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Premise: Talon is a survivor. The last of the Blackblood race, she also endured the destruction of her entire village by a gang of brutal missionaries. Years after that life-defining attack, she travels to a lawless fortress along the edge of the civilized world, tracking the individuals who killed her family. As she makes the journey, she discovers that she possesses a mysterious supernatural power that she must now learn to control, not only to save herself but to defend the world against the tyranny of a fanatical religious dictator.
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The Outpost Season 2 Promo (HD) The CW Fantasy Adventure Series

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Talon is the sole survivor of an annihilated race known as Blackbloods. When she was a child, her village and family were slaughtered in front of her by a group of mercenaries known as The Bones. She vowed revenge for her mother and brother and has begun her journey to avenge their deaths.

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