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Loyalty, purity, strength.
— The three pillars of the Prime Order[1]

The Prime Order was a militaristic political group that ruled as a totaltarian dicatatorship over the inhabitants of the Green World. They period in time in which they were in power is called the "Dominion of the Prime Order". It has been fourteen years since the Dominion of the Prime Order. They are organized by The Three. Their base of operations was The Capital, though they took refuge in Gallwood Outpost following The Hive epidemic. After the deaths of their leaders, the Prime Order was officially disbanded. Those that remained defected to The Coalition to serve under Queen Talon, or were killed by Janya during The Seven's raid on The Capital.


The Great Purge

At one point in time, the realms were overseen by a royal family. They were adored by their people and seen as above others. The Prime Order was forged during this time and laid in wait until the royal family was at its weakest. They conspired with Cornelius Calkussar to enter the castle. Unbeknownst to them, Calkussar was under orders of the King to let them in so he could gain custody of Princess Rosmund and to preserve the loyal lineage. The Prime Order captured and beheaded the royal family, including Prince Alton, King Ranulf, Queen, and Gwynn Calkussar, who took the place of Princess Rosmund.

The Barons and Baronesses were all either slaughtered or forced to give up their titles and surrender their allegiance to the Prime Order. The barons and baronesses that did forfeit their titles became regional governors. The Lords were given the same options, though those with noble blood were killed without question.

A notorious Lord's death was Lord Ebdin of Dun-Ebdin. After the Prime Order overthrew the royals Lord Ebdin refused to swear fealty. As a result, the Red Guard smashed down the gates, burnt his castle, and killed everyone including Lord Ebdin himself. Lord Ebdin’s body was strung up on the bell tower with a sign hung to his body that reads “traitor”. His body and the sign is still there to this day.

After the purge, the Prime Order created several outposts throughout the realm.


The Prime Order has committed notable genocides at the start of their reign. The first group they slaughtered was the Yindrian. Since most prophecies were written in Yindrian, the Prime Order killed everyone who spoke the language so they can interpret the prophecies however best fits their needs. The second group of people was the Blackbloods, as Blackbloods could summon and control demons. Not wanting to get their hands dirty, the Prime Order entrusted the genocide to Everit Dred who, in turn, gave the order to a group of mercenaries called The Bones.

Rise of The Coalition

Word was received by Everit Dred that one Blackblood had survived the massacre. He had sent The Bones once again to confirm that there was a survivor. However when they failed to return or even send word that there was a survivor, Dred's spy, confirmed that there was a blackblood survivor and that the woman had no longer pointed ears. He then lead a take over of The Outpost and ruthlessly hunted down this survivor. Upon reaching the chambers of Gwynn Calkussar, he discovered that she is really princess Rosmund of the royal family. He then has his men searching for both women. After the capture of Talon, Janzo and Garret Spears from their quest for The Vex Rezicon, Dred had a public execution for all those that had rebelled against The Prime Order. He first wanted Talon to summon Baphnoro to prove that she was a traitor to the humans. She couldn't do it because the Lu-Qiri had sacrificed himself to save them earlier. Before the execution could happen however, members of the newly constructed/free Coalition stopped it and retook The Outpost.

The Hive Outbreak

With the rise of The Hive many members were infected. However, one group of soldiers was freed from the infection, and were led by Jaaris.

Rise of the Gods

After the destruction of the black and white kinjes, several Prime Order soldier remained in Gallwood hoping to stage a coupe. However, their efforts were thwarted when The Three intiated the new Queen Falista Relman into their ranks. This merged the Prime Order's army with the Relman, Aegisford, and Coalition's armies.

Notable Leaders and Members



The Capital

Main article: The Capital

The Capital used to be the home of the royal family but has since become a symbol of the Prime Order's control. The Covenant soldiers control everything from the roads to the markets. Gambling, drinking, and prostitution are all prohibited and inhabitants of the capital are punished for breaking said rules. Janzo likens it to being immaculate, despite never being there. The walls are covered in pure white marble and the towers have gold trim around them. Talon notes that it’s just a show to hide the true Evil within the borders as they are all murderers.


Gallwood Outpost

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The Gallwood Outpost is located in a remote corner of the land and is operated by Gate Marshal Wythers and Captain Garret Spears. Most residents of Gallwood dislike the order and what they represent. The land beneath the outpost is rich with oil and minerals. The main purpose of Gallwood is to forge weapons that they deliver to the prime order at a specific time. Calkussar planned to use the growing number of greyskin camps to their advantage by telling the Prime Order that the Greyskins are approaching and they need more money for recruits. Captain Spears deduced that the prime order paid for the army that will one day overthrow them.

Notes and Trivia

  • The Prime Order was founded fourteen years before Talon's arrival at Gallwood Outpost.
  • The colors of the Prime Order are white and red.
  • Mistress jokes that “Gluttony, Debauchery, and Greed” are the three pillars of the Prime Order. Munt corrects her saying the pillars are, “Loyalty, Purity, and Strength”.[1]
  • Originally the group's orders were to destroy The Coalition. However this changes when Falista acquires the Kultorkinj. Later on Tobin acquires the Levarekinj, making the two groups merge.
  • The Seven destroyed what remained of the convenant guard during their attack on The Capital, with Janya absorbing their life force to heal her siblings.