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This article is about the kinj. You may be looking for its namesake, Tera.

The Terakinj. If I touch you it will destroy you and anything inside you, including your Kinj.
Sai-vek Redwan explaining the powers of the Terakinj to his daughter Talon

The Terakinj, commonly known as the Death Kinj and Black Kinj, was the deadliest of the seven original kinjes. This black kinj had the ability to kill anything and anyone the host touched. It was destroyed alongside its host in The Void.


Vorta, Tera, Janya, Kultor, Levare, Golu and Aster ruled over the Kahvi in the Plane of Ashes until the world was nothing but ash and dirt. Aster traveled to the Green World to find a new realm for the Gods to occupy, and found that the Human residences were weak which was perfect for their settlement. The seven brought their people to the Green World, at which point, Aster grew to care for the intelligent beings that inhabited the realm, and even fathered a child with one of them. Vorta and the other six were sicken by this and eventually conspired to kill his child. However, Aster was able to prevent this from happening and then betrayed them by having humans use blades made of Ahl-Kora to have their powers stripped into kinj form. He then place them in sarcophagus with Vorta, Tera, and Golu having their own sperated tombs.


Early hosters

This kinj is the soul, or essence, of the God-like creature called Tera. Because he possessed remarkable power and abilities, a portion of these powers were stored in what would become his kinj. At some point, Tera was separated from his kinj and imprisoned in a tomb beneath The Capital. Afterward, it came into the possession of a powerful Dragman, who was saved from near-death by Sai-vek Redwan, a Blackblood man who lived peacefully with his family. When he extended his hand to help her, she passed the kinj onto him and turn to ash moments later. Sai-vek learned that the kinj had the power to kill anyone he touched. For the safety of his family and the world, he asked his wife to send him and the Meld Box to the Plane of Ashes. She obliged and Sai-vek spent a decade living in isolation. He wanted to avoid harming any of his people or other living creatures.

Yavalla's Reign

The Blackblood high priestess Yavalla learned that he was the keeper of the Meld Box and sought him out. She tried to bargain with him to give her the box, but he refused as he knew the true power that the map inside would lead her. When Yavalla ordered an attack on Sai-vek in the hopes of stealing the Meld Box, he used his kinj to kill five of her men. The others worked together to stab him with their spears, pinning him to the ground so he couldn't move. The Terakinj kept him alive as Yavalla stole the box. She left him in the cave where his body stayed alive but he was unable to free himself. Four months later, he was visited by his daughter Talon who had the Asterkinj. She recruited him to help her destroy Yavalla and her Hive. Sai-vek agreed to help Talon and came through the portal to the Green World, where he protected Queen Rosmund by using his kinj to kill the attacking guards. Their success was short-lived, however, as he was once again pinned to a wall on Yavalla's command by a Lu-Qiri. Now unable to move or help his daughter kill Yavalla, he exchanged a look with Rosmund and mutually agreed to pass the kinj to her. Under Rosmund's bearing, the young Queen attacked Yavalla with the help of Talon. Rosmund pinned the fanatic to the ground and used the Terakinj to disintegrate Yavalla, and herself in the process.

Return to Tera and Destruction

The kinjes, however, survived the death of their hosts and were sent to their original owners. The black kinj, as it was known then, traveled a great distance to a cave before it entered the body of Tera.


Transferring Hosts

The Terakinj had known hosts, however, the host dies immediately after passing on their kinj. While the Terakinj kills anyone the host touches, it can be passed onto another. The hardest part of transferring the Terakinj, according to Sai-vek, is holding onto the new host long enough for the kinj to pass instead of killing the potential host.

Known Hosts

Powers and Abilities

Effects of the kinj

  • Touch of Death: Per its moniker as the "death kinj" it grants its host the power to kill anyone or anything they touch, whether or not the skin is covered. Anything inside the host, including other kinjes will be killed and destroyed alongside the vessel. The effects of the kinj are instantaneous and the victims suffer no pain when they die. Upon contact with the host, black veins spread through the victims. This could be the result of necrosis spreading throughout the body, or as a sign that the Terakinj was used on the victim. It is the counter opposite to the Vortakinj, which reproduces smaller kinjes. When in contact with the host of the Vortakinj, both hosts were killed and their kinjes were expelled.
  • Immortality: While in possession of the Terakinj, the host is invulnerable to all forms of bodily harm. Sai-vek Redwan was able to stay alive for months while impaled, starved, and dehydrated.
  • Regeneration: The host of the Terakinj can heal from any wound that is inflicted on them. Sai-vek Redwan was impaled for months and after the weapons were removed, his wounds were able to heal. According to him, hydrating helps speed up the process.


The following people have been killed by the Terakinj.

Host: Sai-vek Redwan
Host: Queen Rosmund
Host: Tera

Notes and Trivia

  • Sai-vek Redwan has stated that other people can't touch him without being killed. The only way for someone to touch him and survive is if he passes the kinj to them.
  • The Three had sought out this kinj before their destruction, and even doing so they were extremely fearful of its power.
  • Tera seems to have better control over the kinj, as he doesn't kill Vorta when he touches her, but does kill Falista Relman. This demonstrates that he learned to control his power to choose his victims. He was also able to use his power on anyone and turned them to ashes.