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This article is about the Season 2 character. You may be looking for the real Prince Alton.

Sammy is an imposter who formerly went by the identity of Prince Alton. He arrived at the Outpost looking to reconnect with his long-lost sister, only for them to later discover his true identity as a family friend just looking to survive.


Early Life

Sammy was the chubby son of a maid who was often the brunt of Rosmund and Alton's jokes and teases, though he eventually fell in love with Rosmund - as much as he could for an eight-year-old. When the Prime Order overthrew the royals, they killed all of the servants too including Sammy's mother. They killed his mother in front of him. He wanted to serve Rosmund but instead, decided to travel to Gallwood Outpost and become King.

Adult Life

In "Nothing Short of Heroic", a guard calls to Queen Rosmund telling her they stopped a man at the gate who claims to be of close relation to her. She remarks that she has no close relations and asks what the man’s name is. The guard tells her that the man calls himself Alton, which stops Gwynn in her tracks. She asks to be brought to him immediately and hurries through the square to the guards who have a man between them. The man calls out to her as his sister but the guards restrain him.

Alton asks if she has nothing to say to her long-lost baby brother, but Gwynn states that her brother was executed along with the rest of her family. He claims that isn’t true as he was spirited away like she was and swapped with a court scribe who looked like him. She claims that Calkussar never spoke of him, but he states he was never told of her either as it was probably safer that way. He only heard about her when she sent word to the Cormick’s asking for help against the Prime Order. She thinks he was raised by the Cormicks but he states that isn’t quite true, as he became the scribe he was swapped with. He doesn’t want to go over all the boring details and calls her Rossie. The nickname is familiar to her as that is what Alton used to call her. The boy tells her that he is Alton and the guards allow him to approach but she isn’t sure if she should believe him. She asks him what happens now but he doesn't know, he’s just happy to see her. He asks for a hug calling her his sister, but she moves away from him as it is all overwhelming for her. She walks in a circle around him and he states that he understands and should let it sink in. He just wants a place to sleep and they will become reacquainted. This causes her to stiffen as she refuses to relinquish her throne to a stranger but he claims he just wants to get to know his sister. She doesn’t believe that, because if he is Alton the throne belongs to him. He states he just wants to spend time with her, and she warns him that if he’s lying she will kill him. She gives him one last chance to remove his claim but he doesn’t. She asks him for proof and he shows her a staff that belonged to her father. Alton claims to have taken it when he was spirited away. She is surprised and notes that if he is who he claims to be she won’t forgive herself for being harsh to him but it is a lot to process. He understands and she gives him to her handmaiden who will arrange sleeping quarters.


Sammy is a conniving man with a cruel sense of loyalty. He doesn't have an issue using people's emotions to manipulate them and get his way. He was teased as a child by Rosmund and Alton, which made him seek revenge on Rosmund once she became Queen.

Physical Appearance

Sammy is a tall and thin man with wavy blonde hair and big green eyes. He has prominent and sharp features.



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