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You stay here with these women and play house. I'll just take my army and go and take what's mine. There will be a reckoning.
Milus to Tobin

Milus Aegisford is the vicious and manipulative cousin of Tobin Aegisford.


In "Where You Go, People Die", Milus arrives at Gallwood Outpost, having received Tobin's letter offering his portion of the lowlands in exchange for peace. Milus is greeted by Gertrusha and Tobin who eventually convinces Milus to meet with Gwynn, who Milus doesn't believe is the Queen.

During Milus’ meeting with Gwynn, she reminds him that he owns no land - the Prime Order owns it and he merely manages it at their bidding. She asks for his title and he tells her he is a Lord Baron. Gwynn reminds him that using that term is heresy, as he is merely a humble servant to the Prime Order like anyone else in the realm. He has no title and he has nothing of his own. While he isn’t thrilled about the Prime Order, he also doesn’t stick his neck out either. He thinks she’ll be grossly overwhelmed when the Prime Order attacks, but Gwynn thinks most of the realm will come to their side once the revolution starts. He tells her he is better off keeping what he has even if it is under the Prime Order’s thumb and asks why he should risk it.

207 Aegsiford Gwynn Meeting.png

She takes a moment to think before offering Milus all of Tobin’s land and not just the lowlands. She states that she is the Queen and she will retake the realm and when she does, she will remember those who helped her and those who did not. The first of which, will be richly rewarded. Tobin doesn’t seem pleased with Gwynn’s offer but remains silent. Gwynn tells Milus that Tobin won’t need any land as he’ll be married to the Queen. This catches Tobin and Gertrusha’s attention, and Tobin asks if he will to which she assures him of it. She offers Milus the Aegisford title and land if he reunites the entire Aegisford family under one banner loyal to the Queen. Milus smirks telling Tobin he is a sly dog before agreeing to help Gwynn, even calling her “your majesty”. His army will make preparations to march immediately, bows, and exits the throne room.

The next day, Milus is present at Tobin and Gwynn's wedding. He witnesses the debacle that is Gwynn leaving Tobin at the altar to run with Garret.

209 SC2.png

In "There Will Be a Reckoning", Milus wants Gwynn to uphold her end of the deal and give her Tobin’s lands, regardless if she married Tobin or not. Gertrusha tells Milus that he can’t expect Tobin to still marry Gwynn after she absconded with another man. Elinor interjects that Gwynn was kidnapped, but Gertrusha notes that it looked as though she went willingly. Gwynn shouts at them all to stop. She wants to negotiate more and Milus is willing to talk about what she is offering and wants in return. She assures him that his deal will still be honored with time, to which he asks if she is still planning to marry Tobin, a decision that relies on Tobin getting better. Elinor assures Milus that Tobin is getting the best possible care, but Milus finds this unlikely as Janzo is a barkeep. He comments on Janzo’s medicine being liquor, to which Elinor lunges at him from across the table but is pulled off by Gertrusha. Milus wants a written deed to Tobin’s lands by nightfall.

209 SC3.png

Tobin enters wrapped in bandages and asks Milus what he will do if he doesn’t get the deed. Gwynn hurries to Tobin’s side to help support him, while Milus states that he was promised all of Tobin’s lands because he would be King. Tobin tells him that deal is off the table, for now, forcing Milus to angrily walk over to Tobin. Tobin puts his arm up protectively around Gwynn. The cousins stand face-to-face and Milus tell Tobin he is going to take his army and leave the Outpost and claim what is his. He then storms out of the throne room. Milus leaves the Outpost with his men later that day.

A few miles out from the Outpost, a rider tells Milus that Tobin and his men are riding away from the Outpost. Milus grins as this will make it easier for him to take the Outpost and its so-called Queen. He and his men then ride back towards Gallwood. On the cliff stands a large army ready to command.

209 SC20.png

Across the Outpost, the guards ring a warning bell. Tobin and Gwynn stand at the gates to look down at the approaching army below. Gwynn is confused to see Milus leading the charge and mistakes him for wanting to join their cause. Tobin remarks that Milus is after something, noting how his men are spread. A woman rides closer to the wall to tell them that Lord Milus has a greeting for the False Queen. Gwynn signals for her archers to correct the woman and they shoot an arrow at her feet, making her horse skitter. The woman presses that Milus has two demands - hand over Rosmund and all others will be spared so long as they pledge loyalty to her Lord Milus. Gwynn tells the archer to shoot a little closer this time so he obliges. She warns the messenger to tell Milus that if he comes anywhere near her walls she will put an arrow in each of his eyes, and if he doesn’t leave, she will nail him to her gates - alive. The rider leaves to relay the message to a waiting Milus.

209 SC29.png

After agreeing to a meeting for a parle, Milus meets Tobin, Elinor, and a handful of guards halfway to the Outpost. The groups exchange insults and Milus claims that Rosmund doesn't have nearly enough troops to fight his army. Elinor angrily tells him that the Queen could have a thousand soldiers running through the gates that will cut through Milus’s army like a knife through butter. He exchanges an insult before Tobin offers to parle. Milus is confused as he thought that was what they were doing, but Tobin clarifies that he meant between the two of them. Elinor offers to go with him, but Milus will only speak to Tobin. Tobin tells Elinor she will have to trust him, which she thinks is unlikely, before the cousins part ways from the group.

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Milus and Tobin discuss the current situation, with Milus noting that they are in a stand-off. Milus offers Tobin the ability to return to Aegisford and sit on his father's throne once again - a leader in his own right. Instead of the original arrangement, it will be under Milus’s govern. All Tobin has to do is bring him the false queen. Milus stands and extends his hand to Tobin and asks if they have a deal.


Physical Appearance

Milus is a tall, hulking man with an athletic figure. He has a shaved head, green-brown eyes, and minimal facial hair. He has a sneer that is almost always present and a scar on his right cheek that runs from his jaw bone to the corner of his mouth. He acquired the scar in a fight with Tobin. From the bottom of his jugular notch to the top of his stomach is an ancient tribal tattoo with smaller tattoos around it. The tattoo is similar in size and style to that of Tobin's tattoo, however, they have different symbols.


Season 2 (3/13)

Notes and Trivia

  • The scar on his right cheek is an injury he obtained during a fight with Tobin.



  1. Since Barons aren't officially recognized in the Realm, Milus is a Baron by birth but not in practice.