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Season 2 of The CW series, The Outpost aired on July 11th, 2018. It consisted of 13 one-hour episodes.[1]


Having defeated Dred’s army and retaken the Outpost, Talon and Gwynn prepare for an impending war with the Prime Order. Talon and the Dragman delve deeper into the perils of summoning more demons, while Gwynn struggles to recruit loyal allies. The trinity of Prime Order overlords known as “The Three” reveal their mysterious powers as they send spies, assassins, armies, and even a devastating secret weapon to crush the growing rebellion at the Outpost. Talon questions whether she is “The One” of the prophecy as she summons more Lu-Qiri and unwittingly lets other creatures through the portal. When Garret doesn’t return from hunting Dred, a charming rogue Baron quickly pursues Gwynn romantically in exchange for his loyalty, and the use of his army. As Talon uncovers the truth about her past and the legacy of her people, she must decide who to trust and separate her real friends from her enemies before the Prime Order attacks.


  • Amita Suman as Naya (11/13)
  • Reece Ritchie as Zed (8/13)
  • Dragon Micanovic as Captain Orlick (7/13)
  • Glynis Barber as Gertrusha (6/13)
  • Jelena Gavrilovic as Sana (6/13)
  • Andreja Maricic as One (5/13)
  • Jelena Stupljanin as Two (5/13)
  • Eilian Wyn as Three (5/13)
  • Lill Hollunder as Rebb (4/13)
  • Nikola Vujovic as Deputy Marshal (4/13)

  • Andrew Howard as Marshal Wythers (3/13)
  • Jarren Dalmeda as Lord Milus Aegisford (3/13)
  • James Downie as Sammy
  • Elizabeth Birkner as Ilyin/The Dragman (2/13)
  • Mladen Andrejevic as One (2/13)
  • Sonalii Catillo as Essa Khan (1/13)
  • Amy De Bhrúh as Meadhbh (1/13)

  • Episodes

    # Image Title First aired
    1 OUT201 0004b.jpg We Only Kill to Survive July 11, 2019
    SEASON TWO PREMIERE – Talon summons a new threat, recalling the ghosts of her childhood. Meanwhile, while Garret hunts for Dred, Gwynn prepares the Outpost for war. Lastly, a messenger brings devastating news.
    2 OUT202 0003b.jpg This Is One Strange Town July 17, 2019
    DEFIANCE – Talon tries to outmaneuver her new rival while Gwynn struggles to maintain control of the Outpost. A Baron named Tobin marches in and makes an outrageous proposal. The Mistress bitterly reunites with a close relative.
    3 OUT203 0002bc.jpg Not In My Kingdom July 25, 2019
    CHANGES OF THE HEART – Rebb goes behind Talon’s back to offer Gwynn a powerful army. Tobin courts Gwynn but his roguish behavior gets in the way. Naya is tasked with reshaping Janzo so Talon will see him in a new light.
    4 OUT204 0004bc1.jpg Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears August 1, 2019
    THE ENEMY OF MY ENEMY – Gwynn is taken hostage with a ransom only Talon can pay. Talon summons a risky ally to help her finish what she started. Janzo tries out his new image on Talon.
    5 OUT205 0002b.jpg The Blade of The Three August 8, 2019
    ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR PURPOSE? – Marshal Wythers hatches a plan to save Garret before it is too late. Gwynn responds to Tobin’s proposal. Meanwhile, Talon and Zed discover a key to great power. Lastly, Garret heads out on a dark mission.
    6 OUT206 0002b.jpg Because She's Worth It August 15, 2019
    SECRETS AND LIES – Talon and Zed leave on a quest to Talon’s childhood home. Meanwhile, Tobin proves his worth to Gwynn. Janzo experiments with plaguelings and Naya’s Prime Order connections return to haunt her.
    7 OUT207 0003b.jpg Where You Go, People Die August 22, 2019
    COMING TOGETHER – Zed waits for Talon after a mysterious disappearance. Tobin faces his despised cousin while Gwynn makes Tobin an offer he can’t refuse. A surprise visitor to the Outpost interrupts a royal ceremony.
    8 OUT208 0002b.jpg A Crown For The Queen August 29, 2019
    SHOULD HAVE STUCK TO THE PLAN – Talon and Zed pursue a cold-blooded killer in a bold rescue attempt. Gwynn tasks Janzo with finding a cure for the plaguelings, as well as a delusional patient. Gwynn and Garret are reunited.
    9 OUT209 0001bc.jpg There Will Be a Reckoning September 5, 2019
    LAST HOPE FOR VICTORY – As the Outpost is besieged, its most wanted prisoner plans an escape. Talon and Zed unearth an enemy from Talon’s childhood. Milus leaves the Outpost bitterly disappointed.
    10 OUT210 0002bc.jpg The Only Way September 12, 2019
    FACING THE TRUTH – Talon and Zed unlock a power that Talon distrusts. The Mistress plots an unlikely path to victory as a deadly assassin is on the loose at the Outpost. Naya faces her old master, with startling consequences. Lastly, Garret takes on a new objective.
    11 OUT211 0002b.jpg Nothing Short of Heroic September 19, 2019
    BOTH SIDES NOW – Garret runs into Talon, now a Prime Order captive as Gwynn’s lost relation has a claim to the throne. Meanwhile, Janzo becomes desperate to find a plagueling cure. Lastly, a devastating Prime Order weapon is revealed.
    12 OUT212 0005b.jpg In The Worst Corner of My Memory September 26, 2019
    A SENSE OF IDENTITY – Garret faces a bitter enemy while Talon fights off the Prime Order. Naya is imprisoned for her crimes as Janzo continues to come to her defense. The Mistress pieces together some very important pieces of Janzo’s history. Meanwhile, the Prime Order army marches toward the Outpost.
    13 OUT213 0003b.jpg This Is Our Outpost September 26, 2019
    SEASON FINALE – The Prime Order attacks the Outpost. Talon risks everything with a bold plan, as Garret seeks his revenge. Meanwhile, Gwynn has to decide the fate of someone she held near and once trusted.

    Notes and Trivia

    • Season 2 was filmed in Serbia. The cast and crew had to live there for six months while filming.
      • Because of the financial benefits of filming Serbia, the production team was able to "build" an entire village to match that of the exterior shots of Gallwood Outpost. When people would ride into the Outpost they weren't in front of a green screen, but rather in an actual village.
      • The studio sets were larger and more expansive, which is how the series was able to include the Capital.
    • Every Season 2 episode title is a line of dialogue from a character.
    • An exclusive promo was released via Instagram on June 25, 2019. It can be viewed here.
    • An "in Memorium" video for Garret Spears was posted by The Outpost Instagram. It can be viewed here.
    • Medalion Rahimi played Naya in a small role throughout Season 1. However, when the producers decided to make Naya Janzo's long lost twin sister, they recast the role. Amita Suman was cast as she resembled Anand and could pass as his television sister.
    • Season 2 introduced a new opening segment called "Cold Open". It was used to bring viewers up on major plot points that have happened so far in the series. It is narrated by Talon (Jessica Green). Interestingly enough, a "Previously on, The Outpost" paired with an additional recap still plays after the cold opening.
    • Season 2 averaged a 0.13 demographic in ages 18-49, down 7.69% compared to Season 1, and 0.590M viewers, down 6.09% compared to Season 1.[2]
    • Season 2 was released to DVD on September 15, 2020. The DVD includes all thirteen episodes but does not have any additional features.




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