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One was a member of The Three and a former co-ruler of the Realms. He is referred to as "The Bringer of Pain" by his cohorts. He overthrew the royal family alongside the other members of The Three. He served as a ruler for many years until his assassination at the hands of Talon. He was feared by many due to the Kultorkinj he possessed. The Kinj granted him the ability to inflict pain on other living beings.


One was among the group of people who sought to overthrow the royal family, deeming them unfit to rule. He joined an elite trio called The Three and together, they formed the Prime Order. The Three, paired with the Prime Order, overthrew The Capital and arrested the royal family. They order the beheading of every member of the royal family, including the young Alton and Rosmund. The Three appointed themselves the leaders of the realms and ruled with fear due to their unique abilities.


One had a tendency for violence that was exhibited through his Kinj. He had no qualms torturing people with his power, so much so that his cohorts often referred to him as "The Bringer of Pain". In many ways, One was the most feared member of The Three and was considered the leader of their group. Unlike many that would don the Kinj after him, One understood the importance of his Kinj and why it must be protected.

Physical Appearance

One is a slender man with black eyes, a thin build, and a white painted face. He usually wore his adornments that signified his role in The Three.

Powers and Abilities

212 Red Kinj.png

This Kultorkinj allows the host to inflict immense pain on living beings, even to the point of their deaths. One used the Kinj to torture people who dared to speak out against the Three's orders. He was well adept in the use of his Kinj and was able to inflict pain on large groups of people simultaneously. His hold over his victims was so strong that it wasn't until he died that Garret was freed from the effects. Before One died, he transferred the Kinj to Sana and she became the "New One".


Season 2 (6/13)

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