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The Nightshade Inn is a bar and inn located inside the Gallwood Outpost. It is where most inhabitants or visitors sleep, drink, or gamble. The inn was run by Elinor Chadwick until her death. She left the Inn to her sons, Janzo and Munt, who runs the Inn similarly to how she did.


In "The Vex Rezicon", Everit Dred and his men arrived at Gallwood Outpost to purge it of everything that stands against the Prime Orders ideology. They storm the Nightshade Inn and Mistress greets him, asking if he wants food or drinks. He dismisses her and commands that his soldiers rally all the women in the inn together. When the women begin lining up only to have their hands ruthlessly cut, Mistress asks what he's looking for she might be able to help. Dred coldly responds that unless she can tell him who bleeds black blood in the Outpost, she's of no use to him. Mistress insists that she doesn't know, pricks her finger to prove it isn't her, then goes to leave. Because Mistress was confident toward Dred, one of the men throws her to the ground on Dred's signal. Munt attempts to intervene but was restrained and beaten by the soldiers. Dred then commands his soldiers to destroy every bottle and barrel in the Inn, as he wants the Outpost dry.

Dred's men gather up all the gold, silver, and dishes they can find under the grounds of Mistress breaking the law. When she delivers his food she protests against his methods and asks what laws she could be breaking. He informs her that gambling, drinking, and prostitution are strictly illegal. Mistress stands up to him saying that his soldiers brought prostitution in, not her or her girls. The soldiers deny the claims. Higgs even calls it the “spoils of war”. He threatens to assault Mistress but Dred stops him saying that he’s eating. Mistress spits on Higgs and tells him there, "won’t be a next time".

That night, Wythers, Danno, Mistress, and Munt take back the Nightshade and use it out as ground zero for the rise-up to retake the Outpost. They recruit dozens, if not hundreds, of citizens in the Inn to discuss the uprising.

In "We Only Kill to Survive", Janzo is still working as a master brewer and winemaker. He finds himself torn between his life as a brewer and his life as a scientist and master alchemist. The Mistress has become more demanding of him. Munt helps pick up the slack that has been created due to Janzo's multiple jobs.

301 Munt Wren Janzo.jpg

In "For the Sins Of Your Ancestors", Janzo remains the innkeeper of The Nightshade following his release from captivity at the hands of Zed and Yobhan. He is given permission to return to his normal duties by Yavalla. He is happy to be back in the Nightshade, and Munt remarks that he is pleased as well and is excited to have the pine sap liquor once again, something that Elinor wouldn't let him drink. The brothers honor their fallen mother with a portrait of her over the bar. They now serve both humans and Blackbloods.

In "Kill the Rat, Kill the Kinj", Warlita is inside the inn with Munt. They look at the portrait of Elinor Chadwick and talk about how she was both beautiful and scary. Warlita then says that she has been feeling useless since Queen Gwynn Calkussar has left Gallwood Outpost. Munt then offers her a job as a barmaid, to which she happily accepts. Later Warlita is seen serving the Blackblood residents making Janzo happy that they have the extra help.

In "Go Ahead and Run", Janzo, Munt, Wren and Warlita are inside the inn when Jaaris and his Covenant soldiers come in to be served. Jaaris assumes that the women are there to serve them, and is surprise to see the "base commander" Janzo there as a brewer.

In "The Hardest Part of Being Queen", Warlita is seen organizing the place, when Garret Spears and Tobin Aegisford come bursting through the door in a fight. They duke it out over the main hall and destroy several chairs in the process. They eventually take it upstairs to on of the outside decks, and then fall from it.

In "A Throne of Your Own", Queen Falista and King Tobin reinstate the Prime Order's laws against serving intoxicating drinks, gambling, and unlawful gatherings. Prime Order soldiers arrive at the Nightshade and arrest Luna, before destroying the inns supplies and demolishing their tables.


Current Staff

  • Janzo (Innkeeper and Brewer/Co-Owner)
  • Munt (Innkeeper/Co-Owner)
  • Warlita (Barmaid)

Previous Staff

  • Elinor Chadwick(Innkeeper/Owner: stepped down)
  • Janzo's mother † (Barmaid)
  • Talon (Barmaid: quit)
  • Several Barmaids


Season 1 (9/10)

Season 2 (11/13)

Season 3 (12/13)

Notes and Trivia

  • The Nightshade Inn has the only Octor table in Gallwood Outpost.
  • Janzo's Lab is located directly under the Inn.
  • The price of boarding is three beans per night. Guests of the inn are not permitted to have additional non-paying guests in their rooms.
  • Everyone who enters the inn must first surrender their weapons at the door.
    • There are no open blades allowed in the Nightshade. Additionally, all weapons must be surrendered at the door.
  • Most residents consider this place to be the heart and soul of The Outpost.