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Alright. My son, my brilliant boy. That colipsum absolutely had to be destroyed and it took a soul as brave and brilliant as you to make it happen. That’s why I love you. ‘Cause you’re good. And you’re… scrupulous. Something I could never be.
Elinor to Janzo

Nothing Short of Heroic is the eleventh episode of the second season of The CW's The Outpost. It aired on September 12, 2019.


BOTH SIDES NOW – Garret runs into Talon, now a Prime Order captive as Gwynn’s lost relation has a claim to the throne. Meanwhile, Janzo becomes desperate to find a plagueling cure. Lastly, a devastating Prime Order weapon is revealed.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • James Downie as "Alton"
  • Enes Hamidovic as Guard
  • Vahidin Prelic as Officer Angbar
  • Mladen Andrejevic as One
  • Marko Stojanovic as Covenant Engineer
  • Uros Vucenovic as Young Watchman
  • Tijana Upcev as Handmaid


  • This episode's title was a quote said by Janzo when describing his actions.
  • Nothing Short of Heroic is the first episode to feature Sammy, who is disguised as Alton, Gwynn's deceased brother.
  • "Alton" returning places Gwynn's claim to the throne in jeopardy, as the eldest son must take the throne before any royal daughter. Tobin makes it clear that he won't put his men in danger for "Alton".
  • Elinor Chadwick is cured of being a Plagueling. She is the first character to be cured on-screen and the first main character to be cured of the Plagueling disease.
    • While previously infected, Garret Spears did not have the disease due to not ingesting Colipsum.
    • Also another woman was cured, but was done so off-screen.
  • Janzo solves the Plagueling pandemic issue, a disease that has run rampant since before "One Is The Loneliest Number".