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This article is about the artifact. You may be looking for the episodes, "The Book of Names" or "The Vex Rezicon".

The Book of Names, also known as The Vex Rezicon is a powerful artifact filled with names of Lu-Qiri and some Blackbloods who are trapped in the Plane of Ashes. The whispers can only be heard by holding it above a flame and only by the Dragman. After the Dragman's death, the Book was rendered obsolete as no one was able to translate the whispers.


The book was kept in a shrine, Maer-Nokh, made of red sandstone and built specifically for the Vex. Maer-Nokh is located at Caradian's Pass which is straight south of the Ridgeline. It was looked after by the Elders. In the sanctum was the altar of fire, where the book was kept in. According to Karric Unger, the Elders only removed the book from the altar once. To do this, they lit fires and chanted in a strange language. When the Greyskins attacked the shrine they killed everyone except for Karric Unger, who was outside gathering supplies. He was an acolyte at the Shrine at Caradian’s Pass. After the Greyskins attacked, the book was presumably lost in the chaos.

In "The Book of Names", The Smith tells Talon to find the book of names and protect it. She later learns, with the help of Janzo, that the book has the names of demons in it. If she has the book she can summon all the Lu-Qiri who are trapped in the plane of ashes. Talon and Janzo make a pact to try and find the book of names using the books that the Smith had in his home.

Meanwhile, Everit Dred tracked down Karric Unger, the former acolyte at Maer-Nokh. He questioned Karric about where the book is, and learned that it was still in the altar of fire. He later hired Essa Khan to travel to Caradian's pass and destroy the book. He asks her to bring back one page as proof that she found it. Essa agrees and heads out to find the book.

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In "Beyond The Wall", Talon finally locates information on the Book of Names in the book Janzo was reading. Janzo gives her an old map that has the location of the shrine on it. Because the map is so old they are unable to determine what most of the roads are. When Talon realizes she knows Caradian's Pass she then realizes that the shrine is deep in greyskin territory. This doesn't deter her, despite Janzo's protests. After much debate, Garret and Janzo decide to join Talon her quest for the book. Garret, because he knows that the book will help them win their war against the Prime Order, and Janzo to both look after a Plagueling-infected Garret and keep Talon company.

In "The Vex Rezicon", Essa finds the shrine and discovers the altar. The altar has a triangle on it with multiple bloodstains. When she digs her blade into the stains she discovers that the blood was black. She then lights the triangle on fire which, in turn, opens a secret compartment drawer. She takes out the book and examines it, tears a page out, and sets it on the altar. She then burns the book to ash and leaves.

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When Talon, Janzo, and Garret arrive they are disappointed to discover the book is seemingly destroyed. Janzo confirms it's the book by reading the title, "The Vex Rezicon" and learns that it was written by Lord Yannu Metahkken Rino Faxtinus Leitch. Talon was saddened that all the names of Lu-Qiri were just gone. It wasn't until Janzo pointed out that someone went through all the trouble of building a shrine just for the book, and that they wouldn't just make the book so easy to destroy. He believes it to be a decoy to fool others. Talon notices the binding is intact and rips it off. Inside the decoy-book is a pendant on a chain. The pendant itself smaller than the size of a palm. Janzo then realizes that the book was a decoy and the pendant itself is the real book of names. Garret points out that if the pendant is the book, they have no idea how to read it.

In "The Dragman is Coming", Talon is cornered by Dred his men and hides the book of names in the Outpost wall to protect it from Dred. She retrieves it after winning the fight against the Prime Order.

When trying to figure out the Book of Names, Janzo recites a section in the Smith's book that says, "only the Dragman can hear the fire-song of the Vex Rezicon." He is intrigued by this and holds the Vex Rezicon over a fire which causes it to glow blue. It then begins to whisper names. Janzo realizes that only the dragman can translate and hear the names clearly, so they have to locate the Dragman.

Later that night, Talon picks up the Vex Rezicon and is about to hold it over the fire when she hears a noise. She drops it in the fire and it continues to glow brightly and whisper inaudible names. She demands the person to show themself and is surprised when it’s Ilyin. She sits down and ignores Talon as she writes in her book. She then hands a page to Talon who asks if what is written on the page is a Lu-Qiri name. Ilyin continues to ignore her and write. Talon asks her who she is, to which Ilyin eerily responds, “I am the Dragman”.


  • The Elders (Until their death)
  • Talon

Notes and Trivia

  • The Book of Names is the first object to have two episodes named after it. These episodes are, "The Book of Names" and "The Vex Rezicon".
  • After the Dragman's death, the book became obsolete and was rarely seen after.