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Season 4 of The Outpost was announced on September 18, 2020, by Dean Devlin.[1] It started airing on July 15th, 2021. On October 7, 2020, Deadline confirmed that The CW had ordered 13 additional episodes for The Outpost, while production listed it as a Season 4 renewal.[2] On September 15, 2021, The CW announced that Season 4 was the final season.


After Gwynn sacrificed herself to destroy Yavalla, the Outpost needs a new ruler. But while Talon and Garret try to establish new leadership, a sinister threat awakens, revealing the true origin of the mysterious kinjes. Talon and her kinj-bearing friends all share dark visions from god-like beings who are hell-bent on reclaiming the kinjes for themselves. A would-be assassin named Luna hunts Talon down to get vengeance for crimes of the past, but soon discovers that her own heritage is wrapped up in Talon’s fate.

Mourning the recent loss of her beloved Tobin, Falista is mentored by Two to dedicate herself to the new "gods" in exchange for a costly favor. But when the Lu-Qiri go missing, Talon and Zed track them down to discover the greatest threat the Realm has ever faced… a new race of beings that will ultimately explain Talon's own dark origins.

When Janzo and Wren are forced to unlock an ancient city beneath the Outpost, they struggle to uncover who their real allies and enemies will be, while a secret they share gives them new motivation to save the world.

As she and her friends are hunted down one by one, while diabolic forces are tearing her world apart, Talon endures the darkest challenge she has ever faced, as she struggles to embrace the heroes of her past and somehow survive the villains that only she has the power to destroy.



# Image Title First aired
1 OUT3B01 0035.jpg Someone Has to Rule July 15, 2021
WHO WILL RULE? -- Garret wants Talon to take the throne, while a mysterious assassin seeks revenge. Falista mourns for Tobin but hatches a new plan. Zed wants Wren to be High Priestess and uncovers a secret about her.
2 OUT3B02 0012.jpg A Throne of Your Own July 22, 2021
WHAT IS YET TO COME -- Garret attacks a new queen and strange visions reveal a new threat. Talon and Zed devise a plan to save the Blackbloods. Janzo discovers Wren's secret. Meanwhile, Tobin tries to stay loyal and Luna attempts another assassination.
3 OUT3B03 0024.jpg The Gods Thank You July 29, 2021
A GIFT FROM THE GODS -- Garret is set free but must serve a new ruler. Talon and Zed return to save the Blackbloods but discover a tragedy. Falista tries to make peace.
4 OUT3B04 0018.jpg Going to Meet the Gods August 5, 2021
TURN -- Garret leads a rebellion. Talon and Zed track a Lu-Qiri to find a new enemy. Falista recruits Wren and Janzo to serve a specific purpose. Luna faces her greatest challenge yet.
5 OUT3B05 0015.jpg They Bleed Black Blood August 12, 2021
RESIST -- Talon and Luna fight to save Zed from unearthly powers. Garret pressures Tobin to betray Falista. Wren and Janzo explore mysteries beneath the Outpost. Meanwhile, the kinjes are summoned to the Capital.
6 OUT3B06 0027 f.jpg All We Do Is Say Goodbye August 19, 2021
WHAT LIES BENEATH - Garret and Luna set out on a rescue mission. Meanwhile, Tobin proves his loyalty and Wren and Janzo discover what lies beneath the Outpost. A quest begins to uncover Luna's past.
7 OUT3B07 0005.jpg The Power of the Masters August 26, 2021
MEETING OF THE GODS -- Talon and Luna recruit an old friend to help them find an ancient key. Tobin and Falista have an extraordinary meeting. Wren and Janzo unleash a menace causing Garret and Zed to go on a hunt.
8 OUT3B08 0040 f.jpg The Pleasing Voice of the Masters September 2, 2021
BEST LAID PLANS - Talon and Luna fight against the gods but not all goes as planned. Janzo is reunited with someone from his past. Meanwhile, Garret and Janzo feud over the fate of a prisoner. Lastly, Tobin fights to save Talon.
9 OUT3B09 0001 f.jpg The Price of Immortality September 9, 2021
SEARCH AND DESTROY - Talon and Zed see ominous visions beneath the Outpost. Garret tests his relationship with Talon. Janzo solves the riddle of an old relic.
10 OUT3B10 0024 f.jpg Something to Live For September 16, 2021
A GAME OF CAT AND MOUSE -- Talon and Luna return to a familiar tomb. Janzo and Wren find themselves in a precarious position. Meanwhile, Zed, Munt, and Nedra must play a deadly game against the gods.
11 OUT3B11 0029 f.jpg Guardian of the Asterkinj
JAKE STORMOEN DIRECTS - Talon and Luna must make a very difficult choice. Meanwhile, Zed returns to the Outpost with a heavy burden.
12 OUT3B12 0019 f.jpg The Betrayer
TRUST - Talon and Luna return to the Outpost with a dubious ally. Garret and Zed attempt to a descent on the Outpost. Meanwhile, Janzo and Wren devise a plan to save the Kahvi and Talon learns about Aster's true plan.
13 OUT3B13 0043 f.jpg Nothing Lasts Forever
FINALE - Talon and her friends battle against the gods; Janzo, Wren, and Munt fight to save the Kahvi; and a ruler is crowned.

Notes and Trivia

  • Rumors of a potential Season 4 circulated in September of 2020, with Dean Devlin and Jake Stormoen seemingly confirming them on two separate occasions.[4]
  • Dean Devlin confirmed that there are 13 episodes in the season.[2]
  • Whether or not the additional thirteen-episode order was an extension of Season 3 or a new season raised confusion amongst fans, as The CW refrained from calling the additional episodes a new season. However, Dean Devlin confirmed in two separate tweets that they were treating the episodes as a Season 4.[5][6]
  • While on set filming, Jake Stormoen met a stray dog that was roaming the set. The one dog turned out to belong to a litter of strays puppies, who had taken housing in the sets. Jake kept one of the puppies as his own, while Jessica Green fostered two additional puppies.
  • This is the only season not to feature Imogen Waterhouse as Gwynn Calkussar/Queen Rosmund, following her character's death in the Season 3 finale, "Violence is Futile".
    • However, Imogen herself directed two episodes of the season.
  • On February 27, 2021, Jake Stormoen confirmed via Instagram that training and script reviews for episodes 12 and 13 had begun.
  • Jake Stormoen makes his directorial debut this season with episode eleven,"Guardian of the Asterkinj".
  • Draško Andjić portrays a new male Blackblood.[7]
  • Maeve Courtier-Lilly portrays a new character, an assassin named Luna attempting to kill Talon for past crimes while also discovering how her own fate ties with Talon.[8]
  • Filming for the season officially wrapped on March 27, 2021. The cast and crew celebrated with their signature firework show in the center of the Gallwood Outpost set.
  • The Outpost Season 4 returns on July 15, 2021 as a Summer series. It joins The CW's supersized Summer programming.
  • Season 4 was paired with The CW's hit series, Walker, and aired its season premiere following an original episode of Walker.
  • Two new species of creatures were explored in this season, the Gods and their slaves the Kahvi.




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