The Capital is the heart of the Prime Order's regime and represents everything that they are. The capital is located in the center of the realm.


The Royals

During the reign of the royals, the Captial was King Ranulf and Queen Annessandra's castle. It was a beautiful place filled with music and food. The areas around the capital and subsequent areas, such as Mimm's Burrow, were often overlooked by the King and Queen due to its poverty and crime rates.

The Great Purge

When the Prime Order overthrew the palace King Ranulf concocted a plan alongside his most trusted friend, Cornelius Calkussar. Calkussar opened the gates and let the Prime Order into the palace. Once inside, they captured and beheaded the royal family. To preserve the royal lineage, King Ranulf had commanded that Calkussar sacrifice his daughter, Gwynn, in the place of Rosmund. Calkussar obeyed his King's command and switched Gwynn and Rosmund shortly before the beheading. After the purge, Calkussar was praised by the Prime Order and given an Outpost. He and Rosmund, now Gwynn, moved to Gallwood Outpost.

Present Day

In the present day, the covenant controls everything from the roads to the markets. There is no gambling, fighting, or drinking allowed.

In "The Book of Names", Janzo and Talon discuss the capital. Janzo has heard it’s quite immaculate. The walls are covered in pure white marble and the towers have gold trim around them. Talon thinks it’s just a show to hide the true Evil behind the walls.

In "The Vex Rezicon", Naya and Gwynn talk about the Capital and what it has become. According to Naya, poverty has become exponentially worse since the purge. Prime Order soldiers often raid homes and pull people from their homes for no reason. Naya comes from Mimms Burrow, a rough area of the capital that is often overlooked by the regime. Gwynn promises to solve all those issues when she reaches the capital.

In "We Only Kill to Survive", Everit Dred and Essa Khan are attempting to reach the capital to call for reinforcements to handle Gallwood Outpost. Garret and his men are tracking the duo in hopes of stopping Dred from reaching the capital.

In "This Is One Strange Town", an exhausted Everit Dred returns to the Capital and informs The Three of his trip to Gallwood Outpost. He kneels before The Three in their chambers. While crippled, Dred reveals that Garret Spears is alive and could become their secret weapon. Two guards bring a barely breathing Garret into the chambers. Despite his revelation, Three sentences Dred imprisonment. Dred is dragged away while Garret is sent to the infirmary.

When Garret comes-to Sana tells him that he's at the Capital and under her care and The Three's protection. He spends the next few weeks recovering in her healing chambers.

After Garret refuses to negate Rosmund's claim to the throne he is dragged away by the Tormentor. He is nearly beaten to death in a small cell, and "rescued" by Sana. She and The Tormentor brought him to The Three where he is healed by Two. Sana also promises that Garret will be loyal to them by the end of the week and that her experiment of negative conditioning with Garret will work.

In "Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears", Garret and Everit Dred spend time in the dungeons. Sana releases Garret from the dungeons and threatens the Tormentor for putting him in there. She takes him back to her room where she patches up his wounds.

Garret learns from a maid that the capital used to be the royal palace. It was luxuriously furnished with gold leafing on the doorposts. After the purge, the Prime Order plastered over all the mirrors and portraits. Later, after falling prey to Sana's manipulation, Garret goes before The Three to pledge himself to them.

In "The Blade of The Three",


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