Tobin Aegisford is a Baron who arrived at Gallwood Outpost with an intriguing proposal for Gwynn.

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Tobin Aegisford is the only son of Ravannus of Aegisford, and the sole heir to Ravannus's lands and title. Tobin's father was a powerful man who managed to escape the Prime Order's genocide by pledging his loyalty to them. After Ravnnus's death one winter ago, Tobin inherited everything that was his father's. Upon receiving a letter from Queen Rosmund, Tobin rode to Gallwood Outpost alongside his trusted counsel, Gertrusha, and an army of men, to give Rosmund a proposal sure to catch her attention.

Adult Life Edit

202 Tobin Arrives

In "This Is One Strange Town", an army approaches the outpost waiving the clan banners of Rovannus of Aegisford. Gwynn notes that flying those banners is in direct defiance under Prime Order law, but Rovannus isn’t leading the army as he would be over sixty-years-old. Naya looks through the handheld telescope and notes that the man leading the army certainly isn't Ravannus, as the man is barely thirty. When the man arrives at the gates he calls up to Gwynn who introduces herself at Rosmund. Tobin notes that he wasn't expecting her to be so beautiful, and Gwynn retorts that she didn't find it necessary to mention her looks in the letter. After all, it would only pique the interest of her most boorish nobles. Tobin seemingly agreed. He then explains that Rovannus was his father but he died last Winter and left everything to Tobin. Gwynn invites Tobin and a select few of his men inside, while the rest would make camp outside of the Outpost.

202 Tobin Proposes

Once in the throne room, Tobin and Gwynn converse slightly before he extends his offer. Tobin is willing to pledge his army, men, and his life and loyalty to the crown forever - if Gwynn marries him. He isn’t asking Gwynn to love him, only that they share the same bed long enough to father a son. Gwynn doesn't respond but disapproves of the idea. He elaborates that he doesn’t want to be King or make a grab for her throne, he only wants to be her consort. He isn’t asking Gwynn to give herself to him, as she can have other lovers just as he will. He only wants her to remain loyal long enough to father a son. He wants a legacy and to father Kings and Queens so his bloodline will sit on the throne for generations that will track back to him. Gwynn asks him if he plays cards and he notes that he does of course. She tells him he’s tipped his hand and reminded her that she is the only remaining royal. Her betrothal is the top-ranking card in the game. He raises this by saying that there is only one card that matches hers in the deck, which Gwynn doesn't agree with. Tobin gives her three days to consider his offer before she is on her own.

Throughout the days that he spends at the Outpost, Tobin creates quite the stir amongst the locals. He fights with Janzo, is propositioned to a fight by Talon, and disrespects Naya. He notes on the strangeness of the town and how the better-looking the women are the crazier they seem to be. This provokes a fight with Talon which he quickly loses.

OUT203 0003b

In "Not In My Kingdom", Tobin waits impatiently for Gwynn to see him. When she finally does let him in her throne room, after purposely making him stew, he admits he wants to play Octor with her. They decide to make a bet after Gwynn dismisses his idea of strip Octor. If Gwynn wins she gets his army without the condition of marriage. If Tobin wins she’ll agree to marry him. He turns down her offer because a gentleman should never play for those stakes with a lady. Gwynn begins to shuffle and deal and he makes a comment that the man usually deals Octor, but Gwynn tells him, “not in my kingdom”. He merely smiles at this.

Later, as they are playing Octor, Tobin comments that Gwynn hasn't started the mines again. She tells him that she stopped work in the mines as it is slave labor and she refuses to partake in it. She plans to use the work to create jobs and pay the men fairly. Tobin asks how she plans to pay for it, and she admits that she doesn't know. They argue briefly before Gwynn ends the game having won, and leaves the room.

OUT203 0005b

In "Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears", Tobin visits Gwynn with a gift to show a token of his love for her. In the box is a see-through white nightgown that he wants her to wear on their wedding day. She regards him as a snake eating its own tail, and a self-destructive, narcissistic, presumptuous liberty. He doesn’t understand what he’s done wrong and is kicked out of the throne room by an enraged Gwynn. On his way out, he offers the gown to Naya and Gwynn yells at him to leave.

205 Tobin Warns Gwynn

In "The Blade of The Three", Tobin visits Gwynn per her summons. She thanks him for trying to save her from her captor as it was very brave. She asks how he is and is surprised to learn he is drunk. He states that he was celebrating their engagement despite her not recalling have accepted his proposal. He says the considering all her recent troubles and that her three days are more than up, he assumed. She proclaims that she isn’t desperate enough to marry someone like him and calls him undeserving. He reminds her that this isn’t a game of Octor and he isn’t bluffing. He will take his men and gold and leave if she doesn’t accept. She means what she says too and tells him he has no honor. She dismisses him saying that even though she might regret turning him down she would regret the other option even more.

205 Tobin-Gert

Tobin is trying to leave Gallwood when Gertrusha stops him. She assures him their job is not done at the Outpost and that if he listens to her, Gwynn will marry him. He is reluctant to follow her lead as he is embarrassed and angry at Gwyn. Tobin visits Gwynn and has another encounter with Elinor. She tells him he should leave and to get a drink - on her. He ignores her comments and announces his decision to give Gwynn his men and himself catch-free. He also apologizes for his brutish and rude behavior. Gwynn reluctantly accepts his proposal.

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Tobin is extremely arrogant and flaunts his title and power everywhere he goes. His arrogance extends to all aspects of his life. Tobin is crude, especially when speaking to women. He knows he's good-looking and uses that to his advantage. He is also sexist and condescending but did initially refuse to retaliate when Talon attacked him because she was a woman. Beneath his seemingly vain exterior, Tobin only wants to create a legacy of his own that will extend for generations. He is also impatient and dislikes being made to wait. He has a tendency to be self-destructive, as angrily pointed out by Gwynn.

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OUT203 0005b

Tobin is described as handsome and very attractive. He has brown eyes, curly black hair, and appears to physically be in his twenties. He usually has some amount of perfectly trimmed facial hair. He is confident in the way he looks, and himself in general, and carries himself accordingly. Tobin has a confident stance. He has a smug half-smile and tantalizing eyes. He wears relaxed clothing paired with an expensive fur coat and silver hilted sword. From the bottom of his jugular notch to the top of his stomach is an ancient tribal tattoo with smaller tattoos around it.

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Season 2 (12/13)

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  • Talon refers to Tobin as the "chief of the hill people".

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