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Rosmund was not just our Queen. She sacrificed everything to save the realm from tyranny. Without Rosmund, who will stand up for those who suffer? For those who are oppressed? Who will treat every subject in the realm with dignity and respect and fairness? Who will unite humans and Blackbloods under one banner...and usher in a new era of peace and prosperity?
Garret gives a eulogy for Gwynn

Someone Has to Rule is the first episode of the fourth season of The CW's The Outpost. It aired on July 15, 2021.


WHO WILL RULE? - Garret wants Talon to take the throne, while a mysterious assassin seeks revenge. Falista mourns for Tobin but hatches a new plan. Zed wants Wren to be High Priestess and uncovers a secret about her.


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Tiana Upcheva as Warlita
  • Nikki Leigh Scott as Vorta
  • Jelena Stupljanin as Two
  • Eilian Wyn-Jones as Three
  • Maja Petrovic as Falista's Bodyguard
  • Nikola Ivackov as Covenant Soldier
  • Milos Vojnovic as Tera





  • A memorial service is held for Queen Rosmund, with Tobin's Aegisford customs keeping his memorial from taking place the same day.
  • Falista lays a claim to the throne as the sole royal heir. Because of her closer relation to the throne then previously thought, her claim is even more legitimate. She ultimately becomes Queen with Tobin as her King.
  • Chemek is a new Blackblood introduced as an Octor player.
  • Luna and Talon are trained in Grinjorian.
  • Ilyin is mentioned. She was a Dragman who was killed by Rebb in Season 2.
  • The Three are reunited after Falista agrees to join their council.
  • Wren is revealed to be pregnant with Janzo's child. The points of a female Blackbloods ears turn white when she is expecting.
  • When Talon uses the Asterkinj she is given a vision by Vorta. She claims that she can hear "the betrayer" and that she will "pay for her betrayal".
  • The kinj-bearers each receive a vision from the awakened Vorta, with the exception of Zed who doesn't use his kinj this episode.
    • Falista also receives a vision when she uses her kinj. Vorta calls Falista by the name Kultor, noting that she can see Kultor. She wants Falista to "come and take your place with us".
    • Two receives a vision while using her kinj to absorb the life force of twenty men. Vorta states, "I see you, Janya. It is your time now. You know what you must do."
    • Though not seen on camera, Three mentions that he also had a message from Vorta.
  • Someone Has to Rule is the second episode in which Tobin Aegisford is resurrected by Two.