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This article is about the character Three. You may be looking for the group called The Three.

Three was one of the Kinj-bearing former rulers of the realms, having been part of a collective called The Three. He overthrew the royal family alongside the other members of The Three. He served as a ruler for many years until Yavalla and Rosmund overthrew The Capital. He was in possession of the orange Kinj that allows him to teleport to different locations. Near the start of Queen Falista Relman rule, Three used his kinj to threaten Falista. Only for King Tobin Aegisford, to stab him in the back gut. Three then passed on his kinj to Tobin, as he was the closet being to him, before he dies.


Three was among the group of people who sought to overthrow the royal family, deeming them unfit to rule. He joined an elite trio called The Three and together, they formed the Prime Order. The Three, paired with the Prime Order, overthrew The Capital and arrested the royal family. They order the beheading of every member of the royal family, including the young Alton and Rosmund. The Three appointed themselves the leaders of the realms and ruled with fear due to their unique abilities.


Three is a stubborn old man, with a stern view of others. While he doesn't believe he is stronger than others, he believes that there are other people that are weaker than him. Even though Falista Relman was his Queen and he was her advisor, he that she was weak and unworthy of being the host of the Kultorkinj. His attitude and tactics eventually lead to his own downfall, as he was unprepared to defend himself. While threatening and gloating at Falista over the fact that he was more superior to her, he was unaware that Falista's husband would defend her.

Physical Appearance

Three was a stocky man with black eyes, a white painted face. He usually wore his adornments that signified his role in The Three.

Powers and Abilities

While he was the host of the Levarekinj he had the ability to teleport anywhere in the Realm. He would often use his kinj to avoid fights, or sneak up to threaten his foes and allies.


One: Co-leader

Two: Co-leader


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