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Two is a member of The Three and a former co-ruler of the Realms. She overthrew the royal family alongside the other members of The Three. She served as a ruler for many years until Yavalla and Rosmund overthrew The Capital. She is in possession of a green Kinj that allows her to revive people, but only when she absorbs the life of someone else.


Early History

Two was among the group of people who sought to overthrow the royal family, deeming them unfit to rule. She joined an elite trio called The Three and together, they formed the Prime Order. The Three, paired with the Prime Order, overthrew The Capital and arrested the royal family. They order the beheading of every member of the royal family, including the young Alton and Rosmund. The Three appointed themselves the leaders of the realms and ruled with fear due to their unique abilities.

Present Day

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In Not In My Kingdom, an exhausted Everit Dred returns to the Capital and informs the Three of his trip to Gallwood Outpost. They coldly inform him of his failure. He pledges his heart and blood but with respect to the holy Three doesn’t think his journey is a failure. One has a Kinj in his forehead that glows red and it inflicts immense pain on Dred. While crippled, Dred reveals that Garret Spears is alive and could become their secret weapon. Despite his revelation, the Three sentence Dred to live in a cell so small he won’t be able to lie down. Dred is dragged away while Garret is sent to the infirmary at the request of Two.

In Not In My Kingdom, The Tormentor apologizes to The Three for going too far in his abuse of Garret Spears, who is presently on the brink of death. Sana intervenes and convinces the Three to allow her to continue her method of negative conditioning. She promises them that Garret will be loyal to them by the end of the week. In return, Two revives Garret using her green Kinj, but warns that he is still weakened.

In Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears, Two is present when Garret bends the knee in front of The Three. She asks what Garret has to say to them, and he pledges himself with all his heart and blood to serve only them. He swears to never stray from this path again. Two is visibly impressed with Sana for having turned Garret against Rosmund.

In The Blade of The Three, The Three summons Garret to their chambers so he can prove his loyalty to them. Garret kneels and recites the pledge to The Three. The Three tell Garret that they think he is ready for his first task, which Garret also believes to be true. Two covenant agents and the Tormentor drag Wythers into the chambers. They throw him to the ground. Garret is visibly confused and Two demands that Garret kills Wythers. Garret obliges and once Wythers is dead, The Three task Garret with returning to the Outpost to kill Talon and kidnap the false Queen.

In "Go Ahead and Run", TBA

In "Dying Is Painful", TBA

In "She Is Not a God", Two is imprisoned in Gallwood Outpost. She is dragged out of her cell and brought to Rosmund's throne room, where she is shown to a group of covenant soldiers. Rosmund makes a point of showing that Two is just a person, not a God, as they previously believed. When her point has been made, Garret and Talon escort her to the cells.

Talon asks to speak with Two alone, and questions her about the kinj that is the Plane of Ashes. Two pretends that she doesn't know, so Talon bashes her head against the metal bars and refuses to stop the assault unless Two tells her everything she knows. Two reveals that a Terakinj is in the Plane. It has the power to kill anyone that the bearer touches, but she doesn't know if it's still there. She warns Talon against retrieving the kinj, as some things are better left untouched.

That night, the covenant guards stage a coup and kill the prison guards to free Two. She takes the essence of a prisoner and uses it to resurrect the dead guard. The covenant guards and Two escape from Gallwood Outpost. Rosmund opts against sending Blackbloods and Lu-Qiri after Two, as she needs them guarding the Outpost.

In "They Bleed Black Blood", Two rises from her kneeling and watches as the Lu-Qiri attack the Blackbloods and human. She then accompanies the Lu-Qiri and Vorta across the Realm. When Zed wakes up he see that Two in the company of Vorta. Vorta then commands Two to suck the life out of the Lu-Qiri. Zed watches in horror as his friend dies before his eyes. Two then transfers the life essence into Tera. Once Tera is healed, he then grabs hold of Two's neck. He then uses his kinj killing her and freeing the Janyakinj of a host. The kinj then flies away back to its original host.


Two is a stoic woman with a sense of pride that is easily hurt when people diminish her reputation. She has a cool exterior and shows little emotion. Her hatred for the royal family is matched only by the other members of The Three. She is also quite bigoted, as she hates Blackbloods for merely being different and approved the slaughter of an entire village. However, she is deeply religious and devotes herself to the will of the Gods. She once stated that she would give her life to the gods, which ironically enough is exactly what happens to her.

Physical Appearance

Two is a moderate-sized woman with chin-length blonde hair and hazel eyes. As a member of The Three, she wore adornments and covered her body in white paint.

Powers and Abilities

As the host of the green Kinj, Two can revive people who have died. This power comes with a great price. In order for her Kinj to bring someone back from the dead she has to absorb the life of another; a soul for a soul. Two has used this ability three notable times.


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