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Now I don't pretend I'm as wise as Queen Rosmund, but whether you're Blackblood, human, or Kahvi, we are all one people. And I swear, as long as I live, I will serve all people of this realm. I will be your queen if this is what you all want.

Talon is the sole survivor of a massacred village and was once believed to be the sole Blackblood survivor. When she was a child, her village and family were slaughtered by a group of mercenaries. She vowed revenge for her slain family and villagers, and sought to avenge their deaths by killing the men responsible.

Talon's quest for vengeance brought her to a deserted Outpost where she tracked the men responsible. With the help of an intelligent brewer and scholar, Janzo, the long-lost queen Rosmund, and a noble captain, Garret Spears, Talon was brought the mercenaries to justice. She soon begins to uncover the secrets of her people and learn of her her role in an ancient prophecy. She became a key member in Rosmund's quest to overthrow the oppressive Prime Order, and served as a trusted confidante and warrior to the aspiring Queen.

While she had the best intentions, Talon made the mistake of trusting a fellow blackblood named Zed, which resulted in Gallwood being taken hostage by two blackblood clans. In an effort to save her friends, she summoned the high preiestess Yavalla through a portal. This inadvertantly began The Hive epidemic that infected Rosmund, taking her away from the outpost. Talon served as interim base commander of Gallwood Outpost in Rosmund's absence, which brought her closer to Garret and a reformed Zed. Talon's quest to make things right reunited her with her long-lost father, who helped her save the realm from Yavalla's Hive. After the deaths of Rosmund and Yavalla, Gallwood knelt before Talon to signify their choice of leader.

Talon, however, didn't want the throne which left it vulnerable to the power-hungry Falista Relman. Talon didn't protest the claim but fought Falista's decisions at every turn. Her attention was divided with the awakening of The Seven, God-like creatures with immense power who sought to consume the Green World to further their immortality. After the death of Falista, and the final defeat of the The Seven, Talon married Garret Spears and became Queen of the Realm.


Talon was born to Sai-vek Redwan and an unnamed Blackblood woman in a peaceful Blackblood colony. As a child, she was close to her father whom she believed died protecting his family.

Talon with her mother

One day, Talon was playing with her brother, Eremus, when she saw a Remmick. She was taken with the creature and approached it when it was shot by a group of young boys. She was angered by their kill, and they taunted her for being a filthy Blackblood. Talon jumped the oldest boy and they fought, despite her brother's protest. Talon's mother interrupted the fight. Back in their village, her mother cleaned Talon's bloody nose and scolded her about fighting. She reminded Talon that their whole village could have been exposed by her fight and that they don’t ever fight. Talon wanted to know why everyone hated them, but her mother told her she hoped not everyone did.

101 Talon at Village.jpg

A group of mercenaries, known as the Bones, attacked Talon's village under orders to ensure that every Blackblood died. They lit the camp on fire and slaughtered the entire village. Talon awakened her brother and met with her mother, who picked her up and tried to carry her out of the village. Her mother, under the insistence of a villager, began to summon a Lu-Qiri but was shot with an arrow. She passed the creature known as Asterkinj onto Talon as she was dying. One of the men went to attack Talon with an ax, but Talon’s mother sliced his leg, which angered him, and he killed her while Talon escaped.

101 Promo2.jpg

She hid inside a tomb when she spotted by one of the men. He fired an arrow at her but the magic her mother passed onto her glowed and a portal appeared. A being known as a Lu-Qiri stuck its arm through the portal. It intercepted the arrow and saved Talon's life. The archer, known as The Wolf, shot again, this time missing on purpose. Wolf lied and told his companion, Toru Magmoor, that Talon was dead. Toru signaled to their leader, Everit Dred, that they had won. When Talon returned in the morning she found her village decimated and the bodies of her mother and brother. She picked up her mother’s knife which she still uses in the present day.

Talon cuts her tips off

As she wandered the woods she came across a mother and daughter with a cart of vegetables She went to take a piece that fell on the ground when she was spotted by the daughter, who pointed out Talon’s strange ears. The mother, Meadhbh, asked where Talon’s family was but then asked her along with them, promising food and shelter. The woman had a husband, Myron, and another older daughter along with a younger son. That night, Talon sketched the children as they played. As Talon washed up for dinner, she overheard Meadhbh and Myron speak about sending her away. Meadhbh wanted to keep Talon but Myron assured her people would talk and that someone wanted her race dead for a reason. He then referred to Talon’s ears as being too recognizable. To avoid being sent away, she cut the black tips of her ears off, which left her with scars.

201 Young Talon2.jpg

Talon was taken in by the family but had trouble adjusting to their lifestyle. While out hunting, Talon struggled to kill a Remmick as her people believed that it was wrong to take what was not given, especially a life. Myron explained that she didn't have to enjoy the kill but they do have to eat. He explained that they “only kill to survive”. Despite the boy shooting early and scaring off the Remmick, Talon was able to shoot and kill even from a long distance. Myron was proud of her, but Talon was only saddened as she took a life. Myron told her that Remmick will feed them all Winter; they would use every part of it and each time it fills their bellies they would remember the Remmick and be grateful.

201 Young-Talon.jpg

Back at camp, Meadhbh noticed Talon’s pointed ears were gone. She assured Talon that they liked her just as much with pointed ears. She couldn’t understand why Talon cut them off, but Talon refused to explain. She instead went to fetch water for dinner. When she returned, she found her new family had been slaughtered by a man named Varlek. He dressed in black and was also a Blackblood. He wanted to take Talon with him, but she refused to go. He claimed Talon’s mother passed the Asterkinj to Talon so she could pass it to him. She angrily told him she didn't know what he was talking about and kicked him in the crotch. She tried to run away but Varlek tripped her. He went to grab her, but she grabbed her mother’s dagger first and threw it at the man. It hit him the chest and killed him. She then recited what Myron had told her before, that they only kill to survive. Before abandoning the place, she buried her adoptive family and marked their graves. She then buried Varley in an unmarked grave near a tree. She left the place and never returned, instead staying to herself and becoming a traveler as she searched for vengeance.

Throughout The Outpost Series

Season 1

101 Talon Travels.jpg

Talon's search to avenge her slain family leads her to a tavern, where she learns the name of the people responsible for the slaughter of her village - The Bones. She travels to the far edge of the realm, to a place known as Gallwood Outpost, to find the members who have settled there. She is attacked by creatures called Plagueling's, and barely manages to fight one off before another appears. She is saved by the heroic Outpost captain she comes to know as Garret Spears. He takes her inside the Outpost walls and to the gate keeper, Marshal Wythers who will determine if she is allowed to stay. She lies that she is a barmaid looking for work, though Wythers is reluctant to believe her. He agrees to let her stay on the condition that she keep out of trouble. Talon agrees and looks for work at the only pub in Gallwood, The Nightshade Inn. The innkeeper, known solely as The Mistress, agrees to let Talon stay at the inn if she works for her. Talon meets The Mistress's adoptive son Janzo, a brilliant brewer with a shy nature. As she settles into Gallwood, she quickly encounters the Lady Gwynn Calkussar, who mistakes Talon's mistrust of The Bones for her allegiance. They each held a secret agenda for their actions but understood they shared a common goal.

Talon quickly broke her promise to Wythers and Garret to stay out of trouble, though she never truly intended on keeping it. She confronted a member of The Bones, Toru Magmoor, and successfully killed him, though she was gravely wounded in the process. She was saved by The Smith who understood her species as a Blackblood, and promised to keep her secret safe. He understood that she was being hunted by those in power and gave her an ancient scroll that should be studied mentally. Talon rebuked The Smith's help, but was forced to accept the help of Janzo when her wounds reopened and Wyther's investigation closed in. He also promised to protect her identity from the Gate Marshal who was searching for Magmoor's assassin. She also reads The Smith scroll, and inadvertently summons a portal that releases a demon. Wyhters used the identifying marker of black blood to search for suspects and eventually found Talon. She is arrested for the murder of Magmoor and sentenced to death by the Gate Marshal. Lady Gwynn fails in convincing her father, Cornelius Calkussar, to spare Talon's life, so she takes matters into her owns hands and enlists Garret to help her. They stop the execution and Gwynn assumes bond for Talon once again, this time having forced Calkussar to stand by her, meaning that any law Talon breaks Gwynn will also be legally responsible for.

Now bonded to Gwynn both legally and personally, Talon begins to form a friendship with the young lady.


Talon is an orphaned survivor of genocide. After witnessing the demise of her entire family and village, she swore to enact revenge on the men responsible. She trained herself to fight against those who would rather oppress her, observing the ways others fought and taking in training to those who offered her. She is brave, fearless, and determined in her quests. She is jaded from years on her own and doesn't easily trust others. Talon almost always has a plan or tricks up her sleeve. This is shown most prominently when she lied about never having played Octor before, all while hustling men out of their money. She needed the money to repair her damaged window, thus, doing it for her gain. Because of her gender, many people underestimate her, which she has grown to utilize to her advantage.

Talon is a confident woman in every regard. She was initially rather selfish in her quest to seek revenge on the men who killed her family. She didn't have much regard for how her actions would affect the other members at the Outpost. She also wasn't very friendly toward anyone. This began to change as her friendship with both Janzo and The Smith grows. As she begins to open up around Janzo, Talon is seen to be a kind woman who is curious about the world and where she comes from. The only self-conscious trait she has is about her ears, as she was forced to cut the black tips off to blend in with humans. She has grown protective over that secret and even styles her hair to where they are covered. After it comes out that she is a blackblood however, she is less conscious about her ears and even wears her hair to show them. More then anything, Talon wants to protect herself and those she cares for.

She doesn't trust easily, needing time to completely trust someone. She began to trust Zed and allow herself to care about him, even having sex with him. She was still cautious of his intentions despite his insistence that he was being honest with her. This is why when Zed betrayed her she was enraged and instantly fought him. The betrayal hurt Talon and she struggled to recuperate from the betrayal, especially since it came on the heel of a recent fight with a brainwashed Garret. When Talon does get betrayed those that did the deed have a tendency to suffer. In Zed's case, she could have killed him, but chose to spare his life, though she banished him back to the Plane of Ashes.

Those around her tend to look towards Talon for guidance due to her selfless, brave, and courageous nature. She despises that people count on her to lead them as she has a low opinion of her leadership skills. She prefers to be a warrior over being a leader, despite often questioning the orders that come above. After Gwynn's death, Talon begins to accept that she has the potential to lead, especially after Wren admits that Talon has a rare selfless nature. When Talon does lead, she is tough to her cohorts but fair, understanding when to be sensitive to their needs and when to force them forward.

Physical Appearance

OUT102 0011.jpg

Talon is a very beautiful young woman with a heart-shaped face, light olive complexion, and striking blue eyes that contrast with her long black hair. She has high cheekbones and a prominent facial structure. Many people call her "beautiful" and "stunning". She knows how to manipulate men using her appearance. Men often underestimate her because of her gender and beauty, making it easy for her to outsmart them. She always retains a stance of power and confidence, with one hand usually on or near her sword.

Talon is a fighter and thus, has a strong, lean, and athletic physique. She often wears pants and tops that allow her to move and be flexible in case she needs to fight. Her clothing resembles that of a warrior or a traveler. She did wear a dress after Gwynn burned her clothes, but she has yet to be seen in another. Because she doesn't have a specific home (She has since moved into the Smith's old home), Talon wears the same outfits that are often baggy on her. She is also seen in what has become her trademark green jacket and her mother's dagger. She usually wears a brown leather sword belt that holds her other daggers and later, the sword the Smith made for her. Her hairstyle is simple and covers her scared ears, as no one is supposed to know of her true race. However, after the Blackblood take over of The Outpost, she started making her hair braided and showed off her ears.

Talon in Season 2

After settling in at the Outpost, Talon begins wearing her green jacket underneath a tight leather vest instead of over a loose shirt. She also wears more revealing tops that show her bust. She still heavily incorporates leather into her wardrobe. Her tops have either leather sleeves or a leather vest sewn into them. She wears leather or black pants made out of a material that allows her to move easily. Her clothing becomes more form-fitting and flattering, as opposed to the baggy attire she wore before. This could be due to her having a sustainable income as a barmaid and the Queen's soldier. She also has a larger wardrobe. Talon's clothing and even boots, which have become more refined, resemble that of a higher-class woman.

Talon also begins to be more diverse in her hairstyles. She pulls her hair away from her face in braids or hairstyles that expose her ears, as she no longer has to hide them. Her hair is well-kempt and brushed, compared to her previous hairstyles. Talon retains the same brown leather sword belt, her mother's dagger, and the sword the Smith crafted for her. She also begins carrying an additional dagger in her boot.

Powers and Abilities

"I've always been stronger than I appear, faster than I seem. And somehow I can anticipate my opponent's next move." ― Talon to Garret about her skills

104 Talon-Sparring.jpg

Talon possesses all the standard powers and abilities of a Blackblood. Additionally, Talon possesses expert hand-to-hand combat skills, able to defeat and outsmart several opponents who are professionally trained. She has taught herself several forms of martial arts and may have been taught by experts. Talon has bested several elite fighters who prided themselves on their fighting skills, including highly-trained soldiers such as Garret Spears and the mercenaries known as The Bones. However, her fighting skill is initially shown to be very brutish and she usually struck first and tried to overpower larger individuals. This often led to her defeat, such as when she fought Toru Magmoor and Tiberion Shek.

OUT308 9962.jpg
Her fighting skills improved over time, as she learned to wait for her opponents to attack and understand their fighting methods before using her athleticism to best them. She also began to use more hand-to-hand combat over sword fighting, though her ability to sword fight has improved as well. She is extraordinarily athletic and lean, able to navigate a labyrinth designed to kill anyone who isn't in peak physical condition. Almost everyone who witnesses Talon either in battle or as an athlete is impressed by her feats. Her athletic physique is unique to her, and not a trait that all Blackbloods inherently possess.

102 Asterkinj.jpg
Because she possesses the Asterkinj passed down from her mother, Talon has additional powers and advantages. She can open the portal to the Plane of Ashes and summon both Lu-Qiri and their Blackblood masters into the Earthly plane. She can also use the Voice of Command to control the Lu-Qiri to do her bidding or send them back to the plane of ashes. Because an Asterkinj is a living being, it has the desire to survive. It can open the portal for brief seconds when it wants to if Talon is in mortal danger. While it can't keep the portal open for long, it can save Talon by bringing her to the Plane of Ashes. Because she has the Kinj, she is immune to the effects of other kinjes, including Zed's mind control kinj and Yavalla's hive or White Kinj.



107 Promo1.jpg

Janzo is Talon's first and truest friend at the Outpost. Janzo helped Talon recover from critical injuries. She originally wasn't grateful or trusting of him, but after a few more run-ins with Janzo that ended in her favor, Talon grew to trust him. They became friends and rely on one another. Janzo harbors romantic feelings for Talon and once believed her to be perfect and beautiful, however, Talon hasn't shown much romantic interest in Janzo or anyone. Janzo makes her laugh which is a quality that Talon herself told him is an important quality in a partner. Janzo often blindly follows Talon into battles and situations that he normally wouldn't be involved in and vice versa. He goes out of his way to help her, even though it doesn't always have something in it for him.

OUT107 0017.JPG

Talon is protective of Janzo and protects him when she can. After the Outpost was reclaimed, they were attacked by Everit Dred. Talon almost defeated Dred but stopped because Janzo was severely injured. She had to use the hot iron to cauterize his wounds and save his life. To hopefully ease the pain she kissed him. She told him that she hadn't felt that way about anyone since Eramus, but wasn't sure until she had kissed him. Janzo told her that he reciprocated those feelings thinking that she meant romantically. When he learned that Eramus was her brother he was saddened but they hugged. She passed on the opportunity to hunt Dred so she could care for Janzo. He confessed his true feelings to her and she found it flattering but admitted that she didn't feel the same way. Talon even told him that if she did love him back it would make her the luckiest girl in the realms. She elaborated that maybe one day she could return those feelings. Janzo told her enthusiastically that he could wait for her, but in the end, they found partners in other people (ironically enough their partners are the other's species). They are incredibly loyal to one another. She referred to Janzo as her favorite human, with him returning the sentiment that she's his favorite Blackblood, next to his own mate. During the wedding between Garret and Talon, Janzo was in attendance as one of the groom's men.

Gwynn Calkussar

"It's just me and you against the world. It's always been that way since you walked through the door. You stood by me in every bad decision I've ever made and you're my best friend. Are you ready?" ― Gwynn says goodbye

208 SC29.png

Gwynn and Talon were close friends whose relationship started off rather rocky. It fluctuated almost daily. Gwynn found Talon fascinating when she first arrived at the Outpost, and thought they were kindred spirits due to their mutual enemies. Talon wanted the Bones dead and Gwynn mistook this as them being allies, as she also needed the Bones dead. Though their reasons appeared vastly different, their mutual disdain for them brought the pair together. It became evident that Gwynn needed Talon to protect her, while Talon needed Gwynn's mind to think out attacks. They are two women in an Outpost and a world, full of men that wants to destroy them. When it's just the two of them, they get along merrily and can have quite a lot of fun together. They played Octor, drink, and brought out the light-heartedness in one another. Their differing views politically and personally were often sources of conflict between them. Gwynn knew that Talon had feelings for Garret Spears, Gwynn's boyfriend, despite Talon's objections to the opposite.

313 SC73.png

When Gwynn became Queen she wanted things to remain the same between them, but her actions led Talon to believe that she was nothing more than a tool in Gwynn's war against the Prime Order. When this proved to be untrue, they grew closer and Talon was Gwynn's only real friend at the Outpost. Gwynn even supported Talon's relationship with Garret. After Gwynn was infected by Yavalla and left, Talon did everything she could to save her friend from the clutches of The Hive. Including working with her nemesis Two and killing Gwynn. After being revived the two stayed strong friends. In the final battle against The Hive, Talon and Gwynn were the only uninfected that remained in the realm. Gwynn took the Terakinj from Sai-vek Redwan, knowing that the price to destroy Yavalla would be her life. She confessed to Talon that had always been the two of them, and relayed that Talon is her best friend. The two worked together to destroy Yavalla and The Hive, which ended in Gwynn and Yavalla's mutual deaths. Talon was distraught by her death and held her friends armor as the realm bent the knee to her, claiming Talon as Gwynn's successor. While Talon feels like she is definitely unworthy of taking up the mantle of her friend, she hopes that one day she will be able to make the late Gwynn proud of her. She acknowledges that she wll never be as wise or as great of Gwynn, but will be as just and fair as the woman was.

Garret Spears

See also: Talon and Garret

OUT109 0015.JPG

Garret and Talon have a complex relationship. They first met when she arrived outside the outpost and was attacked by Plaguelings. He saved her life and brought her into the Outpost. They were friendly and her mysterious agenda for being at Gallwood intrigued Garret and held his interest. However, his protectiveness over Gwynn and often drove them apart. Over time, they became allies, but they didn't fully trust one another until both their secrets were revealed. They developed romantic feelings for one another but didn't act on them out of respect for Gwynn, Garret's girlfriend, and Talon's close friend. They were each other's sparring partners, and Garret was the only person who challenged Talon physically - even though she defeated him multiple times. Upon Garret being infected by Plagueling venom, Talon was insistent that Janzo would find a cure, despite it being a feasible effort. When he was attacked in the water by a Terrpock she dove in and saved his life. Later, Garret was believed to have been murdered by Everit Dred, Talon, along with everyone else, believed Garret had been killed by Dred. When she learned Garret was alive she was thrilled and hugged him, but he had been conditioned by the Prime Order to hate her which resulted in him stabbing her.

OUT311 1124.jpg

She eventually forgave him when he was no longer conditioned and even helped him to seek his revenge on the Prime Order. They fought together against the Prime Order but were overwhelmed so she summoned the Blackbloods and Lu-Qiri through the portal to help them. The Blackbloods took control of Gallwood and Talon seemingly sided with her people which hurt Garret's feelings along with Janzo and Gwynn. Talon summoned Yavalla through the portal to save his life, as he had tried to escape Gallwood alongside Tobin and Gwynn. She admitted that she was pretending to be on Zed's side since Zed was the only thing keeping Gwynn alive. He realized he was wrong and understood her reasons. They shared a kiss before he had to leave. Later on, when Garret has been sentence to death, she and Janzo help fake his death. When they were able to bring him back from his death-like state, Talon and Garret share a passionate night together. After The Hive outbreak happens, Garret reveals himself to be alive. When Talon is chosen to be in command of the Outpost she chooses him to be her second in command for the humans. They, later on, become a couple. Talon's tendency to leave Gallwood for a mission led to a sense of loneliness in Garret. However, before leaving off to another mission Garret proposes to her. At first she is reluctant to answer, but coming back from her mission with Aster, made her finally say yes. A month after the final defeat of The Seven they get married with their High Priestess friend Wren officiating the ceremony, and Zed crowning Talon as Queen.

The Smith

OUT105 0018.JPG

Talon viewed the Smith as a mentor and friend. He helped her navigate the Lu-Qiri and discover the ways of her people. Though his riddles and meticulous ways agitated her, she developed an interesting relationship with him. Upon learning of The Smith's role in the slaughter of her people, she felt betrayed and enraged by the part he played in the slaughter of her village. She found him mortally injured and came to terms with his involvement. He admitted his guilt and apologized for his past transgressions. The Smith told her that she was the only good thing he did in his life. He gifted her with a sword engraved with the Blackblood prophecy, and died in her arms. Talon then took it upon herself to bury him. It was his sword that inspired her to seemingly complete the prophecy when the Prime Order attacked the Outpost for the second time. Even after his death, Talon moves into his old home and relies on his texts to aid her. The relationship she held with him is relfected in her relationship with her own protégé, Luna. She often reminisces over the time she spent with The Smith. After Talon helped Luna hone her Dragman skills, the cycle of mentorship had been completed.


209 SC8.png

Talon first met Zed when she freed him and his Lu-Qiri from the Plane of Ashes. They had a mutual hatred for the Blackfist warrior Rebb, and formed an alliance despite their distrust of one another. They bonded over their heritage, as Zed was the first Blackblood that communicated with since she was a child. They often argued over Talon's hesitation to release the Blackbloods from the Plane of Ashes. As their relationship grew, they became friends with Zed winning her trust and she became committed to helping him free their people. One night, while they were stopped for a rest, they were watching the stars when the discussion turned intimate and slept together. Zed later betrayed Talon by lying about the power of his kinj. He even tried to manipulate her mind using the kinj, though she was immune as she possessed a kinj too. She defeated him in battle and send him back to the Plane of Ashes, but was forced to summon him and the Blackbloods to help her defeat the Prime Order. He betrayed Talon again when he took control of the Outpost along with his fellow Blackbloods, Blackfist, and Lu-Qiri. As she pretended to be on his side, she learned more about their culture and his past, which allowed her to see the good that was still in him. During The Hive outbreak, Talon chose to have Zed as her advisor for the Blackblood residents. While the two may not see eye to eye, he respects her and follows her orders, even if he disagrees with them. Their desire to protect one another outweighs the grievances they've held in the past. They also work together to secure a better future between their people and the humans, as there are only a handful of their people left. Now with the rising threat of The Seven, their wits and powers test their friendship to the limits. When Garret and Talon were married, Zed was the one of the groom's men and the one to crown Talon. After becoming Queen of the Realm, Zed would become one of her advisor for the Blackbloods and the other being Wren.

Sai-vek Redwan

Sai-vek was Talon's father. She has very few memories of her father and sketched a vague drawing of him as a child. Later on in her life, she developed a hatred for him. Her anger stemmed from her believing that her father chose to leave them as she didn't know he left to protect their village. When she learns he might be alive in the Plane of Ashes, she is eager to see her father for the first time in several years. Though their time together was brief before he had actually died, she was able to see that he had cared for her all his life and had loved her. In the end they both wished they had more time together. After he died, she collected his ashes and gave him a blackblood funeral, spreading his ashes into the river.


These two Blackblood women have a sisterly friendship. Just as Talon is like towards Janzo, Talon is the same with Wren during The Hive outbreak. Talon is protective of Wren because of Wren's unique mind and because she is dating Janzo (who Talon believes the two are perfect for each other). Wren would often give Talon explanations on what Janzo was trying to say and even some knowledge about their work together. Now that Wren is High Priestess and a soon to be mother, it is Talon's turn to give advice and help Wren through these difficult changes. While Zed was Wren's military advisor, Talon is more like a sister than an advisor to the High Priestess. This still doesn't change the fact that Wren would often let Talon know about her current scientific problems, or how these are with Janzo. A month after the final defeat of The Seven, Wren would officiate the wedding between Garret and Talon. Afterwards Wren would come to consult her Queen with regards to their people matters other than military.


The relationship between these two ladies is an unusual one. Originally Luna was under the assumption that Talon had killed her little sister. She found her way to The Outpost and tried to kill Talon twice. On the second attempt Talon over powered her and she found out the truth about what really happened to her sister. Talon and Ilyin were actually friends, and that a different Blackblood named Rebb had killed Ilyin. Talon then explains that she killed Rebb for her own reasons. Luna then feels like she owes a debt to Talon for avenging her sister. She tries to repay that debt by trying to assassinate the newly crowned Falista Relman only to fail at this too. Afterwards she goes backs to Talon's Place to recover. Ever since then Talon has been acting like a mentor to her, in the same sense that The Smith was towards Talon. With the awakening of The Seven, the two ladies are often seen together on missions trying to defeat them. After one mission in particular Luna discovered her Dragman powers, and Talon helped her hone them better, completing the cycle of mentorship of The Smith's and Talon. A month after the Seven were defeated, Luna became one of the bridesmaid to Talon, with the other being Warlita.


Talon: Yavalla's promise, what we've all said we wanted was for humans and Blackbloods to live and work in harmony. Is that right? So then why don't we just do it? We don't need Yavalla. Humans and Blackbloods, of all the times, now is the time to come together. We'll find a way to stop Yavalla from turning us all into her puppets!
--' Talon to the Outpost in Under Yavalla's Control


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Notes and Trivia

  • Talon was around the age of ten when her family was murdered and she cut off the points of her ears.
  • She is a skilled tracker of all species, including Lu-Qiri.
  • Talon can differentiate which humans are infected by The Hive and which ones aren't.
  • She has been the master of two Lu-Qiri; Baphnoro and Xaba. Baphnoro was tame after much trial and error, and only after she was able to complete her quest of vengeance. She mastered Xaba using kindness, a trait the creature had never experienced from a master before.
    • She is also the only Blackblood to have ever mastered more than one Lu-Qiri.
  • Talon is a skilled artist, but has only been seen sketching a couple of times in the series; One Is The Loneliest Number, The Hardest Part of Being Queen, A Throne of Your Own, Nothing Lasts Forever.
  • Talon has been elected to be ruler twice in Season 3. Both times she (initially) was unwilling to be a ruler, but she eventually gives in. However the second time, Falista chose to take up the crown instead, and Talon chose to to get in her way.
    • With the death of both Falista and her husband Talon take up the crown a month after the final defeat of The Seven.
    • Talon is also the first Blackblood to be the ruler of the entire Realm, and the second Queen to have a kinj.
  • Talon has lost more family members than any other character in the series. Her biological parents and brother, as well as, her adoptive parents, adoptive brother and adoptive sisters.
  • According to Aster, Talon has been named after many past members of her family, as Tallya is Yindrian for Talon.