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The Three are no more. One was killed before your eyes by our very own Talon, and Three ran away to hide like the coward he is. The so-called gods that you worshiped are finished.

The Three were powerful humans who ruled over the Prime Order and controlled The Capital. They were considered the most powerful people in all the realm and deemed holy by their devotees. Each one of them had a kinj which many believed to be the power of the Gods, making The Three servants of the Gods.

Each member of The Three eventually died due to their lust for power or blind devotion to their causes, with the exception of Tobin who died because he was trying to save Talon


In "Not In My Kingdom", an exhausted Dred returns to the Capital and informs the Three of his trip to Gallwood Outpost. They coldly inform him of his failure. He pledges his heart and blood but with respect to the holy Three doesn’t think his journey is a failure. One has a Kinj in his forehead that glows red and it inflicts immense pain on Dred. While crippled, he reveals that Garret Spears is alive and could become their secret weapon. Despite his revelation, the Three sentence Dred to live in a cell so small he won’t be able to lie down. Dred is dragged away while Garret is sent to the infirmary.

Sana and the Tormentor bring a nearly dead Garret Spears to the Three's chambers. Sana tells them that her method of negative conditioning can work, but the Tormentor took his role too far. Two uses the Kinj in her forehead, which glows green, to heal Garret of his wounds. However, the Prime Order will be ready to ride to Gallwood Outpost in five days. Sana promises that by the end of the week, Garret will be loyal only to the Three.

In "A Crown For The Queen", a man delivers a message to The Three saying that Garret was captured. The message comes from someone inside the Outpost who is loyal to the Three. One claims it is time to throw all of their might at Rosmund before she grows stronger.


There are no current members of The Three, as they have either been killed by others, or have been turned to dust by the awakened being Tera.

Former Members

  • One - He was a slender man with a tendency for violence. He had the Kultorkinj in the center of his forehead that gave him the ability to inflict immense pain on people. He was referred to as "The Bringer of Pain" by his cohorts. Garret attempted to attack him but was crippled by the pain caused by his Kinj. One tried to hurt Talon though she was protected by the Asterkinj. Talon then ran him through with her sword and killed him. Sana resurrected him for a few seconds, just long enough to pass his Kinj onto her.
  • Two - She was the only female member of the original group. She had the Janyakinj in the center of her forehead that allows her to resurrect recently deceased individuals by transferring the life essence of another into the deceased. She was arrested during Yavalla's siege and then taken to Gallwood Outpost where she was imprisoned by Queen Rosmund. Later on she was broken free after some of her loyal and uninfected covenant soldier rescued her. She was killed when Tera used his kinj to kill her and free her kinj.
  • Three - He was a elderly man with a tendency to voice out his displeasure. He had the Levarekinj in the center of his forehead that gave him the ability to teleport from one location to another. While he doesn't necessarily believe he is better than most people, he believe that there are some people who are weaker than most. He tried to prove that Falista was weak, and unworthy to be the host of the Kultorkinj, but this ended up being his own demise.
  • Falista Relman - Falista was the latest and final host of Kultorkinj, having unintentionally received the Kultorkinj as it escaped the dying Jaaris' body. She makes a deal with the other members of The Three that she would rule the realm with them, but only if they brought back her husband and future King, Tobin Aegisford. Her blind devotion to the Gods led to her ultimate demise at the hands of Tera.
  • Tobin Aegisford - Tobin became the third member after he killed Three for threatening to kill Falista. Three believed the Queen and latest member of the group to be weak, and threatened to slit her throat if Tobin didn't do as Three wished. Tobin instead stabbed Three from behind. Three then passed his kinj onto Tobin, as he was the closet non-kinj bearing being. Tobin then became the latest and final host of the Levarekinj, which allowed him to teleport. He traveled across the realm with Falista to willingly pass their kinjes back to their rightful owners, though Tera killed Falista despite her dutiful nature. Tobin teleported away but returned to save a captured Talon. This resulted in his death at the hands of Tera.


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Notes and Trivia

  • Their willingness to replace one another with whomever possesses the kinj goes to show their loyalty lies with the kinjes and their power over personal allegiances.
  • With the rise of the Gods, Vorta wants The Three to become The Five. This would have change entire status of the group, as at first, Tobin was able to escape his death against Kultor. Tera was able to kill both Falista Relman and Tobin, thus releasing both of their kinjes, to awaken a total of five, with the goal of becoming The Seven.