and hate his descendants just as much.

Physical Appearance

Vorta was a female being with strong, prominent facial features such as high cheekbones, hollow cheeks, a square jaw, and long nose. She had pale blue skin that is nearly gray. She has horns protruding through her face on multiple areas. She notably had thorns on her brow bone, two on each side of her chin, and two on her left cheekbone. She had grey eyes and thin lips. Her ears were large and hooked downward, with darkened tips.

Powers and Abilities

As a member of The Seven, Vorta had unique physiological advantages that granted her special abilities. She was the originator of the Vortakinj, which served as a physical manifestation of her soul or essence. It held a certain amount of her power and her consciousness. When she was reunited with it, she accessed her powers and consciousness once again. Vorta could use the reproductive aspects of the kinj to infect others, which forced them to be complacent to her desires. These offspring kinjes were known as Naviaspore, having been designed to infect the Kahvi population with the use of Skevikor. This united mindset phenomenon was known as the The Hive. She could see through the eyes of the infected, hear through their ears, and communicate through their minds. She stored the collection of Naviaspore in her arm.

Only a fraction of Vorta's power was transferred to her kinj, as she became much more powerful than her kinjes previous hosts. She could communicate telepathically with other Kinj-bearers through the use of visions. These visions were triggered either by the bearer using their power, or when Vorta forced the visions into their minds. She could speak directly to them, casting face and surroundings into their minds, or showing them flashes of images and memories. She chose whether to send a vision to all of the bearers or just one at a time. Her decision of which to do was purely strategic.

Outside of her telepathic abilities, Vorta used telekinesis to move objects by sheer force of will. She was strong enough to launch boulders, collapse tunnels, and even stop others from moving. She directed this power through her hands. She also used geokinesis to manipulate the earth and environment around her. She relied on this power when up against Talon, who was immune to the Naviaspore's infection. Vorta's mental powers made her extremely dangerous, though she never trained in hand-to-hand combat as result of her powers. This made her the most vulnerable of The Seven when fighting against a fellow Kinj-bearer. She was the last of The Seven to be defeated due to her telepathic and kinetic abilities. However, her defeat was the simplest due to her lack of physical training.


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Notes and Trivia

  • Vorta was in possession of the Vortakinj and had the ability to create a new Hive should she desire too.
    • However, she desired to save the Naviaspore for the Kahvi population, which separated her agenda from that of Yavalla.
  • Vorta was the first of The Seven to awaken and the last to die. She served as the opening and closing of The Seven's story in The Outpost.