You have theories and headcanons? Things that we will most likely never see in the show but that makes sense for you? This page is for you! Use the exemple underneath to edit this page and add your own theories and heacanon. Let's see how this goes! Here is an example.

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Magic Cleaning Fairies Edit

Everyhing in the outpost is so clean. Janzo’s brewing lab for example. The floors, the tables, the walls. No spills, no dust, no dirt. The wooden doors into different rooms, so clean and shiny. No greasy handprints, no dirt, no stains. The Blacksmith, who is smithing INDOORS, with a white/cream shirt under his apron. His walls, his beard, his fireplace - all so clean! It’s obvious that someone has made friends with little magic cleaning fairies that come at night and scrub everything up.

Madam’s adopted Sons Edit

Well, she is adopting them to use as free work, that much is obvious. Although in that sort of world, if she is giving them food and shelter, it’s a worthwhile trade. I am betting that somewhere along the line, though, some of them may be her biological sons mixed in. Maybe Janzo.

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