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The Three are no more. One was killed before your eyes by our very own Talon, and Three ran away to hide like the coward he is. The so-called gods that you worshiped are finished. Only I remain, the rightful ruler of this realm.
Rosmund to Covenant Guards

She Is Not A God is the ninth episode of the third season of The CW's The Outpost. It aired on December 6, 2020.


IMOGEN WATERHOUSE DIRECTS - Tobin's secret is revealed to Gwynn. Talon learns of a long-lost deadly power. Meanwhile, two groups hunt for Yavalla - one group in hopes to find a cure and the other trying to kill.[1]


Main Cast


  • Dragan Micanovic as Captain Orlick
  • Jelena Stupljanic as Two
  • Igor Pavlovic as Postmaster
  • Danijel Kovacevic as Villager


  • She Is Not a God is the first episode to feature a cast member directing. In this case, Imogen Waterhouse.
  • This episode's title is a line said by Rosmund to a group of covenant soldiers.
  • Gwynn learns about Tobin's marriage to Falista.
  • Gwynn resumes her place on the throne and the leader of Gallwood Outpost.
  • Tobin and Falista leave Gallwood Outpost with their army.
  • Wren and Janzo find a cure for the kinjes, sap from the Ficter's bush that has been extinct for hundreds of years. The cure works on the orange kinjes, so they travel to Yavalla in the hopes it will work on the Vortakinj.
  • Two reveals to Talon that there is a seventh kinj in the Plane of Ashes; a Terakinj that is noted as being the death kinj.
  • Gwynn and Tobin have shared memories from their time with Yavalla, memories that aren't their own but rather from other members of the Hive.
  • Falista mentions that General Rolshaad won the battle of Kolny with only one-hundred men.