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Sana is a healer whose loyalty lies only to The Three and, by extension, the Prime Order. When Everit Dred apprehends a wounded Garret Spears, Sana uses this opportunity to experiment with her new tactic, negative and positive conditioning. She is eventually able to manipulate him into negating the royal status of Rosmund and becoming loyal to only Sana and The Three. When her plan failed, she became in possession of One's Kinj and lead an attack on Gallwood Outpost.


In "Not In My Kingdom", Sana is the healer who cares for Garret. When he regained consciousness he is confused and asks where he is. She informs him that he is in her care and has been asleep for two weeks. She gives him a liquid that has been helping him heal and puts him to sleep.

Later, Garret awakens and tries to move despite his injuries. He collapses but she guides him back to the bed. He notes that he's lost a lot of blood before but was able to walk after two weeks. Sana tells him that he's never lost that much blood before, and if it weren't for her, he would be dead. The Tormentor arrives with an agenda to kidnap Garret and get him to negate the false Queen. Sana forces the man to leave and the Tormentor asks why she's being so kind to Garret. Sana admits that she isn't any nicer to him than she is to her other patients.

Sana later interrupts the Tormentor when he is abusing Garret. She threatens to tell The Three of what the Tormentor is doing, and he leaves angrily. Sana then takes Garret back to her chambers to care for him.

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Garret and Sana are talking in her chambers and he insists on knowing why she cares so much for him. In hopes of gaining his trust, a reluctant Sana tells Garret that he reminds her of Brion, her husband. He was a diplomat sent by The Three to the East Quarter to inquire about the village that had been sacked and burned. He was brutally killed at the hands of a Blackblood. Garret tries to tell her that there aren't any Blackbloods left, most likely to protect Talon's identity. Sana knows that one remains. According to her, The Three were unaware of Everit Dred’s mission to kill the Blackbloods and would have stopped them in time if they had known. Garret doesn’t believe this or that she could have known that a Blackblood killed her husband. She explains that she witnessed the event and a woman with mud-black hair kill six men and walk away with only a scratch. But the fight was enough for Sana to see her oil-black blood.

The next day, Sana and Garret are walking around the room. She tells him that Gwynn couldn't be Rosmund and that Gwynn is lying. Garret refuses to believe this and tries to convince her that Rosmund is the true Queen. Sana is surprised that he is still loyal to Gwynn after everything that happened. Garret asks her to elaborate, and though reluctant at first, tells him the truth. She disobeyed The Three and sent word to Gwynn under the offering to return Garret to her. Gwynn had simply responded that she already had a new commander. Garret sat on the bed in surprise, clearly trying to process the information. Sana claims to have done it because she cares about him, and Garret says that she doesn't care about him as Rosmund does. But Sana says she does and kisses him.

Sana tries to fend off the Tormentor and his men when they come for Garret but is knocked aside. That night, The Tormentor is apologizing to The Three for going too far in his abuse of Garret, who is on the brink of death. Sana is there and convinces the Three to allow her to continue her method of negative conditioning. Two obliges and resurrects Garret using her green kinj. Three have grown impatient with Sana's methods and warn her that she has five days to prove that her plan is better than their generals. The Tormentor assures them that his wife is competent, and Sana kisses his hand. She promises them that Garret will be loyal to them by the end of the week.

In "Regarding the Matter of Garret Spears", Sana arrives in the dungeons and frees Garret from the cells. She warns the Tormentor that if he came near Garret again she would kill him. Sana then left with an injured Garret.

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Sana returns to her room and interrupts a conversation between Garret and a maid. Garret requests to see the letter that Gwynn sent, despite Sana's objections that nothing good can come from seeing it. He insists so Sana leaves under the guise that she's retrieving the note. In reality, she consults a forger that pieces together the letter using three different dispatches. Sana returns and warns Garret that the message will only cause him pain. He takes the note and reads it aloud, clearly heartbroken to read, "Regarding the matter of Garret Spears, I already have a new base commander. Signed her majesty, Queen Rosmund". Garret woefully admits that he's read hundreds of Gwynn's letters and knows her handwriting better than his own. He confirms that the message must have come from Gwynn. He asks Sana to leave and she obeys.

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That night, Sana wraps Garret's bloodied hands and they talk. Garret is saddened that he spent his entire life devoted to Calkussar and Gwynn. He believes that he was fooled by them. He accepts Sana's offer to move on and be with her instead and they kiss. They prepare to be seen by The Three, and Garret wears Prime Order armor. She reminds him that they have to do this in order to leave together in peace. He tells her that's all he wants now and they kiss. Once in the chambers of The Three, Garret kneels while Sana addresses them. She tells them that Garret was manipulated by a commanding officer and has repented for his crimes against the Three. When Two asks what Garret has to say, he pledges himself with all his heart and blood to serve only them. He swears to never stray from this path again.

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In "The Blade of The Three", Garret and Sana go for a walk around the institute. He admits that he was hoping he would get to see more of The Capital, but she tells him he's still healing. Besides, she wants to be by his side when they walk those streets to find their home. She pushes him against a wall and kisses him which leads to them making out. While kissing her neck he hallucinates Gwynn and proclaims that he’s missed her, which Sana finds silly because she hasn’t left his side. His grip on Sana’s neck is tight but not overbearing. She asks if he’s taken his medication yet and when he says he hasn’t she tells him to take it immediately. He obeys and opens a satchel holding several vials of red liquid. He removes a vial and drinks it under her careful watch. They begin kissing again once he does.

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Later that day, Sana hears Garret calling for the guards and rushes out of a room to meet him. She is confused as to who the man Garret is having arrested is, and Garret tells her that it is his father. He explains that Wythers is as blind as he once was, and asks her if she can fix Wythers as she fixed him. Sana tells him she will try and he kisses her hand. As Wythers is being dragged away, she gives him a coy look and he screams at her asking what she's done to his son.

In "In The Worst Corner of My Memory", Sana escorted One to The Outpost, where they took camp in the woods. She resurrected him only to get his blessing so the Kinj could transfer to her. She emerged from the tent with his kinj and inflicted pain on several guards at once as punishment for failing to protect One.


Sana is a malevolent, dangerous, cunning, and skilled manipulator. Her loyalty to The Three makes her incredibly dangerous. She uses her emotions to manipulate Garret and further her agenda. She pretends to care about his well-being but is only using him in her experiment.

Physical Appearance

Sana is a regal looking woman with sharp facial features, ice-blonde hair that is in ringlets, and light blue eyes. She has a slender physique and is usually seen in white dresses that have green accents. Upon coming into contact with One's Kinj, she painted her face white and wore her hair slicked back. She began wearing a white robe with a red stripe down the center.

Powers and Abilities

212 Red Kinj3.png

This red Kinj allows the host to inflict immense pain on living beings, even to the point of their deaths. One was the original host of the Kinj until his death, when he transferred it to Sana. With the bestowment of the Kinj, Sana became the "New One". She used the Kinj to torture soldiers who didn't obey her orders. She was well adept in the use of the Kinj and was able to inflict pain on large groups of people simultaneously. However, her over-confidence in the effect of the Kinj lead to her death. However, she passed the Kinj onto her handmaid before she died.


Garret Spears

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Garret met Sana when he was kidnapped by the Prime Order and taken to The Capital. He was placed in Sana's care due to his extensive injuries. He was guarded but her kind demeanor and open personality allowed Garret to trust her. She saved him from the Tormentor's wrath and freed him from the prisons. Unbeknownst to him, Sana was working for The Three to turn to Garret against Gwynn and make him a Prime Order soldier. She used their newfound connection to manipulate him into relinquishing Gwynn and her claim to the throne. When he finally fell victim to her manipulation, he only wanted to be with her and wanted to run away with her. He agreed to receive his purpose under the hopes that he and Sana could live away from the Capital if he succeeded.

The Tormentor

The Tormentor was Sana's husband and partner. They worked together to inflict negative and positive conditioning on Garret, with Tormentor beating Garret while Sana mentally manipulated Garret. Sana interrupted one of Tormentor's beating sessions to help Garret recover. Unfortunately, Tormentor went too far in his beatings and accidentally killed Garret. Sana had to beg for The Three's permission to let them continue their plan by bring back Garret back to life. The Tormentor reassured The Three that his wife's plan would work, and she took his hand and kissed it.


Season 2 (6/13)

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