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Something to Live For is the tenth episode of the fourth season of The CW's The Outpost. It aired on September 16, 2021.


A GAME OF CAT AND MOUSE -- Talon and Luna return to a familiar tomb. Janzo and Wren find themselves in a precarious position. Meanwhile, Zed, Munt, and Nedra must play a deadly game against the gods.



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  • This episode's title is a line said by Nedra while talking to Zed about reuniting at Gallwood.
  • Nedra sacrifices herself after taking Zed's kinj from Munt, as she refuses to return it to Zed as she believes she can escape faster due to his injured leg. She is ultimately killed by Tera.
  • Similar to what was attempted against Yavalla in the Season 2 episode "From Paradise to Hell and Back", Zed attempts to destroy the body of Gulu using fire. However, Janya's vast resurrection powers were able to restore Golu's body so he could be reunited with his kinj.
  • This episode features the most transferring of a kinj into a new host. Zed first gives it to Munt, who then gives it to Nedra. Then after her death the kinj returns back to its original host Golu.