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This article is about the God-like creatures. You may be looking for his kinj.

Tera was an ancient god-like being with connections to the creation of kinjes. He and his companion were hell-bent on reclaiming the kinjes for themselves.



Tera, alongside his companions Vorta, Janya, Kultor, Levare, and Aster, were Masters to the Kahvi race. The Kahvi people were slaves to the Masters and forced to do their bidding. When the Masters depleted the resources of one world they would move to another, repeating this process until they arrived in the Green World. At this point, the Kahvi were put to sleep beneath a Yindrian Labyrinth whilst they waited to be awakened. The Masters, however, were seemingly betrayed by Aster which resulted in all of them losing their Kinjes and being placed in a deep slumber. His kinj would go on to be called the Terakinj, and his notoriety making him a God to the Blackbloods and humans alike.


In Violence is Futile, Tera resides in a sarcophagus where he is trapped by mechanisms. He is suddenly awakened from his slumber when the Terakinj rejoins his body, settling in the center of his forehead.

In Someone Has to Rule, Vorta reaches out to her companion Tera, stating that she can sense that he, too, has awakened. She assures him they will rise again soon with their other companions.


Physical Appearance

Tera is a male being with strong, prominent facial features such as high cheekbones, hollow cheeks, a square jaw, and long nose. He has dozens of black horns protruding through his face, ranging in size from small points to prominent horns. He also has two horns on each end of his chin. The veins on his lumpy face are visible, though more prominent on his chin and cheeks. In the center of his forehead is a gaping hole that is filled only by the Terakinj. He also has black, marred human-like teeth, and a bald head. His eyes are deep set behind dark circles and a bulging nose.



Vorta is Tera's beloved sister, and the first person he reconnects with upon his awakening. He seeks her council and support through their times entombed, and trusts that she will free him when she can. Upon being freed, the pair travel everywhere together.


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