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Administrators are a select group of users who have additional user rights that grant them access to privilege's and tools above a non-admin user. These people are trusted members of The Outpost Wiki community, and can be approached for any of your questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding the wiki or its content. Such positions are awarded to those who continually show that they are willing to create and write in-depth articles, cover a scope of a project, and/or revert vandalism.

List of Admins

Name Position/s Current Status
TotallyWitchy Bureaucrat/Admin Active
DJ Grimm 9 Admin Active
Lilygrace83 Admin Active


These users are very carefully selected to not only monitor/patrol/expand/create content, but protect the integrity of the wiki. They are given an array of tools to help them perform these duties. They are a key part of the wiki and work with the community on a daily basis. Admins are a trusted group that have proven their dedication to the fandom as a whole. These users are easily identifiable by the gold and red star emblem next to their usernames.

  1. Protect and lower protection of pages
  2. Delete and moved protected (i.e. locked) pages
  3. Blocking users from editing by banning their IP address from editing
  4. Rollback feature that allows a rollback from one users edit to another users edit(s)
  5. Editing the interface by changing skins and system messages
  6. Ability to alter the top navigation
  7. Access to the Admin Dashboard
  8. Appoint and demote content moderators/rollbacks (must be unanimous within the admin team)


Content Moderators

These users are carefully selected to monitor, patrol, and protect the pages of the wiki. They are given an array of tools that help them perform these duties, and are typically consulted by admins on projects or content-related expansions. These users are easily identifiable by the grey pen emblem next to their usernames.

  1. Delete and move protected (i.e. locked) pages
  2. Delete move files
  3. Undeleting files and pages
  4. Rollback a series of edits made by one user to the last users edits
  5. Reupload deleted files
  6. Patrol pages and content via the wiki activity/RecentChanges feature

Discussion Moderators

These users are easily identifiable by the grey chat bubble emblem next to their usernames.


Bureaucrats are very similar to Admins, but hold a slightly higher ranking in the overall wiki ladder. While all admins are considered equal parties, bureaucrats are seen as the head of their respective wiki. A bureaucrat can also revoke the rollback, content moderator, thread moderator, administrator, and bot rights. Bureaucrats cannot directly remove other user's bureaucrat status (please contact Fandom Staff if this is needed), but a bureaucrat may remove their own bureaucrat rights.