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Skevikor is a location beneath Gallwood Outpost and hidden within the Yindrian Labyrinth. It served as the main hosting location of the Kahvi population for thousands of years. Skevikor itself became known in the Blackblood lore as "the end of the world", a phrase that forewarned of the great power The Seven would have at their disposal if Skevikor was activated. The phrase, however, was not an instantaneous event, but a potential outcome of The Seven's plan to consume worlds in an attempt to retain immortality.

Skevikor was ultimately unlocked by Marvyn of the Kahvi in a desperate attempt to save his lokma. His actions jeopardized the lives of the Kahvi population who weren't meant to be awakened without both their Naviaspore and Janya's healing effects. With the combined efforts of The Coalition, the race was saved and the Skevikor cocoons were safely emptied. Skevikor also doubles as a historical library of sorts for the Blackblood, Kahvi, and Seven. Many runic tablets and pictographs cover the walls of Skevikor as a way of preserving the histories of their people.


Upon entering the Yindrian Labyrinth, one is presented with several doors that led to different locations. One led to a series of tests that must be completed to receive the Vortakinj from a snake. Another door, which is only accessible once the tests are safely completed, leads to hallways. If followed, the hallway leads to a chamber behind a large door. The entryway is dim but small, as the Skevikor altar sits in the middle of a large circular balcony with five overlooking arches.

A lever is located near the balcony. Once pulled, it triggered a response that made the slates on the walls flip over to reveal the pictograms beneath. The lever in question also "lit-up" the Kahvi pods and made the chamber beyond the entryway visible.


Season 4

Queen Falista instructed the scholar Janzo and the high priestess Wren to unlock the definition of Skevikor. Subsequently, the duo scoured through ancient texts. One of which was a book that once belonged to Yavalla, the former high priestess. Janzo and Garret were unable to read the texts as the pages appeared blank to them. Wren translated what she saw and they uncovered that only a Blackblood high priestess could read the words of wisdom. Both Janzo and Wren recognize the symbols from their time in the Yindrian Labyrinth. They visited the entrance and collected the four keys that were scattered across the floor. Wren took the hourglass and the broken stone while Janzo took death and the hero Belator. They went in the order of the symbols from the book: hourglass, death, stone, and Belator. This triggered a new door to open and a giant gust of wind to fill the room. The gust was strong enough to throw Janzo backward and break his nose. The fire pit which held the sacrifice lock slid forward, revealing a small entrance in the floor.

They used the ladder to travel downward, where they each remarked on the beautiful craftsmanship of the walls, though they couldn't determine if the material was made of stone or something else entirely. They continued straight where they found a large room in the shape of a circle. An altar rested in the center with the symbol of The Seven carved into it. They discovered an even larger chamber beyond the arches. Janzo dropped his torch and listened for the echo that came. He deduced they were on the edge of an abyss. On the altar itself, are seven spaced-out round structures with a handprint design atop each one. Each structure also had a different symbol carved in the handprint to represent the seven kinjes from the symbol of The Seven. Janzo noted the center of the altar held again, the symbol of the seven gods, but also a large hole rested in the center. He deduced there was a mechanical component that was activated by the use of a key, though the key isn't in the chamber. Wren wondered if this is what the God who spoke to Falista meant by, "unlock the Skevikor", with Skevikor not being an event but a thing. The chamber was discovered by Falista's henchwoman and she relayed to Falista and Tobin, who came at once to investigate for themselves.

Janzo returned the next day to continue his quest for answers, but was joined by Luna. He located a lever, which Luna promptly pulled, that triggered a series of tiles to turn over and reveal pictograms. Beyond the entrance chamber laid another chamber that he and Wren had previously thought to be an abyss. Instead, it held thousands of hexagonal-shaped doors. Janzo and Wren opened one of the doors to find a cocoon that housed a creature named 313, who previously worshiped the masters. Janzo and Wren frequented the Skevikor room in an attempt to learn more about where the so-called Gods came from. Luna recognized the pictogram for the key from her time at the Dragman sanctuary. Meanwhile, Marvyn sought to unlock Skevikor to save his lokma who was still slumbering.

The Altar

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The Skevikor altar sits in the center of the entry chamber. It features a large round altar with seven interconnected circular devices attached to the altar itself. Each of the circular devices has the outline of a palm with a symbol carved into it. The symbols correlate with each of the seven original Kinjes and their originators. Running from the circular devices are tubes meant to transfer the power of The Seven into the altar, allowing the device to be activated.

In the center of the altar is a hole just large enough for a key, that must be turned in a specific sequence to unlock the Kahvi pods. Unlocking the pods does not instantly reanimate the Kahvi, as they must be healed with the Janyakinj. The tubes in the altar connect to every Kahvi pod, feeding The Seven's powers directly to the creatures. When The Seven each placed their hands on their designated device, their bodies went rigid and white smoke erupted from the center of the Skevikor altar. Vorta gave Janya the command to release her contained essence through the tubes and into the Kahvi. Only then did Vorta begin to send the Naviaspore to the now healed Kahvi, though her process was interrupted before completion.

The Key

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The Skevikor Key is a device that activates the Skevikor altar and allows for the Kahvi's pods to be unlocked. The method is functional in triggering the domino effect that is the Kahvi pods, though the key alone cannot revive or reanimate the species. The key was separated from Skevikor long ago as a means to deter those who wished to unlock Skevikor. The key was entrusted to the Dragman sanctuary, as it was one of few objects that spoke to the gifted collective.

The Dragman's guarded the key until it was stolen in a raid orchestrated by Everit Dred and the Prime Order. Dred then hid in the key in his vault alongside other ancient artifacts. It was later retrieved by Talon, Luna, Tobin Aegisford, and Naya. The key was entrusted to the scholars Janzo and high priestess Wren, who tried many variations of destroying the key to no avail. They also understood that the destruction of the key was linked to the destruction of the Kahvi.

After the key spoke to Luna and was inexplicably linked to her well-being, Marshal Garret Spears allowed the key to remain in tact. They key "spoke" the names of The Seven to Luna in the same pattern. The key was later stolen and used by Marvyn, who sought to be reunited with his son. Marvyn used the key and the unlocking sequence that Janzo unknowingly gave him, to trigger the unlocking of the Kahvi pods.

Unlocking Sequence

Distribution of Naviaspore

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The altar connects to the Kahvi pods through tubes that are designed in such a way that they attach to the base of the Kahvi's necks inside their pods. These tubes are the means of distribution for the Naviaspore, small gold kinjes that strip the Kahvi of free-will, turning them into slaves for The Seven. If all had gone to plan, The Seven would have used their powers to fuel Skevikor, Janya would have healed the cocooned Kahvi, and then Vorta would send the hibernating Naviaspore from her arm into the altar. The altar would then distribute the thousands of kinjes through the tubes and into the Kahvi's pods, which would then enter their brains and connect them to The Hive. The process of delivering the Naviaspore was interrupted by Talon, Garret Spears, and Zed, as a way to save the Kahvi from their enslavement. The gold kinjes that were sent through the tubes were expelled.

Kahvi Pods

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The most remarkable aspect of Skevikor is its ability to host an entire population of supernatural beings. These beings are called the Kahvi, and rested peacefully in cocoons made of wood and otherworldly materials. They were kept remarkably well-preserved in that they didn't age, show any sign of physical decay, nor did they seem to even feel the lapse of time. They stayed in this perfectly spaced hexagonal beds for thousands of years. The tubes from the Skevikor altar connected to the pods and may have fueled their ability to stay alive. In fact, the Kahvi might have been dead while their bodies were merely preserved, as Janya's kinj fed them life. The full extent of the Kahvi's hibernation and preservation is unknown, as is the method in which this was achieved.


The pictograms are revealed

Another aspect of Skevikor that is separate from the altar and Kahvi, is the recording of The Seven's many travels and worldly escapades. They documented everything and every place they traveled using pictograms hidden behind tablets. These tablets presented as a black slates but were made visible by pulling a lever. The lever triggered a response that made the slate flip over to reveal the pictograms beneath. They were discovered on accident by Luna. The lever in question also "lit-up" the Kahvi pods and made the chamber beyond the entryway visible.


Notes and Trivia

  • After the Kahvi were awaken and The Seven were killed, the Skevikor was all but abandoned as there was no other use for it.