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Season 3 of The Outpost was announced on October 15, 2019. It was initially set to premiere in the Summer of 2020.[2] However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, production for Season 3 was forced to stop after only completing the first five episodes.[3] In May 2020, production was able to resume and allow for a Fall 2020 premiere slot.[4]

Season 3 premiered on Thursday, October 8, 2020.[5] It then shifted from Thursdays to Sundays starting with the seventh episode in the season, "Go Ahead and Run".[6]


In season three of THE OUTPOST, Talon (Jessica Green) finds herself betrayed by her own kind, after summoning Zed (Reece Ritchie) and his Blackblood comrades to save the Outpost. She struggles to reconcile her human friends and her Blackblood heritage. With the demonic Lu-Qiri providing the muscle to enforce Zed’s master plan, the Outpost’s human inhabitants are enslaved as miners in search of a mysterious substance to solve a dark riddle. From her bedroom under house arrest, Gwynn (Imogen Waterhouse) plots her escape and the overthrow of her new foes. To save her beloved Garret (Jake Stormoen), Talon is forced to summon a Blackblood Priestess named Yavalla (Jaye Griffiths) into the world. Yavalla prophesies of a paradise for Blackbloods, and an era of peace for the world, but she soon discovers a power that threatens every living creature. As Gwynn and Tobin (Aaron Fontaine) become Yavalla’s unwilling allies, Talon and her friends must fight, suffer, and sacrifice their way to save each other and vanquish their new enemies. As Talon discovers more about her lost family from Yavalla, she must piece together the truths from the lies, and solve the mystery of her heritage and a forgotten power, before the world becomes enslaved to a new power that could consume every living being.


  • Tijuana Upcev as Warlita (8/13)
  • Predrag Bjelac as Yobhan (2/13)
  • Dragan Micanovic as Captain Orlick (5/13)
  • Jelena Stupljanin as Two (4/13)

  • Patrick Lyster as Weldon Calkussar (2/13)
  • James Downie as Sammy (3/13)
  • Glynis Barber as Gertrusha (1/13)
  • Sam Callis as Jaaris (2/13)
  • Eilian Wyn-Jones as Three (2/13)
  • Richard Lintern as Sai-vek Redwan (2/13)
  • Ross Ritchie as Corven

  • Episodes

    # Image Title First aired
    1 OUT301 0282.jpg For the Sins Of Your Ancestors October 8, 2020
    SEASON THREE PREMIERE - Zed forces humans to work a mining camp as Talon struggles to keep peace. A sassy genius invades Janzo's lab. A dark Priestess unites the Blackbloods.
    2 OUT302 0661.jpg The Peace You Promised October 15, 2020
    WHAT'S IN THE BOX? - Wren and Janzo solve a mysterious puzzle box. Meanwhile, Tobin and Munt escape to recruit help. Lastly, Talon learns a secret about who abandoned her.
    3 OUT303 1366.jpg A Life for a Life October 22, 2020
    LIFE OR DEATH – Talon, Wren, Janzo and Yavalla fight to survive as they search a labyrinth for an ancient relic. Gwynn and Zed fight for control of the Outpost.
    4 OUT304 2201.jpg The Key to Paradise October 29, 2020
    CHOICES - As Talon presses for answers, Yavalla recruits Gwynn for her cause. Reunited with a past love, Tobin faces a difficult choice. Lastly, Zed's loyalty is tested.
    5 OUT305 2229.jpg Under Yavalla's Control November 5, 2020
    A THREAT TO THE MISSION - Tobin returns to the Outpost with an army - and a secret. Talon presses for answers and a fight in the Throne Room ends in death, imprisonment, and a new commander of the Outpost.
    6 OUT306 4883.jpg Kill the Rat, Kill the Kinj November 12, 2020
    LET ME LEAD - Talon sets up a sanctuary for the infected while Janzo and Wren conduct research to find a cure. Garret investigates a cult using human sacrifices.
    7 OUT307 8648.jpg Go Ahead and Run November 22, 2020
    YOU’VE BEEN WARNED – Yavalla, Gwynn, and Tobin overtake the Capital with Talon, Garret, and Zed hot on their heels. Meanwhile, the Outpost becomes a new home for a Prime Order brute.
    8 OUT308 9962.jpg Dying Is Painful November 29, 2020
    YOU'VE BEEN WARNED -- Talon deals with difficult emotions as death seems to be the only answer to save her friends. The Outpost becomes a fighting arena as an old enemy releases a dark power into unsuspecting hands.
    9 OUT309 9527.jpg She Is Not a God December 6, 2020
    IMOGEN WATERHOUSE DIRECTS - Tobin's secret is revealed to Gwynn. Talon learns of a long-lost deadly power. Meanwhile, two groups hunt for Yavalla - one group in hopes to find a cure and the other trying to kill.
    10 OUT310 2496.jpg From Paradise to Hell and Back December 13, 2020
    UNITY – Yavalla's strength is tested as Wren, her own daughter, confronts her as Janzo, Talon and Zed attempt an assassination. Meanwhile, Tobin's loyalty is questioned.
    11 OUT311 2644.jpg The Hardest Part of Being Queen December 20, 2020
    PATIENCE – Falista’s anger is unleashed as she and Gwynn come to terms over Tobin. Meanwhile, Janzo exposes a phony cure scheme. Lastly, Talon seeks answers about her father.
    12 OUT312 4262.jpg Where Death Lives December 27, 2020
    IT HAS BEGUN - Talon and Zed learn painful truths about their relatives. Tobin makes a heroic rescue and Yavalla's horde grows as the Outpost prepares for battle.
    13 OUT313 0847.jpg Violence is Futile January 3, 2021
    IT HAS BEGUN – The Outpost becomes overrun and Talon and Zed return with an unexpected ally. Facing total defeat, a sacrifice is seen as the only hope.

    Notes and Trivia

    • Season renewal was announced at Mipcom.
    • This is the first season not to star either Robyn Malcolm (The Mistress) or Andrew Howard (Marshal Wythers.
    • Season 3 has the biggest main cast to date with ten main cast members. The season introduces newcomers Georgia May Foote, Izuka Hoyle, Jaye Griffiths, and the upping of Adam Johnson from recurring cast member to main cast member.
    • Dean Devlin announced on November 6, 2019, that Electric Entertainment closed a $60 million syndicated corporate credit facility, which would help finance the upcoming Season 3 of The CW’s fantasy adventure series, The Outpost.
    • The cast and crew arrived in Serbia for pre-production on January 20, 2020.[8]
      • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, production for Season 3 was forced to stop around March 18, 2020. The cast and crew had completed the first five episodes and were in the middle of episodes six and seven.[3] It was unknown when filming would resume, as all cast and crew members flew back to their home countries.[9]
      • On June 8, 2020, it was reported production was set to resume filming for the third season in Serbia on June 12, 2020. [10]
    • On March 31, 2020, The CW released their Summer 2020 premiere schedule. The Outpost was not included in the schedule.[11]
    • On May 14, 2020, The CW released their Fall 2020 premiere schedule. The Outpost would air on Thursday's from 9-10 PM EST.
    • On May 18, 2020, The CW released a complete schedule for Fall 2020 and their 2021 first quarter slate. The Outpost would still air in the Fall on Thursday's from 9-10 PM EST. The official synopsis of the season was released.
    • Dean Devlin made an official announcement that The Outpost Season 3 had resumed filming in Serbia. They would finish filming in time for their Fall 2020 premiere slot. Every cast and crew member must undergo regulated medical testing daily or weekly that is overseen by Dr. Branka Matijasevic.[4]
      • Filming for the season wrapped in mid-August of 2020.
    • Season 3 airs on Thursday's at 9 pm, following Supernatural.[12]
    • Season 3 features the deaths of three main characters - the most of any previous season. Previously, one main character has died per season - Cornelius Calkussar in Season 1, and Elinor Chadwick in Season 2. While Marshal Wythers was killed in Season 2, his role had digressed to guest star for the season.
    • On March 4, 2021, Season 3 earned the series its second Saturn Award nomination. They were nominated for Best Action/Thriller Television Series.[13]




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