Naya is the formerly long-lost twin sister of Janzo. Upon reconnecting with him in Gallwood Outpost, they began to form a relationship once again.

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Naya's blood mother was a young barmaid at The Nightshade Inn when she gave birth to Naya and her twin brother, Janzo. Their mother died two weeks later. The Mistress noticed Janzo and took him in as she thought a son could be useful. Mistress sold Naya to the slavers under the pretenses that she couldn't afford to keep both children.

Naya was raised at The Capital in Mimm's Burrow by a single mother. Naya grew up with an adoptive sister, however, she was never aware of her adoption. The burrow was where the poorest people in the capital resided and was a very rough area. According to Naya, the area was rough under King Ranulf's rule but became worse under the Prime Order's.

In "The Colipsum Conundrum", Gwynn is forced to find a new handmaid after the death of Lilly. Her new handmaid is Naya, who according to Gwynn, is a pitiful woman who can’t even play cards. Calkussar assures her that Naya is worthy of her role and was the only person who was vetted to be loyal to the crown and not the Prime Order.

In "Beyond The Wall", Naya answers the door when Janzo knocks. When he demands to speak with Gwynn, Naya is unsure of what to do. Gwynn dismisses her when she realizes that Janzo wants to speak about Garret. A few days later, Gwynn witnesses the murder of General Calkussar by Everit Dred and is horrified. She is then bustled away by Naya who wants to take her somewhere safe.

In "The Vex Rezicon", Naya and Gwynn in the sewers that run under the outpost. They discuss Naya's past and the prime order. Naya leaves to make sure it's safe for Gwynn, who was initially against the idea but Naya assured her it would be okay. Naya went to the Nightshade Inn and is escorted upstairs where she meets with Dred. Dred comments that her correspondence never mentioned Gwynn was a surviving royal. Naya defends herself by saying that she only recently found out, promising to deliver Gwynn to Dred in exchange for the lives of Naya's sister and mother. Dred tells her that if they capture Gwynn he will tell Naya where to find her family.

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Naya is a young strikingly beautiful woman with long brown curly hair and light brown eyes with dark thick lashes. She shares some features with her twin, such as their oval-shaped face with fine bone structure and large almond-shaped brown eyes.

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Season 1 (4/10)

Season 2 (11/13)

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  • Medalion Rahimi played Naya in an small role during Season 1 before the producers decided that they should make the character Jazzo's long lost twin sister so they recast the role to Amita since she could pass off as Anand's onscreen sister.

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