Rebb was an ancient and dangerous Blackblood born over three-hundred years ago. She aimed to free her people and the Lu-Qiri from the plane of ashes through any means necessary. Her desire to possess the Asterkinj placed her in a difficult and deadly position with Talon. She was later killed by Talon and Zed.


Three-hundred years ago, Rebb knew the Dragman of that era, Iothina. At an unknown point after this, Rebb and her fellow purebloods were at war with the humans. They formed a plan that their entire war party, Blackbloods, and Lu-Qiri, would go through the portal and wait in the Plane of Ashes. A member of Talon’s ancestorial tribe was supposed to sneak behind enemy lines and reopen the portal. The awaiting members would then make a mass surprise behind their walls. Talon’s ancestral tribe made a pact with the humans to leave the Blackbloods in the plane of ashes and keep them there as a prison. This left Rebb imprisoned in the Plane of Ashes for three-hundred-years and separated from her family, but also, unable to carry out her mission of eliminating humans.

In "We Only Kill to Survive",

In "Not In My Kingdom", Talon meets with Rebb to give her the Asterkinj. Rebb brought Ekkundi while Talon brought Janzo. Talon places her hand on Rebb's forehead and the Asterkinj travels from Talon's forehead to her fingertips. Just as the Asterkinj is about to transfer, Ilyin signals to Talon that she shouldn't give the Asterkinj to Rebb. Talon takes Rebb's brief moment of vulnerability to grab her blade and trap her. Talon holds the blade to Rebb’s throat and demands that Rebb call off her Lu-Qiri. Rebb does as Talon asks to spare her life. Ilyin escapes with Janzo. Webb asks why Talon betrayed her, and Talon tells her that it's because Rebb lied. Talon then knocks her out and flees.

In the days that followed, Rebb pays a visit to Gwynn. She introduces herself as Rebb from a blackblood village that no longer exists. She wants to make a deal with Gwynn to lead the army of Lu-Qiri and Blackbloods herself. She doesn't need the Dragman, for she already knows the name of every creature on the other side. The creatures will also follow her willingly, and that Talon can't control the Lu-Qiri because of her history. In exchange, Rebb wants Gwynn to command Talon to give the Asterkinj to its rightful owner - her.

When Gwynn doesn't accept her terms, Rebb sneaks into Janzo's lab the moment Ilyin is left alone. Ilyin tries to escape but Rebb is faster than the child. Rebb wants Ilyin to say loyal to her, but Ilyin tells her that she can't. Rebb is not the One the prophecy foretells. Rebb doesn't believe her and coldly tells the child that if she can't summon her people, then no one can. Rebb then stabs Ilyin and leaves her to die in the lab.

Talon finds Ilyin in the lab and holds the child's body. When Janzo arrives he is saddened by the child's death. Talon tells Janzo that she didn't know that a Blackblood could be so cruel. Rebb also took all the names Ilyin had given Talon. Janzo finds a piece of paper in Ilyin's small hand. Janzo thinks this could be the last name she wrote and hide it for Talon as she was dying. However, Talon counters that it could also have been planted by Rebb and is the name of one of her Evil friends.


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Powers and Abilities

Rebb possessed all the standard powers and abilities of a Blackblood. It is unknown how she was able to control the Lu-Qiri known as Ekkundi, or if this was a gift all purebloods possess.


Season 2 (4/13)

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