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The Power of the Masters is the seventh episode of the fourth season of The CW's The Outpost. It aired on August 26, 2021.


MEETING OF THE GODS -- Talon and Luna recruit an old friend to help them find an ancient key. Tobin and Falista have an extraordinary meeting. Wren and Janzo unleash a menace causing Garret and Zed to go on a hunt.



Guest Starring



  • Amita Suman makes her return to The Outpost. Her character Naya was last seen in the Season 2 finale, "This Is Our Outpost".
    • Also it is discovered that Naya moved to Relman, the place where Falista had ruled as baroness before first husband had died.
  • Ilyin is seen in a brief flashback to her time at the Dragman sanctuary. However, her face is not seen, implying that a stunt double was used for her footage.
  • Everit Dred is also seen in a brief flashback to his raid on the Dragman sanctuary. His face is not clearly seen, implying that a stunt double was used.
  • Falista is killed by the Terakinj, making her the second Queen and second main character to die by the Terakinj, following Gwynn Calkussar.
  • This episode's title was said by 313 when he say that he was being controlled by Zed.
  • This episode shows the most locations outside of the outpost. With the the Dragman sanctuary opening up, the town of Relman being shown where Naya lives, and ending at the reliquary.