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Alright, I'll go first. Since last we spoke I've been living here in this dank cave wondering if my daughter was alive. If she was happy, what she was doing? Does she look like her beautiful mother? That's everything about my life all these years.
Sai-vek to Talon in Violence is Futile

Sai-vek Redwan was the father of Talon and Eremus. He lived peacefully amongst his people and was loved by his wife and children. He later traveled to the Plane of Ashes with a Meld Box after he had acquired the Terakinj in order to protect his family. His wife, who sent him through the portal, told their children that he had died protecting them.


Early Life

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Sai-vek married a Blackblood woman and they had two children together, a daughter named Talon and a son named Eremus. They lived in peace with their colony. Sai-vek possessed a Meld Box that often frightened his daughter, who knew that her fear meant she should stay away from the box. When his daughter was still a child, and his son was yet to be born, the Prime Order began searching the realms for kinjes. He was tasked with finding a captured Dragman, whose hand he clasped upon finding her. She passed on the Terakinj that Sai-vek quickly learned is the death kinj. He knew that it wasn't safe for him to stay in the green world, as his kinj would kill any and every living creature. The thought of hurting his children was unbearable, so he asked his wife to use her Asterkinj to send him to the Plane of Ashes where he would live alone for the rest of his days. She complied and sent Sai-vek, along with the meld box, through the portal. She then told her children that Sai-vek had died protecting his family and was a hero.

When Sai-vek arrived in the Plane of Ashes, he chose to live separately from the rest of the Blackbloods. He lived alone and rarely spoke to anyone. Mainly to protect them and keep guard of the Meld Box. But did come into contact with the high priestess Yavalla during his time there. She wanted the Meld Box that he was guarding but he refused to hand it over to her. Four months prior to Talon's arrival in the Plane, Yavalla ambushed Sai-vek with eight men. She ordered the men to retrieve the box at any cost. He killed five of her men, leaving only her and three others alive. Sai-vek was overwhelmed by the attackers and speared to the ground as a means to stop him from touching them. Yavalla stole the box and left Sai-vek alone, impaled in the ground for the rest of his days.

Later Life

In "The Peace You Promised", Yavalla concocted a believable story to tell Talon regarding her father, in the hopes she would win over Talon's trust. She lied by saying Sai-vek trusted Yavalla, and they had a trusting relationship. Sai-vek contracted a painful disease that was common due to the atmosphere of the plane, but luckily, he died quickly. Before his death, he gave Yavalla the Meld Box he had been protecting as he trusted her with it. He knew the content of the box would be the salvation of their people.

In "The Hardest Part of Being Queen", it is discovered that Yavalla lied to Talon about not only his fate but also how she acquired the Meld Box. According to Wren, Sai-vek guarded the box against Yavalla and eight other Blackbloods she brought with her. Only Yavalla and three others came back with the box. Wren believes that the only way Sai-vek gave up the box was by dying, but Talon believes that he might still be alive. She hopes he can help them locate the Terakinj they need to stop Yavalla once and for all.

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In "Where Death Lives", Talon, Wren, and Zed are led by Corven to the place where Yavalla and her men attacked Sai-vek. The area is riddled with bodies, but one particular body stood out to Wren. She pointed out that it took four men to finally pin him to the ground with their spears. Talon sees his face and recognizes him as her father. Wren comments off-handed how Sai-vek's body isn't showing any sign of decay unlike the other bodies in the cave. Zed, feeling pity for Talon, suggests they remove the spears. When the three of them are about to touch a spear, Sai-vek reveals he is actually alive and warns them to stay away as if they touch him they will die.

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In "Violence is Futile", Sai-vek is first shown in a flashback to four months ago. Yavalla and eight other Blackbloods came to his location. She once again pleaded to hand over the Meld Box, but he refused. He warned them he would kill them if they come near him. She was adamant about obtaining the box, which led to a fight between Yavalla's men and Sai-vek. While he attacked first and easily killed five of the Blackbloods by touching them, he was ultimately incapacitated. The men impaled Sai-vek which ceased him from being able to defend himself. She asked again where the box was and when he refused, she hammered the stakes deeper into his body, as punishment for not handing over the box. Corven spotted the meld box's hiding spot, but Sai-vek warns him against opening it as it only brings death. When Corven opened it, a snake lunged out and bit Corven's hand. He grabbed the box and gave it to Yavalla, though the snake's poison was fast-spreading and caused him to collapse. Sai-vek warned her that the contents are a curse and will bring death to everything - even her. She left with her men except for Corven, whom she leaves behind. Sai-vek attempted to reason with Corven to set him free, but the man refused and left. Sai-vek screamed out in protest for Corven to return as he has to stop Yavalla.

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In the present day, Corven reminds them that Sai-vek is the embodiment of death, to which Sai-vek agrees. He realizes that Corven is one of the men who did this to him. Talon is surprised that Sai-vek is still alive, but he explains that he's cursed to never die. He is surprised by her knowledge about the kinjes, specifically the Terakinj. He doesn't recognize any of them and worries they are with Yavalla and sent to kill him. Talon, Zed, and Wren remove the spears from Sai-vek's body against Corven's advice. Zed explains that they are from the green world and need the Terakinj to stop Yavalla. He refuses to believe that his wife opened the portal to let them through. Talon explains that his wife is dead, but before she died she passed the Asterkinj to her daughter. Sai-vel is relieved that Talon is still alive and asks if they know her. Talon then formally introduces herself to her father and he is overcome with happiness over meeting his now adult daughter. Sai-vek's wounds are healing slowly and could take days for him to heal, which is time that the group doesn't have. Talon explains that they need it to kill Yavalla but aren't sure if it will kill the kinj inside her. Sai-vek states that the Terakinj will destroy anything and everything that he touches including the kinj inside people. He is willing to help them kill Yavalla but refuses to pass it to anyone as he's taken too many lives. He won't have anyone else die because of him, including Wren who offers to take the Terakinj. He explains that the two kinjes destroy each other and the hosts' bodies, and he won't have a young woman die because of him. The only other option to remove the kinj is for the host to willingly surrender it, but the Vortakinj has a steel grip on the mind that carries it. Zed offers to take the kinj but Sai-vek refuses to burden anyone else with it. He sends Zed, Corven, and Wren off to fetch water for him as it will help him heal faster.

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Now alone, Talon asks her father if he's given up on living. He admits that he has, from the moment he got the curse he gave up. He compliments her strength and the fact about how she adapted to survive, though she's angry that he left in the first place. Talon explains that their entire village was slaughtered including Eremus and her mother because they were different in appearance. He is sympathetic towards her. He didn't want to leave but the Prime Order was collecting kinjes, so he was tasked with saving a Dragman. The Dragman passed him the Terakinj and he knew that it wasn't safe for him in the world - he couldn't bear to kill anyone let alone his children. He knew that once they tried to touch him they would be killed, he even acknowledges that he never had a chance to hold the new-born Eremus before he left. He desperately wants to know more about Talon's life, though she is reluctant so he starts. After he got the kinj he came to the Plane, and has been living alone in a desolate and dank cave for decades worrying about his family, specifically Talon. He then asks her about her life. She opens up about living from town to town and not trusting anyone, but got training from anyone who was willing to teach her. He feels sorry for how hard her life was like without him, which she counter by saying it was worse for him. He recognizes her mother's fighting spirit in her which makes her smile.

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When Zed and Wren return, they give him the water he ask for. After several minutes of recovery Sai-vek crosses through the portal with his daughter and the gang. They arrive in the heart of The Hive's attack against Gallwood Outpost, and Talon instantly sees that Gwynn is in danger. She tries to reach Gwynn but is occupied by opponents. Sai-vek notices that Talon cares for the woman and kills everyone on the way to reach Gwynn, saving her life before Talon arrives. The Outpost quickly falls as the last remaining Coalition members are infected by The Hive. Talon, Gwynn, and Sai-vek rush into the throne room where they learn that the only non-infected people are in this room.

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They are joined moments Ketma, Yavalla's Lu-Qiri. Sai-vek attempt to touch the Lu-Qiri, but it knocks him aside with a spear. Ketma then uses said spear to impale Sai-vek to the wall, which renders him incapable of using his power. Yavalla then appears and she is surprised to see that Sai-vek is freed from the plane. Yavalla is forced to leave to confront her daughter, though she commands her Lu-Qiri to kill the trio. Sai-vek is forced to witness his daughter fight the Lu-Qiri while Gwynn attempts to pull the pole out. The group is later be saved by Talon's Lu-Qiri, Xaba. The women are unable to pull the pole out of Sai-vek as it is also lodged in the wall. Talon emotionally realizes that they won't be able to save him, and offers to take the kinj from him but he can't pass it to her as she has a kinj. She confides that she loves him and wanted to hate him for so long, but now, she just wants more time. He agrees and returns the sentiment and before Talon realizes what is happening, Sai-vek passes the Terakinj to a willing Gwynn. She shouts in protest and watches her father, who apologizes one last time, dying in front of her eyes.


According to Yavalla, Sai-vek had the same fighting spirit as Talon. He was also headstrong, brave, and a loner as he chose to live separately from the rest of the Blackbloods. While he was away from his family, he missed them dearly. He always wanted his children to have a happy, loving, and long life. Despite this, he had a cold personality when guarding the Meld Box. He also showed little regard to those he killed, however later on when alone with his daughter he is shown to have a moral side. He is shown to care about all living creatures, and that is why he choose to stay away from others all these years. When he was reunited with his daughter, he was extremely proud of her for being able to survive the slaughter of their village. During their brief time together, he has shown to be very kind and loving towards her. So much so that he sacrifices himself so that she may live and defeat Yavalla.

Physical Appearance

As a Blackblood, he has the same black tip pointed ears as the rest of his people. In the years before he traveled to the Plane of Ashes, Sai-vek was a very strong and handsome man with black hair and warm, hazel eyes. After spending decades in the Plane, Sai-vek has long white hair and a long grey beard. His face is dirtied from the immense amount of time he spent hiding away in the caves. The clothes he wears are a bunch of sheets with many holes in them from his time being stabbed while guarding the Meld Box.

Powers and Abilities

Sai-vek possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a Blackblood. Additionally, he showed expert hand-to-hand combat skills, able to defeat and outsmart several opponents who were trained to protect Yavalla. He also had in his possession the seventh Kinj, known as the "death kinj" or the Terakinj. Whoever he touches dies a peaceful and painless death. The kinj kept him alive despite his otherwise fatal wounds, keeping him in a constant state of consciousness but unable to free himself. Later on, though, he passed this kinj to Rosmund.


Season 3 (2/13)

Notes and Trivia

  • He has been mentioned more times in Season 3 than his actual appearance.
  • Yavalla has stated that Talon has the same fighting spirit as Sai-vek. Though in the season finale Sai-vek says that Talon's fighting spirit comes from her mother. This could just be a compliment towards his daughter and wife. Or he could have said this to connect with her more.