The Coalition is a multiparty group lead by Queen Rosmund. Their goal is to overthrow the Prime Order and restore the Realm to the monarchy that was dethroned years earlier. The major members of the Coalition are the Gallwood group and Aegsiford Clan.


The Great Purge

At one point in time, the realms were overseen by a royal family. They were adored by their people and seen as above others. The Prime Order was forged during this time and laid in wait until the royal family was at its weakest. They conspired with Cornelius Calkussar to overtake the castle. Unbeknownst to them, Calkussar was under orders by the King to let the Prime Order in so Calkussar could gain custody of Princess Rosmund and preserve the loyal lineage. The Prime Order captured and beheaded the royal family, including Prince Alton, King Ranulf, Queen Annesendra, and Gwynn Calkussar, who took the place of Princess Rosmund.

The Barons and Baronesses were all either slaughtered or forced to give up their titles and surrender their allegiance to the Prime Order. The barons and baronesses that did forfeit their titles became regional governors. The Lords were given the same options, though those with noble blood were killed without question.

After the purge, Calkussar was praised by the Prime Order and given an Outpost. It was then, that Calkussar and Rosmund, who took the identity of Gwynn Calkussar, moved to Gallwood Outpost. Gwynn was raised by a Governess who gave her a very specific education of languages, arts, and cultures. She was looked after for years by the military at the Outpost before she was under the protection of Captain Garret Spears. With his and Calkussar's help, she planned to one day overthrow the Prime Order and reclaim her kingdom.

Rosmund's Rising

After years of secrecy, Calkussar deemed that it was time Gwynn reveal her true identity to the soldiers he and Garret have been recruiting. While the soldiers were reluctant to believe her at first, she convinced them by sharing specific memories with each of her father's former servants. Each of them as a child. The men she approached were all commoners compared to her then-Princess status, but she took care to remember, or almost remember their names. The men she spoke to kneeled before her and swore on their lives that Gwynn was Rosmund. The rest of the encampment kneeled before her, chanting, "all hail the Queen!".

The Aegisford Clan

Ravannus Aegisford was a powerful Baron that served King Ranulf before the Great Purge. After Ravnnus's death one winter ago, his son, Tobin inherited everything that was once his father's. Upon receiving a letter from Queen Rosmund, Tobin rode to Gallwood Outpost alongside his trusted counsel, Gertrusha, and an army of men, to give Rosmund a proposal sure to catch her attention.

OUT203 0003b

Tobin is willing to pledge his army, men, and his life and loyalty to the crown forever - if Gwynn marries him. He isn’t asking Gwynn to love him, only that they share the same bed long enough to father a son. He doesn’t want to be King or make a grab for her throne, he only wants to be her consort. Despite his brutish behavior and request for wanting children, Tobin and Gwynn managed to grow close in the weeks that followed.

Milus Aegsiford, Tobin's cousin, came to the Outpost after receiving his offer for Tobin's portion of the lowlands in exchange for peace. During Milus’ meeting with Gwynn, she reminds him that he owns no land - the Prime Order owns it and he merely manages it at their bidding. She asks for his title and he tells her he is a Lord Baron. Gwynn reminds him that using that term is heresy, as he is merely a humble servant to the Prime Order like anyone else in the realm. He has no title and he has nothing of his own. He thinks she’ll be grossly overwhelmed when the Prime Order attacks, but Gwynn thinks most of the realm will come to their side once the revolution starts. He tells her he is better off keeping what he has even if it is under the Prime Order’s thumb and asks why he should risk it.

207 Aegisford Gwynn Meeting

She takes a moment to think before offering Milus all of Tobin’s land not just the lowlands. She states that she is the Queen and she will retake the realm and when she does, she will remember those who helped her and those who did not. The first of which, will be richly rewarded. She tells Milus that Tobin won’t need any land as he’ll be married to the Queen. She offers Milus the Aegisford title and land if he reunites the entire Aegisford family under one banner loyal to the Queen. Milus smirks telling Tobin he is a sly dog before agreeing to help Gwynn, even calling her “your majesty”. His army will make preparations to march immediately, bows, and exits the throne room. Now alone with just their advisors, Gwynn formally accepts Tobin's proposal and they became engaged.

209 SC2

In "There Will Be a Reckoning", Milus, Gertrusha, Elinor, and Gwynn have a meeting in her throne room to discuss recent events. Gwynn leaving Tobin at the altar and breaking her deal to both Milus and Tobin are the main topic of discussion. Milus wants Gwynn to uphold her end of the deal and give her Tobin’s lands, regardless if she married Tobin or not. Gertrusha tells Milus that he can’t expect Tobin to still marry Gwynn after she absconded with another man. Elinor interjects that Gwynn was kidnapped, but Gertrusha notes that it looked as though she went willingly. Gwynn wants to negotiate more and Milus is willing to talk about what she is offering and wants in return. She assures him that his deal will still be honored with time, to which he asks if she is still planning to marry Tobin, a decision that relies on Tobin getting better. Elinor assures Milus that Tobin is getting the best possible care. Milus wants a written deed to Tobin’s lands by nightfall. Tobin enters wrapped in bandages and asks Milus what he will do if he doesn’t get the deed. Milus states that he was promised all of Tobin’s lands because he would be King. Tobin tells him that deal is off the table, for now. The cousins stand face-to-face and Milus tell Tobin he is going to take his army and leave the Outpost to claim what is his. He then leaves Gallwood, ending whatever alliance he may have brokered with the Coalition.

With her deal with Milus broken, Gwynn's army is severely lacking in the resources it needs to fight the Prime Order. She determines that Gertrusha, under the approval of Tobin, will return to Aegisford to support Tobin's people and retrieve his army. Milus witnesses who he believes to be Tobin's men leaving the Outpost, and uses this chance to attempt to take the Outpost and its so-called Queen. He and his men then ride back towards Gallwood. On the cliff stands a large army ready to command. Milus has a stand-off with Gwynn who refuses to agree to Milus's terms - hand over Rosmund and all others will be spared so long as they pledge loyalty to Lord Milus.

Gwynn later sends Tobin and Elinor to meet with Milus for parle, however, the meeting doesn't go well when Milus threatens to siege the Outpost. He has the numbers to accomplish this goal, prompting to Tobin to ask for a private meeting with his cousin. Milus and Tobin discuss the current situation, with Milus noting that they are in a stand-off. Milus offers Tobin the ability to return to Aegisford and sit on his father's throne once again - a leader in his own right. Instead of the original arrangement, it will be under Milus’s govern. All Tobin has to do is bring him the false queen.

After learning that Garret's absence from the Prime Order could mean the armies attacking, Gwynn feels even more pressure to obtain Milus's men. Elinor confided that she had been secretly selling colipsum to the Milus's men, so all of the soldiers, or at least a good amount of them, are at risk for turning Plagueling. That night, Gwynn, Tobin, and Elinor unleash an onslaught of Plagueling's onto Milus's camp as a way of ending the siege. While most died, Janzo was certain that he could come up with a cure for the bitten humans.

The following morning, Tobin and Gwynn ride out to the depleted camp to check for survivors. Tobin stands on a pile of debris so he can overlook the people. He states his name and title, claiming the army along with the people as the sole surviving relative of Milus. He offers them sanctuary alongside Gwynn, who promises them a potential cure. The people can either kneel and pledge their loyalty to Gwynn's cause, or leave. After a moment, the people kneel, giving themselves over to the Coalition.

Groups Involved

Gallwood Group

Aegisford Clan

  • Baron Tobin Aegisford (Leader: fiance of Rosmund)
    • Gertrusha
    • Tobin's people and army (Supporters)
    • Milus's people and army: claimed by Tobin (Supporters)

Moore Clans

  • Baroness Willowmere (Leader)


Current Enemies

Former Enemies

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