The Wolf died that day in the Blackblood village. The Smith will die today, happy to have done some good in this life.
The Smith to Tiberion Shek in "Bones to Pick"

The Smith (formerly known as The Wolf) was a blacksmith at Gallwood Outpost and former member of the Bones. Before his death, he mentored Talon on the Blackblood prophecy and her unique role in it.


101 The Wolf

Once known as the Wolf, he traveled with a group of ruthless mercenaries known as The Bones. They were instructed to slaughter many groups of people and committed genocide time and time again. One year, the Bones were tasked with killing the Blackblood village on behalf of Everit Dred. Wolf didn't hesitate and did as he was told. As a skilled archer, he killed many of the people. He chased a young girl into a tomb and shot an arrow at her. A Lu-Qiri intervened by forcing its hand through a portal and taking the arrow for the child. When Wolf looked into Talon's little eyes, he changed for the better. He called what he witnessed a miracle. He left the Bones soon after and dedicated his life to studying the prophecies and searching for understanding in the hopes he would find the girl again. He learned all he knew about the prophecy from the Loremasters. After studying the prophecy, he moved to the Gallwood Outpost and became a blacksmith, reinventing himself as "The Smith".

When Talon came to the Outpost seeking revenge on those who murdered her family, Smith kept his distance until she needed his services.

In "One Is The Loneliest Number", after Talon and Toru Magmoor's vicious fight, Talon was impaled. Smtih helped her heal after by stitching her up and keeping her safe while she healed. He also told her about the Blackblood prophecy and her potential role in it.


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  • Talon: Smith viewed Talon as a friend and mentee. He helped her navigate the Lu-Qiri and reconnect with the ways of her people. Though his riddles and meticulous ways agitated her, she developed an interesting relationship with him. Upon learning of Smith's role in the slaughter of her people, she felt betrayed and went to see him. She found him mortally injured and was able to come to terms with his involvement. He admitted his guilt and apologized for his past transgressions. Smith told her that helping her was the only good thing he did in his life. He gifted her with a sword engraved with the Blackblood prophecy, and died in her arms. Talon then took it upon herself to bury him and honor his memory with a gravesite.


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