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Nedra was a Blackblood warrior who resided in the Plane of Ashes for hundreds of years. She was responsible for rescuing Blackblood children during the war between the Blackfist and Blackbloods. She resided in Gallwood Outpost, but harbored deep resentment towards those who didn't open the portal sooner. She was killed by Tera for the Golukinj that Zed, then Munt passed to her in a game of cat-and-mouse against the Seven.


Nedra was born in the green world hundreds of years ago. She grew up along side with Zed and his little brother Corven, often getting the boys out of trouble. When the three grew up to be warriors, they all went through the portal into the Plane of Ashes. While there she learned how to survive and developed a liking to Zed, but refused to act on her feelings because of his attitude and their environment.


Nedra was a strong, independent warrior whose rough years in the Plane of Ashes shaped her personality. She was jaded against those who didn't free her and her people sooner, shifting the blame to them for the death of her civilization, only because she could not simply let go of her hatred. She cared deeply for the next generation of Blackbloods, actively protecting the children in the Plane of Ashes and ensuring that Wren upheld her duties as High Priestess to teach them the ways of their people. She was an elitist, believing that the next generation of Blackbloods should be "purebred" as opposed to mixed with humans. While she is outspoken about her beliefs, she knows her place as a warrior and doesn't challenge Wren's final say that all children will be accepted into their culture regardless of the color of their blood.

During her time in the Plane of Ashes, she had a focused view on surviving. When she has returned to the Green world, she did what she could to enjoy the world around her. She was also curious as to the human way of life. So much so that she tried on human clothes to her dismay and displeasure.

Physical Appearance

Nedra had pale skin and long curly dark brown hair to match with her hazel eyes. She often had her hair braided down in a ponytail. While dressed as a warrior, she was dressed in the standard blackblood armor and clothes. However her curiosity to mingle with humans made her try a pink dress (something that she found hard to fight in and more importantly move in).

Powers and Abilities

Nedra possessed the standard powers and abilities of a non-Kinj bearing Blackblood. She was also an exceptional warrior and fighter able to fight more than one opponent. She was skilled in all manner of weapons, but chose to fight with a single handed sword.



Both a respectful and borderline-adversarial relationship. Nedra had great respect for Wren as their new High Priestess, constantly reminding her of the important work she has, such as keeping their people safe, teaching the Blackblood children, and knowing/contining to practice their customs. This is a source of both annoyance and a urgency to do better in Wren. Nedra also made it very clear that she disapproved of Wren's choice in mate, and having a human's child. Wren appeared to earn Nedra's acceptance by more fully embracing the role of High Priestess, the rituals of the Blackbloods - and of standing up to Nedra regarding any Blackblood having choice in a mate and future children.


Both a flirtatious and adversarial relationship. Zed is aware, like all Gallwood residents, that Nedra was both angry at The Coalition for not rescuing their people sooner, and wished for the next generation of Blackbloods to be purebred. While Zed himself continuously pressured Talon to open the portal to the Plane of Ashes and bring home the rest of their people, Nedra didn't see him as strong enough to have gotten his way. Zed, like Wren, is one of the Blackbloods who felt Nedra should attempt to live alongside the humans and integrate themselves back into sharing their world. Zed is taken utterly by surprise when Nedra does just that - dressing to fit in with the human females of the Green World, in a more feminine manner. She complains to him that it's uncomfortable and doesn't afford ability to fight properly. Zed can't help but feel an attraction towards her in the outfit, which Nedra notices, and Zed vehemently denies. She accompanied Zed and Munt to find Golu's tomb. She spotted flowers, remarking on the beauty of this world, as opposed to the grittiness and hunting from the Plane of Ashes. Zed appears oblivious, but Munt understands that she wanted Zed to notice and like her. Finding the flowers leads to Golu's tomb - which leads to the Gods tracking them, her receiving the Golukinj, a first kiss with Zed, and then her death at the hands of Tera. This causes Zed to finally see and understand what she was trying to tell him; stop and smell the flowers while you still can.


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