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Time makes love grow. And you'll be with me, not Rosmund. And I'm confident that your old feelings for me will return in time.
Falista to Tobin in The Key to Paradise

Tobin and Falista is the relationship between the royals King Tobin Aegisford and the Queen Falista. They were childhood friends who had a fling in their teen years, but were reunited years later when Falista returned to Aegisford following the death of her husband Lord Relman. She agreed to lend the army she inherited from Relman to Tobin in exchange for his hand in marriage.

Their marriage was short-lived as Tobin was murdered during The Hive's attack on Gallwood Outpost. Unable to cope with the loss of her beloved, Falista struck a deal with Two to resurrect her husband using the lives of twenty Relman men. In exchange, The Three would rule alongside Falista when she claimed her place as Queen. Once reunited, Tobin and Falista laid claim to the title of King and Queen of the realm.

Their relationship and reign were short lived, as Falista became obsessed with the Gods and believed she was chosen to rule by them. She desperately wanted to believe in their power and the visions she was sent as a Kinj-bearer. She and Tobin traveled to The Capital to surrender their kinjes to their so-called Gods, which resulted in Falista being murdered by the cruel creatures. Tobin survived by was in anguish over the death of his wife, and felt as though he had nothing left to live for. For this reason, he made a daring choice to rescue a kidnapped Talon from the Gods. He chose to stay longer than needed so she could escape, and met the same fate as his wife.


They were childhood friends who had a fling in their teen years that was dissipated by Falista's father, who forced her to marry Lord Relman who was wealthier then the Aegisford clan. This heartbreak deeply affected Tobin, who went on to become a womanizer and form little attachments with other women. They were reunited years later when Falista returned to Aegisford following the death of Lord Relman. She agreed to lend the army she inherited from Relman to Tobin in exchange for his hand in marriage. Their marriage was short-lived, however, as Tobin was murdered during The Hive's attack on Gallwood Outpost.


Reconnection and Marriage

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Falista visits Tobin who has returned to Aegisford on a mission to retrieve his army and help Queen Rosmund overthrow her new oppressors. Falista begged Gertrusha to allow her to see Tobin, who wasn't happy with her presence due to their foiled history. Since inheriting her husband and father's armies, Falista has the manpower that Tobin needs to save the Queen. However, she refuses to part with her army unless Tobin marries her. He declines her offer.

304 Tobin Falista.png

She visits him that night in his chambers, though her surprise sparks a war reflex in Tobin who pulls a knife on her throat. He apologizes but is confused by her arrival. She kisses him, saying that she wanted to remind him of old times and what he would be missing. They reminisce over their childhoods with him reminding her that she left him for Old Relman, but Falista reminds him that as a teenager and a woman she didn't have the choices that Tobin does now. She couldn't break her betrothal and run away with Tobin. She tells him that her father died and passed on his army and wealth to her. He gives his condolences for the loss of her father, but she hated the man and Relman so she's glad to be rid of them.

The next morning, Tobin tries to offer payment in exchange for the use of her army, but she refuses as she wants to be married to Tobin. She claims she loves him and wants to be with him forever. He insists that if they were to marry it wouldn't be because he loves her, as he loves Rosmund. She knows this but is also confident that his old feelings for her will return with time.

304 Tobin Falista Wedding.png

With no other option to save Rosmund, Tobin agrees to marry Falista, and a minister weds them in front of the people of Aegisford. She happily says "I do" and is hurt when Tobin is more reluctant to say the vow. He also asks the minister to give them the shortened version of the ceremony. After the ceremony, Falista gives him his wedding gift - her army. She tells him that once he saves Rosmund he will return to Aegisford with her. Falista also reminds him of the vows he made in front of the Gods and the witnesses. Tobin left Aegisford to travel to Gallwood with the army, but swore to return when the war was finished. When he failed to do so, she rode with her ladies to Gallwood Outpost, only to learn that Tobin had been infected by The Hive and left Gallwood with the Queen.

When Tobin does return free from the clutches of The Hive, Falista enters The Nightshade Inn just as the celebration is about to start. She hugs her husband in front of everyone, before revealing her identity to Queen Rosmund. The next day she finds her husband drunk in the same place. After losing her temper a little, she accidently uses her kinj on him. This, ironically enough, helps him sober up to get back in shape to do his duties. Together they leave the outpost. As she asserts her control and ranking over the residents of the Outpost, she attempts to sway Rosmund into making Tobin her new advisor. She also leverages her familial relation to Rosmund. The following day, Rosmund chooses Garret Spears as her advisor which angers Falista. Tobin manages to keep her calm.

Falista's Kinj

The following day, Falista watches the newly appointed royal advisor Garret Spears train the soldiers of Gallwood Outpost. He moves onto Tobin's men, who are reluctant to listen to him without orders from Falista. She doesn't want to give them permission. She is brought to Rosmund who reprimands her for trying to control the army when Garret should have control over them. She turns her attention to Rosmund, reminding her that Lord Tobin commands the fleet not her. Rosmund quips back that Tobin isn't the problem, Falista is. Falista kneels before Rosmund saying that as long as Lord Tobin serves Rosmund she will. When Falista begins to leave Garret whispers to Rosmund that Tobin will always love her and not Falista. This triggers Falista and she uses the Kultorkinj against them, causing them immense pain. Rosmund tries to object but Falista begins to inflict the pain on her too. Falista is arrested by Garret and placed in a cell.

Tobin visits an emotional Falista who doesn't understand what's happening to her. She felt something in her head when she hurt Rosmund and Garret. She didn't mean to hurt them, or at least she doesn't think she meant to. She got so angry that maybe she did want to hurt them. Tobin tries to console her despite the distance they are forced to keep. He is upset over the alleged comment that Garret made. He agrees to plead her case to Rosmund to get her freed, but Falista is worried that he's still in love with Rosmund. He denies the claims as he's married to her. He then leaves to attempt to reason with Rosmund. Tobin makes an emotional plea to Rosmund to free Falista, though she is reluctant to do so as she worries Falista is power-hungry. He accuses her of being personally involved and letting that cloud her judgement, but she reminds him that she is the Queen. Nonetheless, Rosmund visits Falista and is impressed by the woman and chooses to set her free. Falista pledges her loyalty to Rosmund.

She then visits Tobin in his chambers but is afraid she'll hurt him, warning him to keep his distance. He doesn't believe she'll hurt him and approaches him. They talk about her kinj and Rosmund, with Falista admitting that she understands why Tobin loves Rosmund. If she were a man she would love Rosmund too. She admits to being selfish in her quest for marriage and chooses to release him from their marriage vows so he can marry Rosmund if he chooses. Her army will also remain loyal to him. She returns his ring and leaves before he can say anything.

Tobin's Choice

312 Falista Tobin.png

She returns to her chambers where she is visited the next evening by Tobin. She doesn't want him to see her in such disarray, but he doesn't mind and tells her that he's made his choice. She asks when the wedding is and hopes he will forgive her for not attending. He sits by her and states that it already happened, much to horror, as she scolds him for not making an event of it. He chuckles and tells her that the wedding was theirs, not his and Rosmund's. He confesses his love for her and promises to be the best husband he can to her. He takes her hand in his and kisses it. The newlyweds kiss passionately before consummating their marriage.

The next day, Gallwood Outpost is under siege by The Hive, and The Coalition rallies together to protect Queen Rosmund by bringing her to the throne room. As they barricade the entrances, Tobin realizes that Falista isn't with everyone else. He becomes erratic as he tries to find her, even requesting to leave the safe haven to find her. Rosmund initially forbids it as it's too dangerous and she needs him, but he firmly states that she's his wife and he needs her. She gives him permission to leave and he rushes to Falista's living quarters, where he kills several infected members of The Hive. He finds Falista hiding under the bed.

312 Falista Tobin2.png

He helps her stand and she kisses him before they escape. He aids her to the roof where they are forced to zipline across using his shirt, but he assures her he's done this before. They land on the next roof with Hive members chasing them and more members swinging swords at them from the ground. She is terrified and hides behind him while he tries to get them to safety. Tobin is overwhelmed by Hive members so Falista uses her kinj to inflict pain on the attackers but accidentally harms Tobin in the process. He eventually clears a path and she climbs over the wall with help from Aegisford soldiers. Tobin appears by the wall and is about to climb over with the help of the Aegisford soldiers when he stiffens. The soldiers help him to the ground and Falista notices that he's been shot in the back twice by arrows, as well as, stabbed in the side with a blade. Garret appears and carries him to the citadel, as Falista screams for Janzo to help her.

Tobin's Death and Resurrection

312 Tobin Dying2.png

Janzo emerges as Falista holds Tobin's head in her lap, her hands and dress drenched in his blood. She begs Janzo to save Tobin but he solemnly tells her that it's too late - Tobin has lost too much blood and his body is already going cold. Rosmund and Garret emerge in time to hear Janzo's prognosis, and Falista sobs heavily as she begs Tobin not to leave her. He begins to sputter and with his dying breath, asks her to use her power to protect the Queen. She sobs as he dies and puts her head on his chest.

313 SC14.png

Falista is heartbroken over Tobin's death and is joined at the steps by Rosmund. Falista blames herself for Tobin's death as he only came back for her. She tells Rosmund that Tobin loved her, and tells her of Tobin's last words. Rosmund emotionally tells Falista that Tobin told her that he loved Falista before he left - it was the last thing he said to her. Falista apologizes for being selfish as Rosmund lost someone she loves too. They bond over their mutual love for the man they lost. As the war progresses, Falista is able to channel her kinjes power and protect Rosmund and The Coalition. She saw the people she cared for being attacked by Hive members and couldn't bar to see someone else killed, which allowed her to channel her power through her hands.

In the weeks since Tobin's death, Falista struggles to say goodbye as his memorial date is arriving quickly. She barely leaves his side other than to attend Rosmund's memorial or to inform everyone of her right to inherit the throne. It is only then that Two and Three approach her with an offer; if she joins them they will bring Tobin back from the dead using Two's kinj. Two must kill twenty men to have enough power to resurrect the fallen Baron. Falista initially grapples with the choice until she realizes that his soldiers signed up to die for Tobin. Believing that to be justification for murdering twenty unsuspecting men, Falista approves the order. Two absorbs the life forces needed to raise Tobin. Immediately after, Falista and Tobin lay claim to the throne to become Queen and King of the realm.

The couple adjusts to their new situations, both as royals and as partners. Tobin finds it challenging to adjust and follows Falista's lead in ruling the realm, as she wields more power then he does. However, he refuses to follow the orders or "guidance" given by Two or Three. He also struggles to sleep in Rosmund's old room or have sex in her old bed, a fact that Falista struggles understand. She brushes his concerns away but does redecorate the room, making it theirs instead. Tobin begins to speak up about the inconsistences he sees in Falista's rule, especially as she spirals deeper into her paranoia that Garret could instigate a coup against her. Falista, under the harsh advisement of Two and Three, debates the execution of Garret Spears for his attempts to kill Two and Three at Falista's crowning. She does follow Tobin's advice and holds off on his execution. That night, Three attacks Falista and threatens her life if she doesn't order the execution of Garret Spears. He rejects the monarchy and is ready to commit treason by signing the execution order himself. Tobin reacts instantly and stabs Three, killing the man before he can kill Falista. Three passes his kinj to Tobin and Falista remarks that they are the new Three.

Falista's Visions and Death

She wants to teach him to control his kinj but he rejects the idea, instead leaving the throne room. As he spiral into a stupor of liquor, Falista begins to build her group of trusted people. She recruits Warlita to be her handmaiden and encourages Tobin to find one of his own. He ultimately chooses Munt. When Falista's life is threatened in an attempted murder, Tobin reacts swiftly in pursuing the culprit, even though she eventually escapes. Falista is furious that he didn't pursue the attacker further, but Tobin was more concerned about her well-being then catching her killer. Tobin partners with Garret Spears, who has been appointed Gate Marshal upon Falista's demand, to find her attempted killer. Garret struggles to find her in an adequate time frame, forcing Tobin to intervene and capture the teenaged Luna. Tobin suggests not executing Luna for her attempts, but Falista is enraged at the attempt and under the sway of Two who warns that a group is gathering to conspire the Queen's death. Falista orders Luna to be executed much to Tobin's chagrin. He later learns that Garret knows who attacked Falista and is protecting the culprit as she's a young and misguided girl. Tobin helps Garret sneaks Luna out of Gallwood by buying him enough time to go through with his plan.

In the meantime, Tobin tries to help Falista reject Two and help her see the error of her ways. However, Falista believes that she and Tobin have been selected by the Gods to rule and are the righteous ones. She has visions of creatures she deems Gods, calling to her, and guiding her in the rule of the kingdom. Tobin is left powerless against Falista's blind faith. While he, Talon, Two, and Zed have similar visions, they are hesitant to accept the creatures as Gods. As things at Gallwood begin to fall into place, Garret tries to convince Tobin to betray Falista by convincing her to surrender her kinj. Both men agree that the kinj is poisoning Falista's mind, though things become easier when Two decides to leave the Outpost to meet the Gods herself. Falista's latest vision reveals the word "skevicor", so she calls Janzo and Wren to the throne room. She threatens to kill Janzo, who had already been arrested for serving alcohol, if he and Wren couldn't uncover the meaning of the word. Tobin disapproves of Falista's harshness in using her kinj to torture Janzo and threatening his life, but she believes that the Gods want her to act in this manner.

He asks her to give up her kinj so they can live normal, happy, peaceful lives away from the chaotic nature of Gallwood. He doesn't want to rule anymore and just wants to be with her. She rejects the idea as she blindly believes that the God want them to rule together - with their kinjes. He asks her to at least think about it which she hesitantly agrees to try and do. The geniuses do uncover a secret chamber in the Yindrian Labyrinth that contains what they believe might be skevicor. Tobin lies that he never doubted Falista's faith, but she knows he did but forgives him. She and Tobin receive another vision calling them to The Capital. The Gods want them to surrender their kinjes to them. The royal are warned against this by the recently returned Talon and Zed, who witnessed the death of Two at the hands of one of the so-called Gods. Falista rejects this as Two was not faithful or loyal like she is, and lies that she won't go to The Capital. Talon and Zed beg Tobin not to go. However, Falista's mind is made up and she reminds Tobin that this could be their only chance to surrender their kinjes like he wanted. She asks him to trust her so he does. They kidnap Talon and Zed before making the trek across the realm to The Capital.

Talon and Zed escape their camp with the help of Garret Spears and Luna. Falista is furious to learn of their escape and demands that Tobin chase after them. He obliges and uses his kinj to teleport through the woods. After a fight with Garret and Talon, the King concedes as he doesn't want to force Talon to give up her kinj if she doesn't desire too. He refuses to return with them - he has hope that their mission will succeed and he can have his wife back. He expresses that is all he ever wanted was to have his wife back. He gives Garret her ring of command before teleporting back to camp. He lies to Falista that he couldn't catch them. She refuses to accept his defeat and tries to demand he go back out and look. He reassures her that they can still go through with their plan by surrendering their kinjes together, like they agreed upon. She worries the Gods will be angry that she didn't delivered all the kinjes at once, but Tobin comforts her by holding her to his chest.

Upon arriving at The Capital, they are met by a sea of death as the Janyakinj had claimed the lives of everything in the vicinity. Tobin releases the guards back to their horses, as they would be affected by the kinj unlike their rulers. Falista hesitantly agrees to this. They follow Vorta's visions to a temple under The Capital, where the Gods stand before them. Vorta has them kneel before them. Falista is eager to surrender her kinj to its rightful owner, while Tobin remains silent. Janya and Tera mock the humans. Tera calls them stupid as they are just crops to be harvested. Tera grabs Falista's throat and raises her above the ground, using his kinj to turn her to ash while Tobin watches in horror. He screams in protest but is unable to help his wife as she crumbles to the ground. Tera turns his hand to Tobin, who cuts Tera's hand off before impaling the creature. He narrowly escapes the flaming wrath of Kultor by teleporting out of the cave. He lands on a roof where he feels the effects of his grief. He screams in anguish as memories of him and Falista come flooding back. Their empty promises to lead normal lives and blind love for one another. From the roof top, Tobin sees the Gods leaving The Capital and grips the hilt of his sword, channeling his grief to rage.


Notable Moments

  • Marriage: The pair are married in Aegisford in front of the villagers and the Gods. Their marriage was part of a deal for Falista to give Tobin her army so he could rescue Queen Rosmund. (The Key to Paradise)

Notes and Trivia

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