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This article is about the kinj. You may be looking for the group called The Hive.

A Navisapore or Navia is the voice of the soul, the word of command, and means to be one with the Masters. This gold-tinted kinj forces the bearers to be entirely subservient to the Vortakinj and whomever possesses it. Yavalla and Vorta shared a collective consciousness with their infected. The members are, more or less, puppets controlled by the leader of the Hive.


A gold-tinted kinj that was initially rediscovered by the Gallwood Outpost residents, it connects the bearers to the mind of the Vortakinj. It connects the bearer to the Vortakinj's belief system while also stripping away any and all sense of individualism that the infected has. They no longer think, feel, or want for themselves - they live to please or serve their master.


Many years ago, the Kahvi roamed the many worlds under the oppressive rule of their Masters. The Kahvi were connected to their Masters, specifically Vorta, through their Naviaspore. When they depleted the resources of one world they move onto the next, each time being placed in cocoons until the Masters settled in their new world. The Kahvi would then be reunited with their Naviaspore's via Vorta, who harbored them herself. The creatures called Kahvi were entirely submissive to the Masters and had no knowledge of what it meant to want something or desire something for themselves. However, they were also connected through their minds so they never felt alone or scared. During their move from the Plane of Ashes to the Green World, the Masters were betrayed by one of their own and imprisoned in sarcophagus' around the new world. The Kahvi still slumbered in a soon to be forgotten chamber while they waited for their Masters to awaken them.

The Vortakinj was sealed away in the Yindrian Labyrinth hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago, when it was deemed too dangerous for mankind to access. The Yindrian's worked alongside the Blackbloods to seal the kinj away inside a snake, hidden behind three extremely difficult tests engineered to kill anyone selfish or evil. Centuries later, a Blackblood high priestess named Yavalla sought the Vortakinj for herself. She enlisted the help of her brilliant daughter Wren, the Blackblood warrior Talon, and human scholar Janzo to assist her in passing the labyrinth and securing the kinj. Yavalla then created The Hive by infecting thousands of people with yellow kinjes that made them compliant with her every whim.

She used the reproductive aspects of the kinj to infect Rosmund, as Yavalla's kinj split in two - a white and a yellow one. Yavalla explained that she can now see through Gwynn's eyes, hear through her ears, and communicate through her mind. It is later shown that Yavalla can also manipulate Rosmund into saying or doing whatever she wants. Rosmund's kinj reproduced similarly to Yavalla, but this time, an identical yellow kinj was produced. This process continued dozens of times before Janzo and Wren unlocked a secert to destroying the yellow kinjes - an endangered plant called Ficter's sap. Each time the yellow kinj reproduced it took a portion of their life essence, a process that eventually killed thousands of people. Rosmund is freed from the effects of the Naviaspore upon her death and later resurrected, which allowed her to come into contact with the Terakinj. She attacked Yavalla and their respective kinjes glowed before the Vortakinj is expelled from Yavalla. Their bodies turned to stone and crumbled to the ground. All around them, members of The Hive watched in shock before their yellow kinjes were expelled and they were freed once more. The infected were once again able to think, feel, and act for themselves.


Powers and Abilities

  • Hive Mind: Being infected with a Naviaspore grants the host the ability to connect with Vorta or the Vortakinj. As seen with humans, Kahvi, and Blackbloods, those infected are forced to serve the will of the host of the Vortakinj. While they do have some sense of freedom, their ultimate actions are to serve The Hive and the Vortakinj.

Notes and Trivia

  • When the Naviaspore infected the Kahvi they seemingly didn't suffer the need to reproduce their kinj as their species prospered. However, human bearers felt a loss of their life force with each reproduction, as the Naviaspore was never intended for humans, but rather, for the entire Kahvi race.
    • While the Naviaspores were shown to infect Blackbloods, it is never shown how they faired under the effects of The Hive, as Blackblood genetics are similar to those of the Kahvi.