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Talon's Place (formerly known as The Smith's Place) is a home located in Gallwood Outpost. It was first occupied by The Smith, until his death. Since then it has been the home of Talon.


At first glance, the establishment appears as an average home. It features a bed in one corner and walls with built-in shelves. These shelves feature dozens, if not hundreds, of books and scrolls. A front entrance as well as a side entrance that can be considered a back entrance (because it is located in the back of the house). A fireplace resides overtop a sand pit, which The Smith used to forge or sharpen weapons. Some plants are located throughout the place to give a little color to the pale white walls. At second glance, it becomes apparent that the place is special. The books on the shelves hail from different cultures, focusing on the Blackblood culture. Many are written in the lost Yindrian language. The sand pit can be moved to reveal a secret passageway to the lost Blackblood citadel.

When Talon moves into the residence, she uses an exercise bar, ropes attached to the ceiling, plants, and other furniture to the home. There is a spare mattress in the house as well, which Janzo used during his brief stay.


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Long ago this location was the entrance to the lost Blackblood citadel. When the citadel was abandoned, a home was placed on top of it. After he abandoned his mercenary career, The Smith moved to Gallwood Outpost and took residence in the home. He went on to make weapons for the Prime Order, crafting a welding station in his home that allowed him to be employed. He later retired from this line of work but kept the equipment.

In "Two Heads Are Better Than None", Talon wakes up in the Smith's home, having been brought there to recover from her otherwise fatal wounds. He shows her a Blackblood prophecy from his bookshelf, stating the books on the shelf cover the Blackblood culture among others. She rejects his help and guidance, choosing to leave instead of receive care.

In "Strange Bedfellows", Talon has come to ask The Smith for advice on how to handle the Lu-Qiri, Baphnoro. When she arrives she sees him making a sword. She wonders why because he is suppose to be retired. The Smith claims that this will be the last blade he ever makes, because it is suppose to be special. He ask her for help in handling the fire. After he offers his advice and wisdom of her people, she leaves angrily leaving him to finish the sword.

In "Bones to Pick", Talon once again comes to The Smith for advice and tells him that she is ready to send Baphnoro back. When she realizes that she has the power to send the Lu-Qiri back to where it came from, they hug each other. Before she leaves, he tells her to come back afterwards because he has a surprise for her. Later on, he is admiring the sword he made for Talon contain the prophecy about her. In the sword's reflection he see's his old boss Tiberion Shek has entered his home. After a brief history talk and insults thrown towards The Smith, Shek runs his sword through The Smith.

In "The Book of Names", Talon comes to see The Smith dying from his wounds. After the two talk a little Talon then takes the sword The Smith made for her. Later on Janzo come to see her to check up on her. As she leaves to bury The Smith she ask Janzo to go through the books and scroll to find the Book of Names. While Janzo has gone through the books for a while he discovers what the Book of Names contains and information about Talon's race.

In "The Peace You Promised", Janzo and Wren work alongside one another to find a way to open the box. Inside, is a map leading the Blackbloods to the citadel where the Kinj that will lead him to paradise is located. Using the map they explore The Outpost for the location that has been marked, they make notes on the way about where it could be. When they arrive at the scene, Janzo is surprise that the map lead them to Talon's Place. When they go inside they immediately know where they entrance is. They remove the sand from the pit to reveal the hidden entrance beneath. Wren opens it despite the concern of Talon. All three are then astonished at what lies underneath them.


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Notes and Trivia

  • The Smith was murdered in the living room.
  • Several guests have resided in the home other than the owners, including Janzo, Zed, Garret Spears, Ilyin, and Luna.
  • Two Blackbloods have been summoned through the Plane of Ashes in the Smith's home, Rebb and Zed. The Lu-Qiri, Ekkundi and Vikka, were also summoned here.
  • The home is located on an ancient map found inside a Meld Box.
  • After discovering the hidden entrance, it was then boarded up by wooden panels. This spot is a very good hiding place for those who don't know about the home.