The Plane of Ashes is a secondary plane of existence in which the Lu-Qiri and hundreds of Blackbloods are imprisoned. It is a place of great pain and anguish. The Lu-Qiri that are summoned to the Earthly plane won’t return unless it is commanded to do so forcibly by a Blackblood without fear, hesitation, or self-doubt.


Time moves differently in the plane of ashes. There’s no sun to measure days and no moon to measure seasons. This causes the prisoners to age at a significantly slower rate than those on the Earthly plane.


Imprisoning the Blackbloods and Lu-Qiri

The Blackbloods were at war with humans. The purebloods made a plan that their entire war party, Blackbloods, and Lu-Qiri, would go through the portal and wait in the Plane of Ashes. A member of Talon’s ancestral tribe was supposed to sneak behind enemy lines and reopen the portal. The waiting members would then make a mass surprise behind their walls. Talon’s ancestral tribe made a pact with the humans to leave the Blackbloods in the plane of ashes and keep them there as a prison.

When the Blackbloods first arrived in the Plane of Ashes they were confronted with such harsh environments and new creatures that the rival tribes were forced to work together to survive. One of the creatures hunting them was "fireworms". Zed described them as giant red snakes a thousand hands long with teeth as large as human bodies. Their hides are so thick that swords and spears were useless. The Black Fist tribe found a way to kill them by shooting bolts down the creatures’ throats and turning their worst enemy into their greatest food supply.

They were soon faced with another issue - shelter. Storms of fire rained down upon them and injured many. They eventually made homes in cooled lava tubes that protected them from the thick ash and other dangers.

Aftermath and Present Day

According to Smith, the Blackblood ancestors lived in fear that the power to open the portal would be used for destructions so they took great pains to hide any information about it. All Blackbloods have the power to control demons, but only one at any time can open the passageway to the Lu-Qiri's world. That power is handed down from father to son, and mother to daughter. Talon realized that the power to open the portal, later know as Asterkinj, is what her mother passed onto her moments before her death.

The portal to the plane of ashes has been opened several times, each time by a Blackblood who possessed the Asterkinj. The first was by Talon's mother during the slaughter of their village. She was unable to finish summoning the portal and collapsed. However, she passed the Asterkinj onto her daughter, Talon. When Talon was shot at by the Wolf, Baphnoro was able to manifest his arm and stop the arrow.

107 Lu-Qiri Portal

Years later, Talon accidentally set Baphnoro free into the Earthly plane. She was able to send him back a few days later after he slaughtered several people. The only time she didn't open the portal herself was when an unknown person or demon opened the portal and warned her that the Dragman was coming.

When Talon summoned the Lu-Qiri Ekkundi, it came forth but brought a Blackblood named Rebb with it. Ekkundi was loyal to only Rebb, who's goal is to obtain the Asterkinj from Talon and free her people and all the Lu-Qiri from the plane of ashes. Rebb tried to free another Lu-Qiri but Talon managed to close the portal before it could escape.

Talon accidentally traveled to the Plane of Ashes upon almost being killed by a rouge Garret Spears. She was approached by three blackbloods and she attempted to fight them off when the Asterkinj began causing her physical pain. Another portal opened and she fled the plane.

Notable Prisoners


  • Gezzekhan (Lord Emperor)
  • Ekkundi
  • Baphnoro-Decayana-Glakku-Sikkundi-Alonaiya †
  • Vikka


  • Rebb (Freed)
  • Zed (Freed, 1st time; Escaped, 2nd time)
  • Talon (Escaped)
  • Unknown amount of blackbloods


Season 2 (1/13)

Notes and Trivia

  • The only food to eat on the plane is Greylock.
  • The air is thick with ashes and one must cover their face to even go outside.
  • According to Zed, storms of fire rained down on the Blackbloods when they first arrived.
  • There are cooled lava tubes in the Plane.


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