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This article is about the Skevikor device. You may be looking for the Season 2 artifact, The Key or the location Skevikor.

The Skevikor Key is an ancient relic belonging to the Blackblood, Kahvi, and Seven lore alike. The key is part of a mechanical machine inside an ancient chamber beneath the Yindrian Labyrinth. When the key is used it unlocks the multiple compartments housing the hibernating Kahvi.


The key was presumably crafted by the Gods out of an unknown substance as a means of activating the individual tombs housing their hibernating slaves of Kahvi. The key is inserted into a mechanical machine and turned to fit a specific sequence of the Gods names, which then triggers the tombs to open. At some point after the Gods were defeated, the key came into the care of a Dragman temple, who kept the artifact safely stored in a private room. The students there were forbidden to enter, though a lucky few stole glimpses of the room itself. One night, Everit Dred led the Prime Order to raid the Dragman temple in search of both the key and the most powerful student there. They slaughtered the entire temple and kidnapped a young girl named Ilyin and her caretaker Naya. Unbeknownst to them, Ilyin's older sister was petrified and pretended to be dead as she witnessed the event. Everit Dred also stole the key from its sacred location. He placed it in a heavily guarded shrine alongside the other artifacts he collected over the course of his life.

Many years later, the Gods were awakened from their slumber and sought the key so they could awaken their Kahvi. Simultaneously, the Blackblood warrior Talon and the Dragman Luna rode to the location in search of the key. Luna, Talon, and Naya broke into the shrine and located the key hidden behind a trap. When anyone stepped on a mechanical plate in the floor knives would eject and kill them instantly. Talon saved Luna before the knives delivered their fatal blow, and the women successfully stole the relic. Once outside, they encountered four of the awakened Gods and began a viscous battle over the key. King Tobin Aegisford arrived just in time to steal the key and teleport away at Talon's request. Tobin returned to Gallwood Outpost where he instructed the genius Janzo and his partner Wren to destroy the key.

Janzo was reluctant as he and Wren had already discovered one of the Kahvi who hibernated beneath the Yindrian Labyrinth, a seemingly naïve man named 313. Janzo knew that destroying the key would result in the entire Kahvi race going extinct, and refused to destroy the key. Tobin and Captain Garret Spears gave Janzo two days to figure out the puzzle of the key before they destroyed it. Janzo was sidetracked when Luna returned from the battle against the Gods severely injured, but when she awakened, she heard whispers coming from the Skevikor key. Janzo realized that Luna is a Dragman and the key is attempting to tell her something. Upon listening further, Luna is able to translate seven of the Gods names. When Janzo failed to produce a reasoning behind the Kahvi, the key, and the Gods, Tobin and Garret attempted to destroy the key using the Blacksmith's tools. Luna was awakened from her sleep by the sound of deafening screams that came from the key. She begged the men to stop hammering it and they did, which relieved her pain.

With more questions then answers, Janzo resumed possession of the key as they attempted to learn more about the relic. The agreement of the Gallwood leaders was to leave the Kahvi hibernating until they could determine if the species was a threat. While 313 exhibited no signs of mal-intent, unleashing a potential army of Kahvi wasn't something the King or Garret wanted to take a chance on. The key was kept safe in Janzo's lab until 313 betrayed Janzo by knocking him unconscious, stealing the sequence of names, stealing the key, and traveling to the ancient chamber. He inserted the key, elongated the handle, and turned it to each of the gods names in the order of the names Luna had provided. When he finished, a loud mechanical sound was heard as the thousands of tombs housing the Kahvi opened.



Notes and Trivia

  • The Skevikor Key has many similarities to The Vex Rezicon.
    • Each artifact could whisper and could only be heard by a Dragman.
    • After it was used it would later be discarded (though The Skevikor key was used once again to try and close The Skevikor, only to fail).