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Talon and Garret is the romantic relationship between the Blackblood Talon and the human Garret Spears. They first met when Talon suddenly arrived at Gallwood Outpost under mysterious circumstances. They were rivals and disliked one another due to their differences and mutual distrust. However, their rivalry gradually turned to friendship and an alliance, spurred by a joint desire to protect Gwynn Calkussar, the rightful ruler of the realm.

Their attraction to one another was noticed by those around them, but nothing came of those feelings until much later. As Talon and Garret grew closer, their relationship blossomed into a romantic one. They were married in Gallwood Outpost in front of their friends, chosen family, and people. They were also crowned Queen and King of the realm.

They are nicknamed Garron/Tarret by fans.


Garret and Talon have a complex relationship. They first met when she arrived outside Gallwood Outpost and was attacked by Plaguelings. He saved her life and brought her beyond the walls of the Outpost. They were friendly and her mysterious agenda for being at Gallwood intrigued Garret and held his interest. He began to distrust her when she distracted his charge Gwynn Calkussar. Though when she saved Gwynn's life, Garret and Talon officially became allies due to their mutual desire to protect Gwynn. They didn't fully trust one another until both their secrets were revealed. They developed romantic feelings for one another but didn't act on them out of respect for Gwynn, Garret's then girlfriend, and Talon's best friend. They were each other's sparring partners, and Garret was the only person who challenged Talon physically - even though she defeated him more times than not.

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Upon Garret being infected by Plagueling venom, Talon was insistent that Janzo would find a cure, despite it being a feasible effort. Garret insisted on joining Talon and Janzo on their quest to find the Book of Names despite his infection. He seemed to be interested in finding the Book only to help Gwynn win her war, however, there seemed to be more to his reasons that he didn't outwardly express. While traveling, Garret asked Talon to kill him if he did turn into a Plagueling. He told her that she was the only one who would - and could - actually do it. She agreed but told him she didn't want to kill him and wouldn't unless they had exhausted every option. When he was attacked in the water by a Terrpock she dove in and saved his life. She then banged on his chest and told a saddened Janzo that Nordejerian clerics claim that it can bring people back to life. She also breathed into his mouth and brought him back to life. When Garret was believed to have been murdered by Everit Dred, Talon wanted to risk the Dragman and everything she worked for to kill Dred out of retribution.

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She, along with everyone else, believed Garret had been killed by Dred and she mourned privately. When she learned Garret was alive she was thrilled and hugged him, but he had been conditioned by the Prime Order to hate her which resulted in him stabbing her. They fought and she survived, later taking him on again when she was healed and winning. She brought him back to the Outpost where he underwent treatment by Janzo, which cured him, but not until after he called her a filthy blackblood among several other slurs. She punched him twice while he was imprisoned. She eventually forgave him when he was no longer conditioned and even helped him to seek his revenge on the Prime Order. They fought together against the Prime Order but were overwhelmed so she summoned the Blackbloods and Lu-Qiri through the portal to help them.

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The Blackbloods took control of Gallwood and Talon seemingly sided with her people, which isolated Garret, along with Janzo and Gwynn. Garret planned to escape Gallwood to seek help from the outside world, but was apprehended by the Lu-Qiri and Blackbloods. He and Gwynn, who he had attempted to free, were brought before Zed and Talon. The price to pay for an attempted escape was death. Talon intervened and offered to bring Yavalla through the portal in exchange for her friends being spared. After they were spared by Yavalla, Talon visited Garret and admitted that she was pretending to be on Zed's side. She knew Zed was the only thing person Gwynn alive. He realized he was wrong and understood her reasons. They shared a kiss before he had to leave. Before their attempted escape, a Blackfist named Kezzun Rah had attempted to kill Gwynn. Garret sought retribution for the attempted murder of the Queen and snuck out late at night. He killed Kezzun but was apprehended by the Lu-Qiri and Blackbloods. Talon was left in the dark about the operation, and only learned of it when Garret was brought to the throne room for punishment by Yavalla. She sentenced Garret to death for the murder of Kezzun, as she had just brokered a peace treaty with Gwynn that relied on minimal bloodshed.

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Talon was outraged by the choice, as well as, Gwynn's hesitance to stop it. Talon partnered with Janzo to find a way to save him. At his sentencing, she asked Zed and Yavalla for a moment with him before he was drowned, as she wanted to say goodbye. She whispered to him to trust her and kissed him. He was plunged into the water and presumed deceased by Zed and the other Blackbloods. Janzo and Munt took possession of Garret's body and brought him to an underground lair, where Garret was given an elixir by Janzo that awakened him. When Talon kissed Garret at the execution, she had passed him a substance that lowered his heart rate so he would pass as dead to anyone who checked. The elixir restored his heart rate. However, her relief was short-lived as she was angered at him for risking his life and made him promise not to do it again.

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She spent much of her time with him, and they continued their relationship which had begun to develop with their previous kiss. They had sex for the first time together, and were oddly happy despite the circumstances. Garret wasn't allowed to leave the lair as Yavalla and the others were still in control of Gallwood. She also refused to tell Gwynn where she had kept Garret as she wanted to make sure nothing would get back to Yavalla, who Gwynn had a strange and sudden loyalty too. With Gwynn's death, Garret tried to push Talon to accept the crown and become Queen of the realms, though she was reluctant to take it.

Talon didn't see herself as a Queen and quickly grew tired of him pushing her to be something she wasn't. Despite their talks, she didn't see herself as worthy of the crown until a conversation Wren made her realize she might be worth it. Garret was thrilled to present the crown to Talon in front of the Outpost residents, though the moment was stolen by Falista, a recent resurrected Tobin Aegisford, and new allies Two and Three. Garret rebelled and tried to kill Two and Three, thus, winding up in jail for refusing to pledge his loyalty to them or the realms new Queen Falista. Talon visited him in prison but thought him reckless, noting that his choice to attack at that moment was stupid. There was nothing she could do now to help him.

As time passed their relationship hit many obstacles. Garret was released from prison after an attack on the Queen and tasked with finding her assailant, and was given the title of Gate Marshal. Talon, however, was on a mission to uncover the odd visions the Kinj-bearers received. As a result, they spent very little time together as they navigated their individual adventures. Talon asked Garret to protect a mysterious newcomer named Luna and he did. He helped her evade capture after the attempted murder of the Queen. When she was captured, he helped her escape despite the risk her was personally taking. Talon's path eventually led her out of Gallwood and away from Garret, a pattern that began to prove itself as she spent more time away than at home. When she was home, it was only for a few days while she gathered the information Janzo, Wren, or Garret had learned in her absence. He helped rescue her when she was kidnapped by Falista and Tobin to be taken to The Capital and forced to surrender her kinj. He and Luna worked together to accomplish this, and they successfully rescued her and Zed. They were forced to split up again when Tobin let them leave. Talon made Garret return to Gallwood as he had been left in charge by Tobin. Garret went to give her a kiss which avoided.

On the way back to Gallwood, Zed bluntly stated that the distance might have something to do with Talon feeling the need to be with her own kind now that their race is endangered. Garret didn't believe this at first, but came to think more of it in the coming days. He even admitted to Zed his fear but Zed reminded Garret that he never listened to him before and shouldn't start now. During one trip, Talon was kidnapped by the so-called Gods and tortured to send a message to Zed to surrender his kinj. Zed relayed the message to Garret, who was with him at the time, and Garret wanted to save her above all else. He was impulsive in his choice and didn't care if it put his life in danger if it meant she would be okay. It was only under the advisement of of King Tobin that Garret finally conceded. Tobin went to rescue Talon as he possessed the Levarekinj which allowed him to teleport. In his absence, Tobin left command of the realm to Garret, who made Tobin promise to bring Talon home in return. Tobin succeeded in freeing Talon who than fled to Gallwood to warn her people of the Gods impending arrival and growing power. Garret was overcome with relief of her return and embraced her happily, despite her injuries. She relayed that Tobin had been killed for his Kinj.

She convinced a reluctant Garret, Janzo, and Zed, not to relay the truth of the King's death to the people until after they stop the Gods, as to avoid factions or riots. He agreed out of respect for her choice, but confronted her that night in their shared place over her constant leaving. He felt as though she was distant that night they said goodbye in the woods, referencing when she avoided a kiss from him in the presence of Zed. He admitted that he wondered if her distance was because she was feeling pressured to repopulated her species with another Blackblood. He mentioned that Zed had said something about it which annoyed her, as she didn't like that he talked to Zed about their relationship. She then admitted to feeling as though she was betraying her people. He embraced her from behind in an attempt to console her. He stated that Wren is the high priestess and is with Janzo, and asked if Talon thought Wren was betraying their people. Talon admitted that she didn't but still feels guilt over not bringing the Blackbloods through the portal sooner. He tried to tell her it wasn't her fault but she refused to listen and abruptly left.

Notable Moments

In "One Is The Loneliest Number", they first meet when Captain Garret Spears saved her life. He was able to bring her to the safety of The Outpost and that is how their relationship started.

In "Strange Bedfellows". Talon is seen sparring with Garret in the early morning. While she has been able to beat him, she still toys with him in their sparring. After they end up on the floor with Garret on top, Gwynn Calkussar interrupts them asking to take Talon away.

In "For the Sins Of Your Ancestors", they share their first kiss after Talon saves him and Tobin.

In "The Peace You Promised", after saving his life again, Talon berates Garret for being reckless. Then kisses him twice before they spend the night together. She then leaves him to let Gwynn know that he is still alive.

In "Under Yavalla's Control", Garret reveals himself to be alive and the uninfected leaders of The Coalition reveal that Yavalla has betrayed them all and has created The Hive. In desperate need of leadership, the people chose Talon as their leader. She then chooses Garret to be her second for the human population, and Zed for her second for the Blackbloods. Afterwards the two become a couple.

In "The Price of Immortality", Talon returns to Gallwood Outpost after escaping The Seven multiple attempts on her life. When they are alone, Garret wonders if she feels the need or responsibility to continue her race. She says that she can't help but feel like she failed her people, and that thought hasn't entirely left her mind. Days later, Garret ask her if she loves him. She says that she does, but she has to leave to find Aster's tomb and body to save the realm. Before she leaves, Garret ask her to marry him. She is taken aback by the question, stating the time isn't right for the topic and leaves him without properly saying yes or no.

In "The Betrayer", Talon returns to Gallwood Outpost and convinces Garret to trust Aster, with Aster telling Garret not to trust him but to trust Talon. He alludes to Talon having fallen in love with Garret the first time they met outside the Outpost walls, when she passed him the poison kiss, and the first time they made love together. Talon assures Garret that Aster only knows the intimate details of their relationship because he holds key memories hers from the Asterkinj. Garret reluctantly agrees to trust Talon on this, as he does most things, and commits to help her again. When they are alone after a group meeting, Talon mentions that she used to visit Gwynn in the throne room so it's odd to see Garret working in there. he still believes she should be the leader but she brushes him off. She then brings up the question he asked her before she left, but he rushes to say that he didn't mean to pressure her and that she should take all the time she needs to answer. She shushes him and answers yes to his proposal, and they happily hug.

Notes and Trivia

  • Talon and Garret were the first inter-species relationship in The Outpost, with Talon being a Blackblood and Garret a human. They have since been proceeded by Janzo and Wren.
    • However, Talon did share a kiss with Janzo before her relationship with Garret, though the two were never in a committed partnership.
    • Their relationship is not the first of its kind, however, as Aster's first love was a human which spawned the entire Blackblood race.
  • They are considered to be one another's equal in fighting, with Talon even stating that Garret was the only person who challenged her physically. Despite this, Talon has bested Garret on multiple occasions.