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Shut. Up. Yavalla's promise, what we've all said we wanted was for humans and Blackbloods to live and work in harmony. Is that right? So then why don't we just do it? We don't need Yavalla. Humans and Blackbloods, of all the times, now is the time to come together. We'll find a way to stop Yavalla from turning us all into her puppets.
Talon's speech to Gallwood Outpost

Under Yavalla's Control is the fifth episode of the third season of The CW's The Outpost. It aired on November 5, 2020.


A THREAT TO THE MISSION - Tobin returns to the Outpost with an army - and a secret. Talon presses for answers and a fight in the Throne Room ends in death, imprisonment, and a new commander of the Outpost.


Main Cast

Guest Staring


  • Milos Duricic as Orrin
  • Tamara Aleksic as Liecia
  • Stevan Zdravic as Head Aegisford Guard
  • Zoran Pajic as Male Blackfist Guard
  • Milos Pantic as Blackfist Warrior
  • Mark Pullen as Outpost Soldier
  • Aleksandar Markovic as Worried Aegisford Solider
  • Sona Havranova as Blackfist Guard