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The Mines are located under Gallwood Outpost and are the town's source of metals and gold. The mines are a dangerous and complex location that was formerly used to punish criminals and was run by slave labor. When Gwynn took command over the Outpost, she ended the slave labor and turned the mines into a legitimate occupation.


Jaelon Wythers stole a case of wine from the quartermasters to share with his younger brother, Garret but was caught right away. Marshal Wythers sent Jaelon to the lowest mineshaft as punishment. It was only meant to be for a day or two, however, Jaelon was surrounded by the criminals Wythers had sentenced, who recognized him as Wythers' son. Within hours of his first day, he was beaten to death by the criminals.

Known Miners

Current Miners

  • Sill
  • Rogan Three-Fingers

Former Miners

  • Jaelon Wythers (Formerly: sentenced by Wythers)
  • Cedric Wythers (Formerly: sentenced by Gwynn)


Notes and Trivia

  • Elinor Chadwick used the mines to smuggle numerous items in and out of Gallwood Outpost.
  • There are two levels of the mines: the upper and lower. The upper was opened first when Gwynn took over but she has since wanted to open the lower.