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Vikka is a Lu-Qiri who was freed The Plane of Ashes alongside his master Zed.


Early Life

Not much is known about Vikka's early life, other than the fact that he was tamed by Zed. Whether this happened before or after both of them were in the Plane of Ashes is unknown.

Later Life

In "Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears" Vikka is summoned by Talon. After going through the portal he is followed by his master. While Zed and Talon fight on, Vikka simply just watches. When Talon has to deal with Rebb, she uses Zed's ring to summon Vikka so he could deal with Ekkundi. The two Lu-Qiri fight each other in the throne room, until they throw each other out the window. Once Rebb and Ekkundi are dead, Talon has Zed back his ring and Vikka back to him as promised. He then has Vikka go outside the Outpost to hunt.

In "The Blade of The Three" Vikka has been shown to have killed a lot of livestock in the surrounding farms. This leads to Queen Rosmund forcing Talon to send Vikka back to the Plane of Ashes. At night, Zed summons Vikka, who appears in the fog. Talon then opens the portal to the Plane of Ashes. Zed then tells Vikka to go through the portal. Vikka is reluctant at first, but after Zed yells and commands him a second time he goes through. Later on Zed says that he and Vikka have been together for a very long time.

In "This Is Our Outpost" Talon once again summons Vikka back to Gallwood Outpost with Zed. They fight the Prime Order along side with other Blackbloods and Lu-Qiri.

In "A Life for a Life" Zed finds out that Tobin Aegisford has left the Outpost. So he sends Vikka after him. Later on during a meeting with Rosmund, Zed explains the function of his ring being a whistle for Vikka. Zed uses it to no avail. Later on Vikka finds Tobin and Munt with Vikka holding Tobin hostage at one point but Munt saves his friend with a swing from his hammer knocking Vikka out for a few seconds. Vikka then catches up to the and is about to attack them when they are saved from the soldiers of Aegisford.

In "Under Yavalla's Control" As Zed, Talon, Garret and Janzo look outside the outpost and view Tobin's army, Zed noticed something in the distant. Vikka has come back to the Outpost. Whether this was because he heard the whistle after so long, or because he had followed Tobin back to the Outpost is uncertain. When Zed sees his old friend, he blows his whistle to bring back his friend inside.

In "Go Ahead and Run" Vikka is summoned by Wren to deal with Jaaris and the other Prime Order soldiers, only for him, the other Lu-Qiri, the Blackbloods, and Janzo to be affected by the Red Kinj. Vikka and the other Lu-Qiri flee in in fear. Later on Janzo summons Vikka, Xaba, and another Lu-Qiri to a hidden section of the Outpost. After some mean screeches from the Lu-Qiri, Janzo then commands them to fetch meat for the Gallwood residents, with Vikka being the first one to leave and Xaba being the last.

In Someone Has to Rule, Vikka is not seen fully. However Zed mentions that he saw Vikka leave the Outpost despite Zed's whistle. Later a group of Lu-Qiri are seen along the river, and it can be assumed that Vikka is among them.

In A Throne of Your Own, Talon and Zed have tracked a group of Lu-Qiri harassing a bunch of humans. They blow their rings to which the Lu-Qiri hear and turn to face them. Xaba immediately kills one of the humans, despite Talon's protest. Before Vikka can kill another human, Zed uses his kinj to stop him. After waking up from being knocked out by the Lu-Qiri, Talon and Zed see that Vikka and the others are gone.

In Going to Meet the Gods, Vikka is seen outside the cave entrance of Vorta's tomb. He allows Two inside in disbelief of the Blackbloods and Luna. Zed blows his whistle getting his attention. In Blackblood, Zed commands Vikka to leave his post. Vikka screeches in protest. Zed then uses his kinj once again on his friend, forcing Vikka to leave his post.

In They Bleed Black Blood, Vikka has returned and comes charging in the tomb with additional Lu-Qiri. Zed uses his kinj on Vikka once more to protect his companions. However, once released of the kinj's power he knocks Zed out on the command of Vorta. Vikka then carries his unconscious friend across the Realm. When Zed wakes up he see that Two in the company of Vorta. Vorta then commands Two to suck the life out of the Lu-Qiri. Zed watches in horror as his friend dies before his eyes.

Physical Appearance

Vikka has yellow paint over his skin, mandible and head. He also has a pattern to the paint that seems unique.


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Notes and Trivia

  • Out of all the Lu-Qiri seen so far, Vikka seems to be the friendliest of all. The only times he is seen to be temperamental is in battle or when Zed commands him to hunt. Zed has even proudly claimed that they are both friends. This changes when the White and Black Kinjes return to their original host. Even after the many betrayals of Vikka, Zed is sadden by the lose of his trusted and once loyal friend.